Capital FM Dumps Civil Engagement

capital fmWith a mere text message, Capital FM management announced the dumping of its flagship popular programme. Civil Engagement Hour, which airs from betwern 7 and 8 PM on Wednesday, has become popular in The Gambia and beyond. The programme had been running on regular schedule until everything took a nose-dive shortly before Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, the leader of United Democratic Party, was billed to be on air. That programme never took mainly due to executive interference. And to nail the coffin, Capital FM announced the suspension of the programme. In its place was the interlude of music. The anchor of the Civil Engagement, Bakary Fatty, dropped the bombshell announcement on his Facebook page. Find below the message unedited:

I wish to inform you with great regret that my radio show will not be taking place on Capital FM radio till further notice. I received a text massage this morning from Babucarr Njie, who works at the radio station as a senior staff informing me that the payment made by the National Youth Parliament-The Gambia to have the program on air has ended, and while trying to [con]firm it from the Managing Director of the radio, I was equally told that they cannot offer any free air time because it is a commercial radio. It is fair even though I am doing this for national interest, because all parties are given equal opportunity to tell every Gambia within their reach what they wish to offer when elected into office. This is the little that I could do for my country now until if and when given the chance again in the future.

I thank the management of Capital FM for their kind support for the past one year. A special thanks to DJ Busy Yanks for being so helpful during my shows. The biggiest thanks go to my audience who keep me moving with overwhelming confidence and courage in order to have better shows. It wouldn’t have reached the vast audience who constantly follow the program on SoundCloud from five different continents without your support, comments, and shares on social media and beyond. Hey! But guess what, something big is coming though!!!

My sincere apology to Lawyer Ousainou Darboe of the United Democratic Party (UDP) who should be on my today’s edition for understanding the current circumstances of the program. I must also apologise to Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu of CINEKAMBIYA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (CIFF) 2015 who would have been my guest on December 30th, 2015. I hope we will have other areas that we could work together as Gambians. Thank you all.



  1. Wow! I need my brother Deyda help me analyze this one.

  2. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Oh! Oh! Now I know what it is. Interference.


  3. @Alkali, well there is nothing new under the sun in the Gambia. This shows how FEARFUL the loud mouth AJJ Jammeh is, in particular as far as UDP is concerned. He knows the UDP is the party that will dethrone him. Everyone knows Jammeh preaches what he does not practice and it is more than high time that Gambians take their courage in our hands and deliver the final blow come 2016.
    The best education we can give to the electorate is that, once in the polling booth, they have the ABSOLUTE power without any pressure whatsoever to cast their votes for the opposition and go home peacefully.
    Of course Jammeh will tell them if you don’t vote for me, there will be no development in your area but Gambians should also be educated that the coffers of Government are dry and empty and that he delivers only EMPTY promises over and over election after election.
    I am of the firm belief that if Gambians vote massively against Jammeh this time around, he will be defeated and will have no choice but to GET OUT. Also note that many so-called APRC supporters that you dont see in their “rent a crowd” meetings will vote for the opposition come 2016. They are equally fed-up, poor and hungry for change.
    In the meantime the UDP meetings should be funded and meetings held regularly until election day.
    After 22 years of bullying, high cost of living, mystification and the back way disaster, Jammeh is ripe to fall like a tree leaf come December 2016. Inshallah.

  4. Yes, working collectively together as Gambians is only remedy, as rightly said by Mr Fatty is the only remedy…

    “Something” really big coming….?

    The Murderous kanila Manipulative Idolatrous syndola DEVIL knows this……