Doggone Erdogan: Putin’s X-Mas Turkey?

 Today, 16 Dec 2015, US VP Joe Bidden released a statement asking Turkey to pull troops out of Iraq. Those Turkish troops in Iraq have just been bombed, today, by ISIS – with Turkish supplied weapons! Or was it Turkey requesting ISIS to bomb Turkish troops in Iraq? That would give Turkey an excuse to stay in Iraq and go to war against the Kurds and against Iraq’s Shia Government. Hey NATO, Article 5 cover please! It is self-defense … in Iraq.

DidaSounds crazy? Government’s will kill their own minister to go to war against “rebels” – usually just the opposition as Erdogan is doing to the Kurdish peaceful opposition in Turkey. People bomb their own countries – and then blame others to start a war – or as in the case or Erdogan to get more seats in a new election (he didn’t get enough in the election only three months earlier – so he got a violent erection and bombed the Kurds!).

Three days ago, Zahran Alloush, head of “the Army of Islam”, talked to Newsweek’s The Daily Beast about the four-year siege against his rebel-held Islamic Fiefdom of al-Ghouta, the largest part of the Damascus countryside, which, according to the Daily Beast, “the regime hit with chemical weapons in August 2013, killing 1,400 people in a day”.

That Daily Beast interview was three days ago. That chemical attack was supposed to be the “Red Line” which should have made Obama wage war directly against Assad two years ago – and hang Assad like Saddam Hussein (By the way, Saddam Hussein was the Sunni Ruler of a Secular Modern Iraq, like Turkey’s Atarturk, and Erdogan supported the USA and NATO in overthrowing Saddam – and now Erdogan ends with a Shia Government in Iraq which Erdogan is so desperate to overthrow that he is backing ISIS and a Saudi-led SUNNI Coalition of some imaginary “35 Sunni Nations”!).

Now, Obama is a Chicago Gangster, and not shy to order the killing of women and kids to get one “terrorist”, as Obama himself accepts in his discussions and interview about his drone attacks policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan. But Obama, like all the Gangster Bravs, is big on one thing: RESPECT. Erdogan clearly does not understand that when he pats Obama on the cheek! Obama has spent seven years in the White House resisting any attempt by the Neo-Cons to treat him as an Uncle-Tom Nigger President with no ideas of his own. McCain and others have learnt that the hard way; as has NIETnyahu of Israel. And the REBELS in Syria and their Sultan Patron Erdogan are learning the hard way too. Obama knew where the chemical attack came from. Putin gave him the intelligence. Turkey and Saudi-backed ISIS chemical-attacked the so-called “Army of Islam” with the chemicals; with the very same chemicals that were supplied through Turkey by Turkish businessmen protected by … the Turkish State. Today, a Turkish MP in Istanbul bravely tells the world that fact “with evidence”.

Putin knew that back in 2013 and he made sure that Obama knew it.

Today, Turkey’s Islamist Government is charging the Secular Opposition MP with “treason” for giving an interview in which he said as follows:- “Islamic State jihadists used Turkish territory as a transit route to deliver deadly Sarin gas to Syria”. The MP added that “five Turkish citizens had been arrested by the Adana Chief Prosecutor’s Office as a result of an investigation coded 2013/139. A Syrian national was prosecuted in Turkey for procuring chemical agents for Islamist groups in Syria … all the persons arrested within the framework of the 2013/139 investigation were released a week later after the prosecutor was removed and a new one was appointed”.

The MP is called Eren Erdem and he will almost certainly be assassinated soon like many opponents of Erdogan recently. But why the cover up? Russia, USA and Europe have thousands of spies in Turkey. And we bug Turkey, because we have no intention of being led into a Nuclear Armageddon by the lies of a mad dictator.

Turkey and, and that other dictatorship Saudi Arabia, have waged a proxy Sunni war against the Shia Governments of Syria and Iraq. And they would have won both wars by now, using Islamic State terrorists, if Iran had not saved Iraq and Russia had not saved Syria.

And it is into this Sunni-Shia SECTARIAN war that Turkey is so desperately trying to pull NATO and Obama in a Third World War. I say Obama because any other President, Democrat or Republicans, would have jumped into that SECTERIAN BLOODBATH quickly without thinking. But not Obama.

Obama couldn’t, even if he wanted to. The CORE of Obama is radical. Obama’s mindset is that of Noam Chomsky, Malcolm X and Nelson Mandela combined. Obama’s critics who call him a Communist, Black Power Radical, Black Muslim, Foreigner, etc, etc, are correct! Obama’s Black Nationalist inner-core is “foreign” to the likes of McCain – and to Erdogan, Nietnyahu and the Arabs to whom Obama is simply another “nigger”. On a man2man level, Gangster Obama is on the same level as Bad Boy Putin: these two guys could happily chill together sharing a spliff joint and discuss the generally racist ideology of the Arabs and the McCain-type Caucasians! McCain is completely alien to them (Putin remarked that “McCain lost his brain in that grave prison in which the Vietcong kept him prisoner undeground for years” and Obama would absolutely agree!). But Obama’s time is up and Neo-Con Hilary Clinton is more like to be the next President (in a head-to-head with Trump – The Donald lost a case against the Scottish Government in the UK Supreme Court today). So what awaits the Middle-East? World War 3, peace or continued strive?

World War 3 won’t happen. Simple as. Erdogan is crazy if he thinks that the USA will risk nuclear annihilation of Tel Aviv, Berlin, Paris, London or Washington – just to defend Turkey. It simply won’t happen. If Putin decides to NUKE Istanbul (Asiatic side) I can guarantee that there will be NO NATO military response. That is guaranteed. And by the way, Turkey will never become a member of the EU. Won’t happen either. EU is democratic. EU does not kill its Civil Rights lawyers, its journalists or its Human Rights activists. In the EU we don’t call an election 3 months after we lost the last one just because we want to squeeze out the opposition and establish a dictatorship. Turkey is a dictatorship that supports ISIS terrorism. Turkey is a dictatorship that terrorises a quarter of its own population. Turkey is not capable of understanding the concept of Human Rights and the Rule of Law – let alone practice it. Why on earth should the people of Britain, France, Germany, etc, where there is democracy, Human Rights and the Rule of Law, accept Turkey as a member of the EU?? EU leaders like Merkel may blah, blah for political and electoral purposes but when it comes to the crunch they won’t accept Turkey as a member of the EU. Period.

Besides, we Europeans LOVE Greece because Greece is the foundation of Western Civilisation. Our whole Philosophy of Life, even our approach to law, war, love and laughter, is based on that Greek Philosophy. The Turkish Airforce has invaded Greek Airspace 2,500 times in the past 12 months. Two thousand five hundred times in a year – and yet Turkey shot a Russian plane down for a mere 17 SECOND infringement: not even 17 minutes before Erdo gave the order! Boy, oh boy! What kind of behaviour is that towards Greece, a NATO ally? What kind of behaviour is that towards Russia, a neighbour and a friend? (“cowardly treacherous stab in the back” said Putin). And as noted above, last week Turkey invaded Iraq! What kind of behaviour is that towards another ally – or at least an ally of an ally?

The Turks, like the Saudis, do not seem to understand at all how Western public opinion sees their behaviour. Maybe it is the “Allahu Akbar” mentality – as displayed by Erdogan’s Turkmen rebels standing over the dead body of the Russian pilot that Turkey shot down. Trust me, that image of the Turkish-citizen Rebel Mercenary Commander standing over the dead body of the Russian pilot will remain with and haunt Putin forever – that “Allahu Akbar” is the prism through which Putin will see Erdogan forever. It just shows how little understanding Erdogan has to think that he could talk to Putin on the phone after that event, and even try to meet him in Paris to shake Putin’s hand!
Even the thought of shaking Erdogan’s hand will make Putin flinch instinctively – and, politically, such a photo will bury Putin with his Russian people where he is now seen as a National Hero.

Putin’s slow squeeze on Turkey will continue – until Erdogan comes begging on his knees or the Turkish Military overthrows Erdogan as a danger to the State (which is what he is if he is mad enough to shoot down a Russian plane and boast that he gave the order).

Erdogan shot down Russia’s plane to save Syria’s Turkmen rebels from bombardment – and now he sits meekly in his grand palace, with not one of his F16s flying to protect the Turkmen Mercenaries, while Putin “ethnically cleanses” the Turkmen out of Syria (apparently only 10,000 are left from an initial figure of some 200,000 – and all because Erdogan, cynically in search of the Ottoman Sultan Crown and his Grand Presidential Palace, decided to use his fellow tribesmen as a “rebel” army against Assad back in 2001). Apparently, Putin’s S-400 missiles can shot down Erdogan’s F16s as they fly 200 miles inside Turkey itself! Once the S-400s arrived in Syria, NIETnyahu said publicly that “Russia’s planes flew into our airspace but we don’t shoot them down because they are friends”! Nice one Niet! Er-doggy has nowhere else to go other than to join the Saudis so-called Sunni Sectarian Coalition – afterall, they funded and armed ISIS together.

Key members of this Saudi SUNNI Coalition like Pakistan and Malaysia say that they only heard it on the news when it was announced to the world. If this Saudi Foreign Minister (who rants that he is going to “remove Assad through war” while the Russians are there!) did NOT bother discussing this Sunni Coalition with a nuclear-power like Pakistan and the biggest Sunni nation in the world (Malaysia), I am almost certain that this Saudi Sunni Coalition was only conjured up by the Saudis and Erdogan. The idea probably seems to be that the Sunni Coalition will invade Syria and Iraq simultaneously from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan with the aim of … establishing a Sunni Caliphate on the land now occupied by Islamic State terrorists (remember funded by Saudi and Turkey).

Turkey has refused Obama’s request to close its borders and starve ISIS of funds, weapons, oil revenues, recruitment and hospital treatment in Turkey. Both the Saudis and Turkey (or Erdogan) continue to support ISIS and Al-Qaeda (another Saudi baby) in Syria. And they know now that Russia is 100% committed there. So what do they think they can achieve? Defeat Russia?

What Next?
Putin and Obama will make a deal as follows:-
Firstly, destroy ISIS – if necessary, but only if absolutely necessary, by dropping a small atomic bomb on ISIS HQ. USA knows this, Putin has said it (google), and finally Erdogan is getting the point.

Secondly, Russia will guarantee that Syria and Iran will NEVER threaten the security of Israel (that is already a done deal between Israel and Russia).

Thirdly, Saudi Arabia’s so-called “35-nation SUNNI SECTARIAN COALITION” can deal with Al-Qaeda and ISIS since they created it themselves (in the meantime, Russia and USA can continue making BILLIONS by selling their newly SHOW-CASED weapons to the Saudis and friends – provided these weapons are used only against Yemen and other tiny Arab or poor African nations. There are lots of Beggar African Nations (and even none nations like Somalia) on that Saudi list of 35!. But should these Saudi weapons (and the Saudi-Erdogan Coalition) threaten Israel, they will be remotely disabled and be turned into junk!

To all intense and purposes, the Syria War is over – and it ended when Russia deployed its fire-power in October. All that is left is “mopping up” of the ISIS terrorists. The Erdogan-Saudi “35 nation Saudi Sunni Secterian Coalition” can only stop Putin in their dreams.

Can USA’s New President save Erdogan?
Whoever it is, it will be too late for the USA Neo-Cons to re-enter the war and recapture lost ground once Obama leaves office. Putin will have had time to entrench his position. Entrenched it is already because the USA-coalition bombs ISIS only with Putin’s tacit approval! That is why Turkish planes have NOT flown in Syrian airspace since the Russian jet was downed. Putin said it in his Annual Press Session today: “we put the S-400s there to stop Turkish violation of Syrian Airspace” – his words. Greece is considering purchasing the S-400s too – Cyprus has some already.

Of course, the tragedy is that millions of lives in Iraq, Syria and Libya have been destroyed through misguided American policy. Seriously, the Americans believe their crap about democracy too – even after messing up the Middle-East during their quarter century absolute hegemony. There is this Utube video of George W Bush and Putin on the podium and Bush explains that he wants to give Russia “Democracy LIKE Iraq”!! Putin smiles and says: “No thanks”, and the audience bursts into laughter.

Extra-ordinary how popular Putin has become all over the world by standing up to NATO and Erdogan madness.

And now?
For Syria, the best hope is the US-Russia sponsored UN negotiations route:
Ceasefire in Syria (destroy, by nuking if necessary, those like ISIS who won’t agree to peace);

Have a semi-independent regions SECULAR Constitution like Iraq’s (with Sunnis, Kurds and the Shia Allawites more or less self-governing – screw Islamist Saudis and Islamist Erdogan’s wish for a Sunni Islamist State in Syria).

Then hold a free and fair election for a Syria-wide President – the election strictly supervised by the UN, USA, EU and Russia. If a Sunni President emerges that’s fine (but he/she won’t be allowed by the constitution to establish an Islamist Dictatorship like Erdogan is doing in Turkey – and the Constitution will allow for a “she” President – lol!).

For Erdogan? It is in the interests of the Turkish Nation to dethrone Erdogan as soon as possible. He is a danger to the interests of Turkey and things will only improve once he is gone. The Turkish Military has an opportunity – and it will be a coup which will be welcomed in Washington, Tel Aviv, Egypt, Brussels and Moscow.

Dida Jallow-Halake
London, UK.



  1. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    In fairness, I forwarded this piece to Al-Arabiya, Turkish Daily News and Jerusalem Post.

    To Al-Arabiya, I included a commiseratory message as follows:-

    “Dear Editor,

    Just came across Al-Arabiya and thought your readers (and columnists!) might benefit from a DIFFERENT perspective. Its healthy! (Of course, publishing may risk AMPUTATIONS for the whole Editorial Team, so I will fully understand if you don’t publish).



    • Erdogan is a.mad dog and that Saudi Foreign Minister must be on something…..They all are, aren’t they.? These spoilt, good for nothing “princes”, living off “daddy’s money…”

      One got away with rape in a London Court this week…Apparently, he “tripped” and fell on top of an 18yr old ( in his bed), whom he had picked up in a club ( of all places for a “Muslim Prince”) and took home with him..

      Another got away with sexually related offence when he.ordered his female staff to strip naked for him whilst he was stone drunk…Apparently, he also loves getting his “thing” stroked by male maids… Ordinary people in the kingdom get their heads chopped off for lesser crimes, but he’s still keeping his…Hypocrites to the core..

      Felony charges brought against him by the Crown prosecution (I suppose) were dropped because there was “no evidence”…He is only being pursued for damages by the ladies…What money can do this day and age…

      • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

        @Bax: “Erdogan is a.mad dog and that Saudi Foreign Minister …”Bax my in-law, Google for Research Articles on this under “ROYALTY INTER-BREEDING & ILLNESS”. You will just be amazed how CORRECT your throw-away remark is!!!!

        PS: If you are not too sensitive, being my in-law, I could add that my Gambian children are so smart because their father’s dominant gene (lol!) comes from 5,000 miles away. So it is always wise to travel as far as possible to look for a bride. But,

        Seriously, under my people’s GADA System one HALF of the Community is forbidden to you when choosing a wife. It is almost like saying: if you are Mandinka your spouse MUST be a Fula. And it was STRICTLY enforced. The ARABS are mentally and physically messed-up because of INTER-BREEDING — and having lots of money just makes it worse!

  2. Good food for thought your friend Babili Mansa, Khalif General of the Islamic State of the Gambia. Lol!
    A World class war chess game, configured by our inlaw the venerable Sheikh Dida Halake. teacheuuu!

    • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

      These three NiA guys were searching my house. The young NiA guy came out with a copy of my book and asked: “Can I buy this Sir?”. I signed a FREE copy for him because he was sooooo polite.

      Two months later we bumped into each other when I came to visit my ex-jailers turned-friends at Police HQ. The young NiA guy ran over to shake my hand shouting “teacheuuu”!

      You are welcome.

  3. Interesting analysis…..thanks

  4. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    BAX, BAX, my in-law, DO NOT start me off down that road!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just google: “Saudi Prince’s Sexual abuses man servant and murders him in London … caught on camera … and goes home after one year”.
    Then google “Blair stops Saudi bribery corruption scandal agaittorney General’s advice”.
    Then google: “Corbyn stops funds to Saudi INjustice Sustem”.
    Boy, you can go on and on.
    We have a new law here in Kensington this week to take away their cars – because they think they have a license to keep everyone awake at night!

    ANYWAY, back to Putin!!!


    Business Insider 17 Dec 2015:
    Russian President Vladimir Putin referred to Russia’s intervention in the Syrian civil war as a military “exercise” for Russia’s “air forces, air defense,” and “intelligence.” “We did not start the war” in Syria, Putin told reporters during his end-of-year news conference from Moscow, according to a translation by the state-sponsored news agency Russia Today. He added: “We are just conducting separate operations, using our air forces, air defense, intelligence. This is not a serious burden for the budget … It’s hard to imagine a better exercise [for the Russian forces]. So we can train there [in Syria] for a long time without any serious harm to our budget.”

    Yahoo 17 Dec 2015:
    Russia has sent more warplanes to a base in Syria and deployed long-range S-400 air defense missile systems there, he added, putting an end to what he called regular incursions by Turkish jets in Syrian airspace. “Turkey had constantly violated Syria’s airspace, but let them try to fly over there now,” he added, menacingly.

    Bloomberg DEC 17, 2015 1:00 PM EST
    New Russian Air Defenses in Syria Keep U.S. Grounded
    By Josh Rogin & Eli Lake
    There is a new crisis for the international effort to destroy the Islamic State, created by the Kremlin. The U.S. has stopped flying manned air-support missions for rebels in a key part of northern Syria due to Russia’s expansion of air defense systems there, and the Barack Obama administration is scrambling to figure out what to do about it.

    Russia’s military operations inside Syria have been expanding in recent weeks, and the latest Russian deployments, made without any advance notice to the U.S., have disrupted the U.S.- led coalition’s efforts to support Syrian rebel forces fighting against the Islamic State near the Turkey-Syria border, just west of the Euphrates River, several Obama administration and U.S. defense officials told us. This crucial part of the battlefield, known inside the military as Box 4, is where a number of groups have been fighting the Islamic State for control, until recently with overhead support from U.S. fighter jets.

    But earlier this month, Moscow deployed an SA-17 advanced air defense system near the area and began “painting” U.S. planes, targeting them with radar in what U.S. officials said was a direct and dangerous provocation. The Pentagon halted all manned flights, although U.S. drones are still flying in the area. Russia then began bombing the rebels the U.S. had been supporting. (U.S. manned airstrikes continue elsewhere in Syria.)

    Inside the top levels of the administration, officials are debating what to do next. The issue is serious enough that Secretary of State John Kerry raised it with Russian President Vladimir Putin when they met on Tuesday, and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General John Dunford has discussed it with his Russian counterpart as well, a spokesman for U.S. Air Force Central Command told us.

    Globe and Mail. 17 Dec 2015
    On the military front, Russia has dispatched more warplanes to its airbase in the northwestern Syrian city of Latakia, where it has also deployed its most sophisticated anti-aircraft system, the S-400 mobile multiple-launch battery. The S-400 has a range of 400 kilometres, meaning that from Latakia it can hit targets over most of Syria, as well as over Cyprus and much of southern Turkey.
    Russia has also deployed additional warships to the eastern Mediterranean and has provided new anti-aircraft systems to the Syrian army.
    “We think the actions of the Turkish leadership toward our plane that was shot down were not just unfriendly, it was a hostile action – an act of enmity,” Mr. Putin told his annual year-end news conference in Moscow.
    “Did they really think we would flee after the incident? That we would remove all our forces?” he continued. “Russia is not a country that withdraws or shies away from the challenge. On the contrary, we increased our military presence, we increased the number of our aircraft, we increased our anti-aircraft missiles, etc. Before that, the Turkish Air Force was flying over Syria. Well, I invite them to try flying over Syria now, because they will get a very serious response.”
    Turkey appears to have already been avoiding Syrian airspace since the incident. Turkish media have reported that the country’s warplanes have stopped taking part in a U.S.-led campaign of air strikes against IS out of concern that Russian or Syrian forces would try to shoot down a Turkish jet in retaliation for the downing of the Su-24. (Russian jets, unlike planes from the U.S.-led coalition, are flying over Syria at the invitation of the government.)