Jammeh Axes Agriculture Minister

Ismaila Sanyang too is axed but for how long?
Ismaila Sanyang too is axed but for how long?

President Yahya Jammeh again reshuffled his cabinet on Monday. The minor reshuffle affected Ministers of Agriculture and Presidential Affairs, Ismaila Sanyang and Sulayman Samba, respectively.

The news, contained in a terse press release, comes less than a month after another minor cabinet reshuffle.

While the fate of Ismaila Sanyang remains unclear, President Jammeh maintains Sulayman Samba as the Secretary General and Head of Civil Service. Mr. Sanyang replaced the dismissed deputy Agriculture Minister Ousman Jammeh in mid-October. He has been Agriculture Minister for less than three months.

Sheriffo Bojang, a former Permanent Secretary of Agriculture, was appointed the deputy Minister of Agriculture. President Jammeh has once again decided to take over the Agriculture Ministry, which has a lot of projects as well as attracts huge funding.

The reshuffle is in line with the powers vested on Mr. Jammeh by Section 71 (4) (B) of the Constitution of the Republic of The Gambia.

Cabinet reshuffle has become so rampant in The Gambia since Yahya Jammeh seized power by force in July 1994, with Agriculture and Justice Ministries bearing the greatest brunt.



  1. Janjanbureh

    It is a joke that dictator Yaya Jammeh fired his ministers so often I just wonder why Gambians continue to accept his positions. The man is the worst employer ever. Please Gambians stop accepting his positions because you should know by now that you are risking your lives, and making other family members to suffer for no reason. It doesn’t worth it.

  2. This is exactly what is expected. Most of Gambian civil servants are not honest . Ismaila Sanyang has never studied agriculture in his life according various reports . Why did he accepted such position from Jammeh when he knew that he was not qualified for the agricultural position ? It is pure stupidity , dishonesty and lack of principle. Whatever happens to him , I don’t blame jammeh because he knows very well he is not qualify for the job . Mr Sanyang’s appointment as agricultural minister falls under the same narrative of tribal preferential treatment ,loyalty , nepotism and jola hegemony which jammeh has been doing since day one . How can jammeh appoint sanyang who is a jola , with masters degree in nursing education , not having even O’level or grade 12 pass in agriculture ( not even sit down in agricultural classes in the whole of his life ) as Gambia’s agriculture minister ? Jammeh is sick idiot who didn’t care about The Gambia . He will pick any idiot to run any ministry . But this is what he does best . Minister Fatima Badjie was appointed as health minister after she was raped and sexually abused by Jammeh for months , today she is disgraced and discarded . She has no knowledge of health care except little education about women’s menstrual period which she needs to know for her personal use . Gambian people needs to be honest to themselves and do the right thing . Each of jammeh’s appointments into high government positions are exactly wrong people in the wrong position . (Ex ) Chief of protocol sanna Jarju , Saul Badgie , Yankuba Badjie etc all these people have never been to high school . In the normal democracy each of these people shouldn’t have been in those positions. Yankuba Badjie couldn’t even write his own job applications when he was in USA but today he is chief intelligence officer of The Gambia . What a joke and waste of state resources .
    Jammeh claimed that he came to correct corruption , nepotism and mismanagement of former regime but today all his appointments are erractic and idiotic appointments which has no interest for Gambian people except his personal interests .
    But the stupidity and this nonsense started with ignorance military officers who installed a tyrant as a leader of our country . Today they are cowardly hiding in various places enjoying the seeds of their own personal destruction while the majority are suffering. They should be ashamed of themselves . Gambian people will never forgive such a heartless and cruel citizens whose grand design is to bring untold sufferings to their fellow citizens .
    I want to appeal to kaironews to stop highlighting the plight of jammeh’s enablers who have betrayed Gambian people . I have observed that we are continuously wasting our time and valuable resource on the wrong people . Only the human rights abuses of real victims should be exposed . These real victims are ordinary Gambians who are not directly working under jammeh , opposition parties and their supporters and poor farmers across the country . Our focus shouldn’t be reaction to some stupid ministers who are jailed , detained or even disappeared by jammeh . They will never learn . We have seen many many examples of these people . Almost all of them including Dida . Please stop publishing their arrest or whatever happens to them , focus on real victims. Go for new stories that are significant for the interest of Gambian people . Why can’t we be leading the narrative instead of being reactionary to junk developments coming out of statehouse .

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