Kartong Mining Crisis Returns; Youth Leader Remains Defiant

Kartong Alkako Alh. Demba Jabang

Alkalo’s Letter To President

Jammeh Licks Old Wounds

The person, who leads Kartong youths to protest against environmental destruction caused by sand and mineral mining, has disagreed with the content of the alkalo’s letter to President Yahya Jammeh. Alhagie Demba Jabang thanked the President for dropping charges against the 33 youths. Habib Touray said the village head does not speak for them.

 In his letter, Alkalo Jabang was also grateful to Gambian leader for sending a high powered delegation to resolve the crisis, which according to him, is “indicative of your excellent leadership and the immense regard you have for the people of Kartong who have been your loyal supporters right from the beginning of the July 22nd Revolution.” Mr. Jabang added that “the youths recognise that Your Excellency is a citizen of Kartong who has immensely advanced the development of the village.”

Habib shortly after release
Habib shortly after release

He was grateful to President Jammeh for returning peace and harmony to Kartong.

Mr. Jammeh had earlier pretended not knowing anything about the Kartong brouhaha, only to sacrifice some senior government officials when the issue blew out of proportion. His pretense reportedly angered many Kartongas.

In a defiant note obtained by Kairo News, Habib Touray said since the views contained in the alkalo’s “letter to the president on behalf of Kartong is political, it therefore has nothing to do with our actions. The letter didn’t represent our view neither clear our consent or concern,” Mr. Touray, himself a victim of paramilitary mistreatment arrest, detention, reported torture and arraignment, insisted.

“It is the responsibility of both the citizens and their authorities to protect their environment.” he added. “That is the reason why we have the ministry of environment and its agency called the National Environment Agency, Department of Parks and wildlife, Ministry of Agriculture.”

Habib said since “we didn’t commit any crime against the state, we feel it’s our civic right to protect our pristine retreat environment which is appealing to both national and international investors.”



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  2. Bravo to the Kartong youths, keep it up and may Allah protect you at all times.

    what has become of some of our elders these days!!!!! what development has Jammeh done in Kartong? Jammeh does not deserve any thank you letter what so ever.

    Jammeh is use to playing games but soon his game will be up and over and he will sink in his own pit hole for ever……..