Kairo Exposes Jammeh’s Mixer Spy

yusu dafeh
              Yusupha Daffeh busted

After many years of intelligence and counterintelligence zigzag involving Kairo News’ Senior Editor and President Yahya Jammeh’s mixer spy, the time is ripe to spill the beans. The intriguing tales that follow tell one how far the Jammeh regime and some foolish Gambians go.

It all started sometime in June 2011 when our innocent Yaya Dampha got a call from one Yusupha Daffeh begging for shelter. Daffeh was virtually homeless in Stockholm and wanted to be accommodated for few months along with his aging Finnish woman. Mr. Dampha offered to rent out one of his rooms to them in Sundsvall. The couple lived there for four months but failed to pay the rent. Besides, Daffeh misused Dampha’s house telephone line by making several international calls. “I couldn’t take their nonsense and decided to throw them out since they have become a liability on me,” Mr. Dampha says. The couple returned to Stockholm.

During his stay with our Editor, Daffeh used to badmouth Yahya Jammeh and waited for his host to unload comments. Daffeh would soon defend Mr. Jammeh, which invited ample room for suspicion. Dampha became alert and turned his radar on.

What Daffeh didn’t know was that our Editor succeeded in extracting so many classified information from him. Through investigation, Mr. Daffeh’s claims of resigning from the army is found to be false. “He is still on Gambia National Army’s payroll, and even got promoted to Staff Sergeant in absentia few months back,” Dampha adds.

Yusupha came to Sweden to live with his Finish woman who lives in Stockholm. However, he fooled the army command and the Jammeh regime that he got a university admission in Stockholm. He was given a study leave on the condition that he would spy on Gambians in Sweden, particularly Yaya Dampha who has earned President Jammeh’s fury for “being the cause for giving Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to focus attention on the human rights situation of The Gambia.”

In 2007, Dampha and two researchers of Amnesty International were arrested, detained and charged with espionage. The charges were later dropped mainly due to widespread international pressure. However, the regime planed to rearrest and punish Dampha after AI researchers left the country. Dampha got a wind of the hatched plot and fled into exile in neighbouring Senegal.

“I lost direct contact with Yusupha Daffeh since 2011 until December 2014 when he called me in the wee hours. He pretended to be greeting me. I damned because he was trying to find out whether I was part of state house attackers. This was the the last time we communicated but Daffeh has been telling lies to Momodou Lamin Jarju of the National Intelligence Agency (NA). He keeps lying that he communicates with me frequently. He even throws words into my mouth,” Mr. Dampha says.

The seasoned investigative journalist digs into Yusupha Daffeh’s connection with the NIA. “To my utter surprise, Yusupha Daffeh keeps filing reports based on our supposed conversation. But I don’t give a damn because no amount of intimidation or surveillance can cow me down,” Dampha says. “At first I wanted to trash the mixer spy and ride on with life as usual but Kairo News management thinks it is better to expose the hypocrite to the world.”

Yusupha Daffeh first enlisted in the defunct Gendarmerie in 1992 before joining the GNA in 1994. Dampha is a former soldier but the two knew each other at the Gambia Technical Training Institute where they studied law. 



  1. I would suggest that kaironews should start to profile some of the people who help the dictator to oppress Gambians especially those involved in human rights abuses such as torture , murder , disappearance . Such profile should be made about individual who come from NIA , jugular , military and jammeh closed protection officers . The idea to make these citizens / individuals famous by exposing their cruelty , corruption , lawlessness and contribution to military dictatorship . I think readership and contributors should all help in this efforts . The men and women who are engage in these atrocities against our fellow citizens are our brothers and sisters who live in our communities. This will help to ensure that they understand there is accountability in whatever they do and it will help to expose them at international level . I think In every week , kaironews should at least profile two individuals so that we can talk about them just like we have expose about jammeh. This fight shouldn’t be directed at one person but we should target anyone who help to oppress our people . Over the years , some of the same people will escape and come to diaspora and keep a low profile . Let’s all try to make these evil citizens famous . If everyone help to profile one person , that would make huge difference for our struggle .,

  2. Kebba Nyanchor Sanneh

    It is no surprise to me that this guy is finally made naked while on his dirty road to implicate innocent Gambians in the greater Stockholm area. I was told about him and yes I followed him and his moves from Sundsval to Alby in the southern district of Botkyrka. Sad that he is not alone in this espionage business. I believe such agents must handed over to the Swedish authorities.

  3. well i think kairo your editorial board need to contact mr daffeh and hear from him.its unethical to write a story about someone without trying to verify.i am not in anyway trying to hold brief for mr daffeh, but i am only saying what the rules of professional journalism require.Atimes people many run to you with information that are inaccurate becuase they may have or had personal issues with the individual but resort to actions only to give the individual a bad image in the eyes of others.lets always be mindful of the information people brought to our attention before putting the pen to paper.

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      I thought the source of the information is a member of Kaironews editorial board and who had dealings with Mr Daffeh and was, in fact, living with him in this same house. That makes the information a primary fact (does not necessarily make it the truth but certainly a compelling statement). If Mr Daffeh wants to respond, I am sure Kaironews will give him the platform.


  4. He is stupid. He thought my boy (Yaya Dampha) is an ignorant person. This Daffeh is a dumb ass digger, for real. This is one of the thousand reasons why Yahya Jammeh does not respect Mandingos in the country, who are the majority.