Fear Grips Imam Gassama’s Family


Imam Cherno Gassama
Imam Cherno Gassama of Darsilameh

The family of Imam Cherno Gassama is struggling to adjust with the continued illegal detention without trial of their breadwinner.

The Brikama-ba Darsilameh cleric with large following remains in state custody since his arrest on November 2nd last year. The government has not given reasons for Imam Gassama’s detention. Kairo News investigation links it to his defiance against President Yahya Jammeh’s never-ending land grabbing in the area. Gassama would not fold his hands and allow Mr. Jammeh and his land scouts to snatch fertile farmlands of the poor families. 

Imam’s young children have been mired in grief, fear and uncertainty. His wives who are expected to console the children and students [talibes] are running out of strength, for they keep wondering why their peaceful Allah-fearing Imam remains in Jan Jan Bureh prisons. The Gassama family’s concerns have been compounded by the government’s deaf silence, forcing one of the wives to travel to Jan Jan Bureh. She was denied access to her husband because Dictator Jammeh has not ordered anyone to see Imam Gassama.

However, a reliable prison said Gassama is in Jan Jan Bureh prison. He is not only nharmed but also full of spirits. Gassama leaves his fate in Allah’s hands, the one who decrees “let it be and happens instantly.”

His family wants the state to either charge the Imam or release him to reunite with his worried family.  

“We are deeply worried about Imam Gassama’s continued dete detention,” a close family member of Gassama said.

Gassama is among the three Imams currently being detained in Yahya Jammeh’s Islamic Republic.

Those who want to support Imam Gassama’s family can do so through Suntou Touray. He can be reached on 00447411248764 or email bolonba@gmail.com.


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