Yaya Jammeh’s 2016 Awful Resolution

Jammeh with one of his idol worshipping men
Jammeh with one of his idol worshipping men

By Unbiased Prince

Yaya Jammeh’s 2016 lamentable yet awful resolution which have already set sail while meaning appalling phenomenon on my Gambian community (as ‘Foni Residents in the Gambia are Fleeing right now from Yaya Jammeh’s Witchcraft of Terrorism’) have meant a man-made calamity be unfolding without any needed terrains of such disarray by Yaya Jammeh.

It also means more disrepute and despairs of remain as the order of the day while widen with callousness of Yaya Jammeh’s brutalisation, segregation, ghettorisation, murderous and verminous on the most vulnerable people (hence the mass arrest and torture of those suspected of witches and the soothsayers) continues through his evil and vampire regime without any protection for the needy people while in all of it was awfully made possible in many terms by his heartless and so call cabinet ministers.

The once rejected child of evil by his own birthmother from infant (Yaya Jammeh that was) for knowing the real risk of what a devil that she had begotten as her child but forbidden to end his life;

But by now Yaya Jammeh have and since become the isolated punk by the same society and community that he had since 1994 forced his shameless self into their Gambianism of political captivation of leadership and already destroying it with every level of dreadful details;

Timely but well suitably cut off by the Civilised-World for all the obvious and countless reasons that are equal but well resonated and associated with humanity calling and freedominality implementation and of not being merely or so call only;

Yaya Jammeh have somehow but meticulously been ever ready to deform morality wherein but nonetheless continue to decapitate the Gambian political outmost to suit his mental state of barmiest.

Should Gambia and her most vulnerable people (women, children and the old) be further left in the ruin state or darker stagy of affronting and betrayal of common decency with Yaya Jammeh’s raging rough on people without any political or economic needs or reason for it;

But soon and perhaps starts to appear or feels as if it is for resentment of undeservedly done indeed but at spectrum by the World community that they are living within;

And being innocent of all Yaya Jammeh’s madness instead of being defended in time for care of obligation and love that should since link us together to overruled and keep preoccupying the affairs;

It means sharing the same chunk of indifference with the most brutal leadership and pure political demoralisation of Yaya Jammeh and his evil regime.

I have never been shay or weaken by the dazed menace of matters that have since become the delaying tactics of our opponents in our fighting for political and social change and for such to outweigh everything and everywhere while regime change is the main but the well and most yet bigger board of all. Nor and neither do I need to start giving up lightly due to our confidence being shattered with disvalue and the underachievers shuffling madness with ill-manners and by those who desires hypocrisy at best and at the highest bit with their aimlessness for putting Yaya Jammeh before God-Almighty and His creation.

Laden with all sorts of extremes in reality and thrilling forays of within our defying moments and in our counters of what it takes to remain standing and fighting for all worthy course in commencing a brighter future of our children and within the readily to be counted as the conquerors of the Gambian political odds while our journey have hardly began, is what we are surely faced with and we must not forget that.

I am therefore asking of you my fellow citizens of a big heartily but of also well accorded with distinction of allure to put our difference aside and come together as one for such multipurpose in deliverance.

Removing the wrongheadedness that Yaya Jammeh have become in our Gambian social and politics of tribulation while at his desires since 1994, would not only be an achievement in totality for political and social change and for betterment of reinstatement and establishment, but one that would remain as setting us far from the disorientation of our moral norms and misfit of political gimmicks that we in now without any good reason for it.

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  1. Very powerful indeed ! I cannot believe even the most despicable person on the planet is still a president.

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