Jammeh Satisfies Women, Leaves Islamic Clerics Dumbfounded

The lifting of a two week old directive ordering women working in the Civil Service to cover their hair has once again proven President Yahya Jammeh’s unreliability, weakness in decision making and lack of leadership. The death of the directive should provide clue to the dictator that he can toy with me and get away with it but not women whose power consumes consumes even prophets and messengers of Allah. They don’t just rule behind currain but women fight their fight until they become triumphant. Jammeh must have felt like walking on barbed wires barefooted when he stepped on women civil servants. He was left with only one absolute choice: swallow your male ego and surrender publicly before firestorm hangs over the mantle of leadership. This why the President’s Office issued this 82-word press release.

The General Public is hereby informed that the directive for women to put on a head dress (not hijab) in all public offices during working hours is liftes. The directive had nothing to do with religion.

Women are His Excellency the president Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh-Babili Mansa’s best friends, they are his sisters and he is here for their wellbeing and happiness at all times. That being the case, this decision that makes them unhappy has been lifted.

A diagnosis into the press release poves the President is disingenuous and economical in telling truth to his subjects. How can he convince us that the directive, which was issued three weeks after the declaration of an Islamic State, has nothing to do with religion? Instead of acknowledging women’s power to defeat every power, Jammeh goes on sugarcoating that the ban is lifted to avoid women from being unhappy.

But the dictator’s directive cancellation has put him in a trap. His arduous task will be how to convince his ally religious clerics that his government will police Islam. The question that must be asked is: how many of these material conscious religious leaders will see the light? One religious leader who distances himself from the government said “it’s too for these Jammeh leaning clerics to turn their back on him. His lifting has left them dumbfounded and cornered, they now sit between the ghost and the lion. But who then will listen to them or seek religious advice from them. They have destroyed their brand. This is what happens when religious become too close to political leaders. Let them deal with their mess. I’m poor but Allah is with.”



  1. Gambian Muslim elders are the biggest problem of the country. They are the foundation of military dictatorship because the society look up to them for moral guidance , therefore when they failed to guide the population through their moral values , the manifestation of moral decline , decadence , corruption , human rights abuses and lawlessness becomes new normal of the society .
    Jammeh knows the power of Gambian women, they are the only group of people he has not directly attacked , killed , exiled or imprisoned illegally . The solution to our current predicament is in the hands of women . If Gambian opposition leaderships encourages women leadership as flag bearer for the presidential election , jammeh will be history . In any capacity that we use women whether as young beautiful girl or political opponents , they can do better job than men. Jammeh’s biggest weakness is the women, he can easily be enticed by young beautiful girl as evidenced by recent revelations they made about him . Women are the solution to our problem .


      • Gambian Religious Leaders failed in their moral and Religious responsibilities .

        The problem of our country is simply lack of justice and truth in our daily lives . The injustices in our country are supported by majority of Religious leaders who refuse to follow the true teachings of their faith , advocate for freedom , justice and fair treatment of their fellow citizens . Many of our religious leaders do not have courage to stand for what is morally right but they are cautious and willing to preach and defend status quo using religion doctrine to justify injustices and oppression . Religious leaders should be men of conscience whose preoccupation should be social justice and high moral standard . In our country , our religious leaders gather at sideline and watch unconcernedly human right abuses , atrocities , corruption and general moral decline of the society .
        I applaud few brave religious men like imam Baba Leigh and father Gomez for speaking up and standing up for what is morally and constitutionally right. They have left their comfort and secured zones to join what is constitutionally and morally right to ensure justice and common good prevail in our country . Imam Baba Leigh have paid the ultimate price for his God given right and high moral standing by his words of wisdom and courage . He continue to serve as an inspiration to those in the struggle that a true preserved meaning of faith and divine belief will always be on the side of poor and oppressed people .
        There are top religious leaderships of so called highest standing in the society such as Gambia Islamic council , Gambia Christian council , imam Ratib of Banjul and many spiritual leaders in various communities throughout the country who are silent , unconcern and even admonish their worshippers to accept and support the current dictatorial regime . Their lack of concern and complete silent on social issues is dangerous precedent for the decline of moral values and political oppression we are currently facing . Throughout history , religious leaders have demonstrated to be men whose stood up for the poor , oppressed and disadvantaged societies as evidenced by actions of Imam Leigh and father Gomez . In every scriptures or religious doctrine , this has always been the case . We have heard of religious men like Dr Martin Luther king who used his religious belief to fight for social justices and freedom for his people . Then the question becomes ; why our Gambian religious leaderships failed to stand for the oppressed people of The Gambia ? There are those who would say that the current political oppression and social problems / injustices are not within the responsibility of religious leaderships because they are issues which should be dealt with engagement and solve by political leadership. I think such an assumption simply failed the moral and religious leadership role in uplifting basic freedom , justice and fair treatment of all. Their behaviors in this approach which is non-engagement and unconcern becomes unreligious and it defies every scripture which stand for moral and social justices . These religious leaders becomes weak and their voices in the society become irrelevant and ineffective resulting to lack of respect . Today , we have seen this behavior being play out publicly in manifestation of corruption in the form of gifts presented in monetary values to these religious leaders while the population quietly sit and watch this ungodly acts due to weakness and lack of moral guidance . As a result of this corruption , these religious leaders become key defenders of status quo. They have failed in their responsibility to serve as a vehicle through which social injustices will be channel to leadership in the government or power structure . They have profoundly and profusely preach peace in every sermon while they refuse to even acknowledge the presence of injustices , corruption and political oppression within their ranks and the power structure in the country . They are happy to have Dictator jammeh build their various mosques throughout the country through his ill-gotten wealth and donate to various religious groups while they continue to confer on him highest religious title to satisfy his ego and personal mystification .
        As part of their corruption , leadership in government continue to be consoled by silent and those lousy I’ll-informed religious leaderships to systematically lie to Gambian people in their corrupt and inhuman treatment . Where are the religious leaders when the tyrant announced that he would killed the death row inmates few years ago ? They sat right in front of his nose without saying a word . Where are the religious leaders when so many of their fellow citizens disappeared in thin air ? They were silently enjoying the corrupt money given to them by the Dictator . Where are the religious leaders when the families of December statehouse attackers were illegally detained for committing no crime of their own . Where are the religious leaders when Jammeh send witch hunters across the country to harass , detain and even poison innocent citizens because of backward and ancient belief of witchcraft ? They are unconcerned and silently sit in their secured and comfort zones while acted like nothing serious happened in their country . The God of conscience and the truth is watching over these men as they failed to lead with moral responsibility and faith in their lord . As a result , thousands of their fellow citizens lost faith in them and dismissed them as irrelevant in moral and spiritual guidance which has now lead to moral decadence of our society today .

        I hope each and every religious leader in the country will do some soul searching and come to the aid of justice. We cannot continue on the path of self destruction because of selfish personal interest and failure to take our moral responsibility in the society . The oppressed Gambian citizens cannot remain in the clutches of oppressive forces . Freedom and decency will ultimately triumph over injustices and oppression currently dominating the power structure . Therefore , people of moral standing, men and women of God who truly fear their lord and care for humanity must stand with the oppressed people . To end the current trajectory , people of good will must act as persuasive and inspirational agents for the oppressors to give up their oppressive characters for the betterment of the society .

        Thank you .
        Please publish

  2. I the bulk of pressure to retract the directive comes from outside:

    Forcing the information minister bojang to call a press conference, giving a vehement rebuttal to claims of “islamist” tendencies.

    Interesting point of that conference is as follows : “the president has Christians in his family, even went to a christian school and lived in a christian home….” .
    Nothing wrong with above , since many of of us grew up with fellow citizens of Christian faith. What tantamounts to incredible incredulity, is that a person from such a background and unprovoked, declaring a islamic state to fool the Muslims elders in the country.
    The sign are looking good for the country. The so called muslim elders are discredited and the “nasiru deen” is slap-bang defender of all faiths. What a dollop circus staging from a person like Mr. Bojang, who many young journalist in country, once look up to for inspiration. All in vain!

  3. The crux of the matter is that the government should steer away from controversial social and religious proclamations that have no basis to alter the fabric of our social and cultural cohesion as a community that have shared values. They are better off leaving the people to practice their religions as they see fit and to live their lives as free as possible. They should instead concentrate on building the economy and providing health and other social services that are very much needed.

    A nation should be governed on the basis of principles that are predictable and certain. And this predictability and certainty must in essence bear resonance and in concert with the fundamental laws that underpin a democratic plurality.

    The Gambia is a very interesting place. Its social pathology even more intriguing. You just cannot understand what it is with the people. The political apathy and general lack of interest to what the government does and say is quite alarming. Despite all the social and religious controversies that are making news all over the world people go about minding their business as if there is no care in the world.

    The other day there was a marathon of the service people in the government; from all sectors of the government I understand. Prisons, Immigration, Gambia Police Force etc. etc. The Banjul-Brikama highway was crowded with people along the marathon route which was one side of the highway that was closed to traffic. The sheer number of people that lined the pavement along the highway was just breathe taking.

    I was standing there a complete stranger trying to understand the little things that so motivates the people to come out in their thousands, and the general atmosphere of carefreeness and smiling faces that belie the hopelessness and helplessness attributed to a political climate that is completely different.

    And to contrast this picture to a Saturday earlier when my niece was to get married on a Setsettal was even more confounding. Everybody and everything has to wait until the Setsettal was officially over. Nonetheless, the burst of activity and life after the Setsettal, when the place all over was like a ghost town, bears testament to the social energy inherent in the people that can be a force to be reckon with. Only if the people were not politically apathetic.

    What is more seeing the throng of people around the West Field Junction on New Year’s Eve to watch the fireworks was just like a scene taken from Times Square In New York on New Year’s Eve. I was told that the crowd was even less this year.

  4. May be those who profess ever lasting support for Yaya Jammeh can make some sense out of this whole joke…but whilst they are at it, isn’t it right that we use this latest foolishness to point out the unsuitability of this joke of a squatter (at State House) to hold the highest office of the land…

    It is one thing to demonstrate indecisiveness in decision making, which is not new in his case because it is a consequence of his volatility, but how obvious can it get when silly and almost, apologetic reasons are forwarded for such poorly thought out decisions?

    “The directive had nothing to do with religion.”, they stated….Really…! Who do they think is being fooled..? Gambian Women..?

    Do they want us to believe that a directive following hotly on the heels of a declaration of an Islamic state, in a country where the majority believe that (Muslim) women should cover their heads, has got nothing to do with religion..?

    How blatantly dishonest can anyone be.? How shamelessly contemptuous (towards women, in particular ) can anyone get..?

    I hope The Gambian Women, especially the Civil Servants, don’t fall for this trickery, because that is what it is..He has realised, after whatever influence he may have been under, that he has picked up a fight with the wrong crowd, in view of the approaching elections, given their numerical strength and this is his attempt to repair any damage caused by appeasing the women…

    We shouldn’t be surprised if he starts dishing out cash or special favours to women (civil servants, in particular)…And nobody should be fooled either…

    Believe it or not, once this election cycle is gone and he is still in the same position, he will bring back this directive before the next round of elections, in.2021…He is obsessed with his false Muslim image and desperate for funds…

    This (below), coming from the office of the president, leaves me speechless and (to tell the truth) utterly embarrassed for being a Gambian, lead by such a joke, for such a long time…

    “Women are His Excellency the president Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh-Babili Mansa’s best friends, they are his sisters and he is here for their wellbeing and happiness at all times. That being the case, this decision that makes them unhappy has been lifted.”

    Apart from the idiocy that this statement portrays and conveys, one is tempted to ask Mr Jammeh, whether his love for the women temporarily deserted him when he issued/ordered that directive…

    Or is there something much more serious, which was clouding his judgement at the time.. ? There has been rumours of sniffing/smoking substances that cloud judgement, and if “actions speak louder than words”, Jammeh’s actions certainly lend credence to the rumours and murmurs that have been circulating for a while, because they “speak” volumes…

  5. Bax , whatever you hear about jammeh whether they said he is child rapist , heavy substance abuser , killer , criminal , and anything , they are all facts . I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that jammeh is a criminal and who came to destroy everything about The Gambia . Jammeh’s every decision has oppressive and criminal implications . Today most people are aware of his latest criminal activity but this is how jammeh operate . His every moves and activities is based on lies , deception and criminality .

  6. Max, I cannot agree with you more about the name calling against this lunatic retard monster dictator PRESIDENT YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH OF ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF THE GAMBIA. This man whatever they called him is damn right. Even childish are far better than YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH…so let him put down that so called Quran from his dirty hands. He is nothing but pretend dislusion mental retard pathetic dictator. Yahya AJJ Jammeh is pure idol worshipper and pretend of being religious leader but he is not religious at all.

  7. Constant sign of a foolish clown is the frequent changes of mind…

    Our Murderous Oppressive kanilai Idolatrous syndola LUNATIC is one, CERTAINLY…

    There’s some light illumination at end of tunnel; sooner for Gambians…

    Our Satanic Murderous kanilai Oppressive DEVIL declared Gambia Islamic state for Middle Eastern funds, loans & grants BUT fearful & panicking of Western & other “powers to be” attacks; for the mere fact of media suggestions & insinuations of its Gambia Islamic state declaration, & affiliation with ISIS/L & other world terror groups…

    Hence the rescind…

    Its EVILNESS syndola Idolatrous Murderer yaya is the bravest-coward one could ever find….

  8. Very interesting characters on this wonderful forum. You guys are completely distracted from the isuues. The elections are almost here and instead of putting plans in place for defeating jammeh, you guys are busy bombarding each other with a simple and unqualified statement given by the President of the Islamic State of The Gambia.

    I am traveling to the Gambia in December to vote for jammeh. Are you guys planning the same thing to show your support for the one you prefer. Too much talk. Thank you brothers and sisters.

    • In case you don’t notice, these fora are NOT meant for campaigning for votes or formulating election strategies…The opposition parties are quite capable of doing that on the ground…

      Each forum offers participants the opportunity to react to issues in the news….And the issue here is that Yaya Jammeh has openly lied to the nation, and the whole world, by giving rediculous reasons for backtracking on his directive to women civil servants…

      Have you got anything to say about that.? Or are you going to bury your head in the sand, and pretend that the flip flopping of an individual holding the highest office, in his decision making that affects people’s lives, is not a big deal..?

  9. Malang, don’t be worried about that. People are doing their respective homeworks and if you are following current events in Gambia and abroad, the fruits of unveiling the real person/motives hiding behind the so called Islamic state and the other inconsistencies inherent in the regime you want to entrench, then a big milestone has being achieved.

    You can continue your diversionary tactics and try to derail the forum. You have every right to that. Ultimately it is up to us to prevent you and your master from succeeding.

  10. Every community, society & or country has it; such is ours too as currently; a struggle against a Devilish incarnation; a jamurai-syndola kanilai Tyrannical armed FIEFDOM type for the matter; there will always be the satanic advocate aid abet elements, in services, & or sharing interests, in oppression of fellow humans for reasons be known….???

    Every hour by, our Murderous Oppressive kanilai Devilish syndola BANDIT is on the back foot, as have been witnessed lately; there’s NO stoppage, until the noble task of full restoration of rule of law in Gambia, NO matter how LONG it takes….??

    The armed forceful usurpation of power, by a self-imposed Murderous jamurai kanilai Idolatrous syndola DEVIL currently being sustained, & legitimized by use of illegal Cassamace & other nationals in bogus elections, will not retain the motherland under the armed kanilai Banditry permanently forever…?

    A struggle against any Armed Oppressive Tyrant at helm of State affairs; be in Gambia presently, & anywhere before, world over, takes “hard” & appear “protractile” with sacrifices, BUT with the momentum & steadfastness, like all & anywhere before who undone armed tyrannical oppression, our collective determined resolve will see us through…

    Pharaoh & enablers live several years; tormented, molested, oppressed, tortured & killed innocent people; BUT the “end justifies the means”….