Kartong Sand Mining Crisis Deepens; Villagers Ban Councilor

 Lamin Jamba
Lamin Jamba Jammeh is officially snubbed

The councilor at the center of Kartong sand mining brouhaha has been banned by his own people. Councilor Lamin Jamba Jammeh, himself a Kartong native, has been punished for orchestrating the persecution of the youths who oppose illegal sand mining in their area. Kartong gains nothing from the mining that continues to cause environmental destruction as well as invite mosquitoes and snakes.

img1448764788403Since the detention and subsequent arraignment of the Kartong33, the area’s people have been searching for answers to the problem. And in the process they ruled out massaging the ego of the powers that be. They want to settle for nothing other than the unconditional release of their environmental activists and that all mining in Kartong quarry is put to a halt. But it seems the authorities have not heard their message, resulting to convening of meeting upon meeting. In one such meeting at the community center this evening, Kartongas unanimously agree to officially snub and sanction Lamin Jamba Jammeh, the main architect of their problem. It was agreed that Jammeh must not be forgiven for putting “our youths in hot soup and brag about it.”

The well attended meeting, marred by running emotions, in the end agreed to sanction Lamin Jamba and his household. His family is banned from shopping at the local market, shops or using the mosque and Arabic school. The councilor and his family will have their tap water cut off and dismissed from local clubs.

Even Lamin Jamba’s friends who still associate with him will have equal amount of punishment, which according to one Kartong native, demonstrates the issue at hand goes beyond a joke. “Kartong is fully united in this endeavour,” he says.



  1. Deyda Hydara

    When I heard this councilor Jammeh over faturadio saying he has 4 wives and 30 dependents, the first question that came to mind is this guys must need a lot of money for the upkeep of his family. The man spoke at ease happily and did not seem worried about money or anything else. It was when he revealed that he is a part management of the mining unit together with Ansumana Jammeh the brother of Yaya Jammeh that I said..aha there you go..this guy will not serve the interest of the community.
    Kartong is on order to quarantain this buffon who destroys and partakes in the sufferings of the people of the community.
    Kartong can rest assured that the whole Gambia is with them and the youths will be freed UNCONDITIONALLY and the mining regulated to the benefit of the community. Inshallah.

    • Scarlet Pimpernel

      How can he up keep 4 wives and so many dependents with the salary scale? Now the cat is out of the bag by naming Ansu, the Dictator will jail him for naming his family member. Just wait and see.

  2. Malang Njie

    This guy has reached the peak of his arrogance, greed, selfishness and selfcenteredness. Well done the people of Kartong for cleansing your society of bad apples.

  3. Abdul Karim

    I can see this man bearing the brunt and fast. Then he will know how evil Jammeh is. He cannot say he has not been warned.

  4. Hydara , the only way the man can takes care of his four wives and 30 dependents is to engage in corruption. To him he is doing the right thing even though he is taking advantage of the whole village. He is a typical Gambian, living beyond his means and feeding his family with corrupt and I’ll-gotten money . Corruption and telling lies is acceptable way of life for some Gambians . Some of the people in the big offices are doing exactly the same thing or even worst thing . They will steal from the public resources and act as if nothing is wrong in doing it . As long as they are getting their immediate benefits with their families, they don’t care about the rest of the community or population.
    What business did the president’s brother has in kartong except to exploit and steal from the community . Ansumana jammeh should know that very soon he will live to regrets why he was related to this president. His associations and business dealings with the idiotic dictator is well documented. The military he think he can use against defenseless citizens will one day turn against him . What goes around comes around.

  5. FOUR wives at his age…!!! He must be insane…

    The community of Kartong is right to seek an amicable solution to this problem, but in my view, decisions that may further compound and complicate the problem should be avoided….

    There will be many cyber warriors, sitting confortably in their living rooms, thousands of miles away, or in their “attaya” vous”,tens of miles away from Kartong, who will be delighted at the raft of banning measures outlined above (and no doubt ready to call me hypocrite or what have you ), but conflict resolution (within the community) requires the adoption of a reconciliatory approach, with a “give” and “take” attitude..

    The ultimate weapon against the sand mining authorities is the unity in purpose, of the community at all times…They should be mindful that any signs of division will be exploited by the authorities to frustrate them and ultimately, defeat their desire for a mining free environment…They must therefore strive to maintain their unity..

    If strategies are going to be MEANS TO AN END, rather than an END IN THEMSELVES, then careful thought need to go into every element of each strategy before its adoption and implementation….

    Otherwise, valuable time and resources will be wasted, whilst circumstances that could be avoided may become the reality for many on the ground (not for the cyber warriors)..

  6. This guy must be a terrible man to brag about like that.But however the case, the mosque comittee, must take example of values of the Muslim religion and lift the ban on him from attending the central mosque and also, his children from attending the school. Please lift the latter immediately.

  7. Very well, the country needs that cleaning you know………,One big bad apple helps rot the rest.

  8. Lafia Touray la Manju

    They need to take Al-Faty jaawo against this councillor.


  9. The reasons for the protest was the environmental degradation and no benefits from the economic fortune.

    As a concern Gambian, I want to know where there any positive outcomes. Have the authorities meet the villagers for a quick and lasting resolution. If not, why? If they did, then what was the blue print.

    Gambian people are not interested in personal attacks like questioning someone having 4 wives. Or 30 children. That’s very irrelevant.

    After all, most of our parents or ancestors have 4, 6 5 wives. This is a personal choice and should not be mixed with national issues.

  10. Al-Faty Jaawo is the state of mind of kind of people who need an enlightenment about the Fatih of Muslims and its holy cleaniness cannot be related or attributed terms like Al-Faty Jaawo. God forbid. This Al-Faty Jaawo is one of the main reasons why we are politically cursed. This guy is getting his powers from up. Please leave his faith and family alone.

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