Why I’ll Always Be A UDP Sympathiser

Come rain or thunder, PM Nyassi wiil Shyngle Nyasdi's political baton
Come rain or thunder, PM Nyassi wiil carry Shyngle Nyasdi’s political baton

By Pa Mlick Nyassi (PM Nyassi)

Since I was young, my beliefs, motivations and ideas are mostly centered on my dad. My dad achieved the status and character which has played a very important role in defining who I am today.

One of the political ideologies of my dad is moderate politics. And being moderate means being able to think through consequences and come up with value free propositions that are free from biases.

My father left me living in a concrete circle that is characterized by political forces and there is no other way than to swim with the concrete circle. If I want to force my way out of the concrete circle, it is either by harming myself or break the concrete circle and the tendency of me harming myself is greater.

I can avoid the reality but I cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality and the consequence of avoiding reality is always accompanied by “had I known”.

What is more disturbing and it will always stick into my memory was the experience I had when my dad passed away. In my opinion, whenever dead comes, political and other affiliated differences should be sidelined. When a political opponent dies, all the people who are occupying the political space should come together as a unique political entity and mourn for the deceased.

As a result, as partners in development, not a single government representative was sent on behalf of the government to sympathize with my family, although some government employees graced the occasion on individual grounds based on their family relations to my dad but the government turned a deaf ear as if nothing had happened. This is the least that I except from a responsive government.

I am always yellow because my father, Ousainou Darboe and others were among the people who laid the foundation of which the United Democratic Party has been and is resting on. Going against the United Democratic Party by any and every method will tantamount to opposing the fundamental principles of my beloved father  which I don’t want to compromise with by all definition and standard.

By extension, I am yellow because I believe in the political philosophy of the United Democratic Party and I am ever ready to project and amplify the interest of the party.

Finally, I would like to thank the UDP membership and leadership for the continuous support that they are rendering to the Family. I would not like to mention names but my deepest appreciation goes to individuals who support the family in any way that they could.



  1. PM Nyassi keep the legacy of your beloved father. He’s service to the nation would be in the positive side of the history. Do not be distracted by meiotic minded people.

  2. Maaster Fo

    Well spoken bro #PM Nyassi

  3. Kabiru Darboe

    Pa Malick is a real son of my uncle shygle Nyassi .. Unlike other fools going around trying to tarnish the image of the late hon . Nyassi

  4. Ousman Lowe

    Pa Malick Nyassi Be proud to have the baton with determination to continue the journey and consolidate the heroic legacy of your Dad in nation building, democracy, human rights, justice and freedom. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala protect, guide, bless and grant you long life, good health, strength and wisdom. Ameen

  5. Kutubo Jambang

    PM, I am sure your late father is rejoicing in his grave. You are the type of son every parent will like to leave behind. I salute you for persuading a legacy of one of the doyen of UDP, your father Mr Syngle Nyassi. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

  6. Mr PM Nyassi , I am proud of your father’s legacy . He was a great patriot who loved his country and represented true democratic values which are tolerance , fair treatment for all and justice . I had an opportunity to meet him for first time about some weeks before he passed away . I must confess that when I met him , he was so down to earth and I told him I am very proud of him and love him . He asked me not to forget about my origin and always do my best to help our people back home and our country . I would encourage you to follow your father’s principle of tolerance , selflessness , and fair treatment for all regardless of religion or tribal differences .

  7. Shocking behaviour by the APRC, but not surprising…May Allah (SWT) shower your dad and all the departed with His endless Mercy…Let’s all pray that his desire to see genuine change in The Gambia will be achieved in 2016…

  8. Bakary Badjie

    This is how a true son behaves. We now believe what your father said about you. He trusted you and even confided in some people that Pa Malick would continue his legacy. Nyassis are people of dignity unless any of you wants to go astray. May your father rest in Eternal Peace.

  9. Malang Njie

    Allahu Akbar! Just few days ago your brother was throwing venom on UDP accusing its members if neglecting the Nyassi family. This article should now lay bare Sulayman Nyassi’s baseless and groundless accusations. No one can suppress and own truth.

  10. A strong leap forward to diffuse the inevitable overtures to discredit the UDP leadership’s handling of families left behind by their departed colleagues.
    However, the party must not be held at ransom by such a cultural sensitivity, which in our situation, is prone to be pervertedly misused by political adversaries.
    Each person in the party is there for their individual conviction and patriotism to the country. Although the sense of respect to honour revered members belong to the ritual, the continuous obligation of the party to the family of the deceased, must not be encouraged. Lest UDP encourage perpetual blackmailing.
    PM, may Allah grant your N’fa eternal peace in the hereafter.

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