How Many Witches Are There In Islamic Republic Of Gambia?

Jammeh with one of his idol worshipping men
       Jammeh with one of his witch hunters

The bizarre or ill-conceived bebaviour of any country’s leadership certainly leaves that country’s people uncomfortable and embarrassed, especially in a world where a click of a button transmits information to wherever there is internet. That makes it hard to hide the creepy story to the people you meet for the first time. By the time you meet them, they would have read almost everything about your country. They will bombard you with questions and expect you to answer all of them. Some of these questions are definitely embarassing and discomforting. What if the person you have met for the first time asked: how many witches are there in The Gambia? That exactly is the title of this embedded provocative but factual YouTube video shot in Turkey. You feel like dying inside upon watching others tearing your country apart and making fun about it.

The embedded video was uploaded in 2009 when the sudden death of President Yahya Jammeh’s aunt propelled him to launch witch hunting exercise. Mr. Jammeh recently revived this very dark side of Gambian history in Foni where people flee to Senegal to avoid trauma, sickness or death resulting from forceful drinking of hallucinating drinks.

The shooters of this video can further laugh at us by paraphrasing their title thus: how many witches are there in the Islamic Republic of Gambia? We have been and continue to be a laughing stock of the world. Our only crime is to have a leader whose actions and words keep hurting. Some questions to ask and so little answers are available. When shall we be free from embarassment? When shall we get back our lost honour, pride and dignity? When will others stop reminding us about the embarrassment of our bizarre President? When shall Gambians go to bed without endless threats?



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