Gambia’s Dreadful Cost Of Transport


taxiPrices of everything are increasingly increasing. There is no control over prices. The price of commodities increases day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. One needs to spend a huge amount of cash in order to purchase basic necessities. It is commonly said that The Gambia is the ‘smiling coast of Africa’. This slogan is very wrong since Jallow Kanilai came to power. It should be renamed to The ‘Frowning face of Africa’.

The cost of transportation is really high despite the reduction in fuel. The price need to change since the price of fuel has been reduced. One needs to spend nearly D700 from Kombo to Basse. This is crazy. Majority of The Gambians can’t afford this. Salaries cannot sustain it’s people. May God continue guiding us and help us to feed our families to their comfort.

At the markets, prices of commodities defer from different sellers. This is a dreadful practice and without measures taken to remedy the situation, it can lead to anything harmful. This is how the war of Sierra Leone started. May God save us from the same in our mama land. Ameen!

The only person smiling in this doomed smiling coast of Africa is the Dictator and his regime. Everything belongs to him. He shares many things that belong to the state among his closed entourage. He names the donation materials after his name even though he did not pull a dime to help it.

Sir, with your permission I want to plead to the government to please look into the issue of prices in the country so that we can live as we were living during the reign of Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara.


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