UK Urged To Act On Gambia

Imam Alh. Ousman Sawaneh of Kanifing @ Foroyaa
Imam Alh. Ousman Sawaneh of Kanifing @ Foroyaa

UK Government Urged to Act on Gambian Head Teacher`s Arrests, others

Foreign Secretary receives CHRG`s appeal for action

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond is being urged to press the Gambian government to release Head teacher Lamin Camara, Imam Cherno Gassama,Imam Ousman Sawaneh,Imam Sheikh Omar Colley and others, drop all charges against Journalist Abdoulie Ceesay.

Mr Hammond is also being ask to seek a resolution at the United Nations for the establishment of a commission of inquiry to investigate all allege human rights violations in The Gambia.

A copy of CHRG-UK`s letter follows below and copied to the European Union.

Philip Hammond
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
King Charles Street
London SW1A  2AH

23 December 2015

Dear Secretary of State,

This letter is in support of Lamin Camara Head teacher, Imam Ousman Sawaneh, Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay Journalist, Ousman Jammeh former Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Imam Cherno Gassama, Islamic, Imam Sheikh Omar Colley, Seedy Jaiteh Ex Gamtel employee, Mamut Ceesay, Ebou Jobe Gambian Americans,and many others who are been held in custody at Mile Two Central prison and other detention facilities in The Gambia beyond the 72hours constitutional requirement and denied bail.

These individuals have committed no criminal offence under the laws of the Gambia and their continue detention without trial is in direct contravention of the 1997 Gambian constitution that safeguard the fundamental human rights of Gambians and by extension its also a complete disregard for Gambia`s international obligations.

The news release below provide more information about their case.

We ask you to intercede with the President of the Gambia, His Foreign Minister to urged that these people are not ill-treated while in prison, to urged that they are swiftly released, and urged that all charges against journalist Abdoulie Ceesay are all dropped, and finally urged that Gambia government open an international independent investigation into the killing of Journalist Deyda Hydara and the disappearance of Ebrima Chief Manneh.

We further ask you prevail on the Gambia government to initiate moves to end the systematic abuse of human rights of Gambians and end this wave of terror that have swept the people of the Gambia since 1994.

Additionally, we further ask you to seek a resolution through the United Nations for the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry on  Human Rights in The Gambia to investigate all alleged violations of human rights in The Gambia, as outline in the report of Special Rapporteur on Torture and Extra Judicial Executions.

Finally, we ask that you call upon the Gambian government to halt police harassments and legal proceedings against law abiding citizens who have committed no criminal offence.

I hope that you feel able to make these humanitarian representations to the leaders of The Gambia and that you will advise us at your earliest opportunity.

Thank you
Alieu Ceesay
Campaign for Human Rights in The Gambia UK(CHRG)


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