Detained Brikamaba Imam “Lied About”

Imam Cherno Gassama
Imam Cherno Gassama is detained for preaching the word of Allah!

Kairo News investigation has proven that the detained Imam of Brikamaba Darsilameh in Central River Region has been “lied about.”

Imam Cherno Gassama’s arrest and subsequent detention incommunicado followed shortly after he had delivered a sermon on the importance of responsible leadership on October 30th. He explained why “Allah enjoins leaders to be responsible, impartial in their judgment, honest and tolerant.” Imam Gassama also preached that “leaders should be God-fearing at all times.”

Imam Gassama’s sermon was not directed at anybody, Kairo News was told. However, some members of his congregation [ruling APRC supporters] lodged complaint against Imam Gassama, accusing him of using the pulpit to “badmouth President Yahya Jammeh.” This led to the arrest of a man who has spent his entire life in the service of Allah on November 2nd.

Imam Gassama, also a religious scholar with large family and several students, has neither named nor pointed accusing fingers at anybody during his sermon which is why his congregation and family are in deep pains. “The old man is victimised for preaching the word of Allah,” said a source.

The venerable cleric is reported to be held in Jan Jan Bureh prisons, along with the Imam of Kanifing Alh. Ousman Sawanneh. Neither of them has so far been charged or appeared in court.

The arrest has already put financial strain on the family and students of the sole breadwinner. “Imam Gassama’s family is suffering mainly due to his illegal detention,” complained a family member.

The family of Imam Cherno Gassama is appealing to the general public to help them keep up with daily feeding. Those who want to donate can do so through Suntou Touray on 07411248764. This number is both on watsapp and viber.



  1. Abdul Karim

    Allahu Akbar! Tawaleeyun! Imam in detention for preaching the word of Allah!

  2. Alimatou Sarr

    The fight to uproot the Evil Dictator should be considered a Jihad. His evil knows no boundary – not even people of the Scriptures are spared.

  3. Malang Njie

    Let Imams and marabouts turn to their Lord with clean heart and ask Him to take care of this idol worshipper masquerading himself as a Muslim. He is not one of us or else he will not extend harm to innocent clerics.

  4. I ask myself where the imam’s congregation are? Imagine if they would all together demand the release of their imam. Kartong or Fass has shown that solidarity can tame impunity.

  5. “Kinteh

    December 3, 2015

    I ask myself where the imam’s congregation are?”

    That is the multi-milluon Dollar question… How can respected community elders be whisked away without a single dissenting voice..? Why should these elders even accept to be lead away like lambs to the slaughter..?

    Imagine the Caliph General of Sangajor refusing to be taken away for not observing koriteh on a certain day…! Imagine the spirit of defiance this would create in his congregation and following…!

    But once these people allow themselves to be taken away quietly, they kill any spirits of defiance in their congregations….and that only strengthens and encourages Jammeh’s rule of impunity. .

  6. This time around Jammeh’s impunity is geared towards the people of Central River Region. Imam Cherno Gassama is from Dasilameh Mosques, and Imam Sawaneh of Kanifing Mosques is originally from Kerewan Samba Sira also in CRR, which are just throwing stone from each other.

    The people of CRR should reject him the same way they rejected his APRC nominee and elected an Independent candidate.

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