Re-The President Of New Africa


sainey-fayeBy Sainey Faye

Saul you’re really up to something – I mean you’re bringing back memories of old; and a reminder that as Africans we have more in common than pigmentation, and historical amnesia.The Kilimanjaro rendez vous of Africans in D.C., brought back that Pan-African connection, and cultural unity amongst us as a people. This has ignited and nurtured political movements in Africa and elsewhere in the Caribbean.

You would recall, that the same get together in colonial times in Europe – London, Paris, Lisbon, etc. helped spearhead and pushed the Pan-African movement forward. This movement helped bring political Independence to colonial Africa, and many older observers note the advice of the late Mwalimu of Tanzania “That the younger generation and youths of Africa must collectively rekindle the ‘Fire’ and move Africa forward”. This stage of Neo-colonialism is last stage of Imperialism, and the most dangerous for Africa and Africans. Witness the rule of despots, dictators, and reactionaries today on the continent; and all could see how formidable the forces and our tasks to uproot them are.

But you have – unlike many pseudo-intellectuals; studied and can see Nkrumah’s vision for Africa and Africans worldwide in a positive light.

You remember and capture the essential idea that, even though we were born in various colonized states, our future as a people, and aims and objectives were the same. That being, to free Africa from bondage, and make her independent, unified, democratic, progressive and dignified once more. The old man once observed that if you want to change a society, you have to change its ideology too.

The neo-colonial state of Nigeria should have led the continent towards the noble goals of a progressive, unified, economically viable nation.

We hope Nigeria moves towards such goals. I can’t wait for the rest of your articles… keep them coming !!!! A nice piece indeed.


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