GYU Raises Fund For Kartong 33

November 26, 2015
Gambia Youth for Unity (GYU)

For immediate release:

GYU Fundraiser for Kartong Youth

The Gambia Youth for Unity (GYU) has launched a fundraising campaign in support of the Kartong Youth. The funds will cover the legal expenses, and logistics for youth mobilization on the ground. Legal Process. A gofundme account has been circulated which can also be found via our website, or

Currently, over 40 Kartong youth are being charged and denied bail by the Gambian regime, for merely protesting against illegal sand mining in their village. There are reports that the detainees have been seriously torture and have been denied medical attention by the security forces. GYU vehemently condemns this arbitrary behavior by the Gambian regime, and calls on all supporters of democracy to help support this fundraiser in support of the Kartong youth.

Omar Bah
GYU Chairperson



  1. Great moves. We need to give moral and financial support at this hour . This is what every geniune and patriotic citizen should do rather than to describe their efforts as I’ll-advised.
    Patriots are those stand for what is morally and constitutional rights in the defense of community and the nation while cowards are those who sit in their comfort zones and bad mouth the efforts of patriots.

  2. If you help and abetted an alleged criminal, you’re a criminal too. GYU, an acronym that no Gambian know need to refrain from instigating violence in a peace loving country. They are certainly fighting a lose battle.

    I believe we all love the Gambia.

    There is no problem with peaceful protest but once it becomes violent, then the security people will have to take appropriate measures to end that. This is s common SOP anywhere you go.

    Please diaspora, next year is elections. We can support the opposition to unseat jammeh. We can do it. If there is a will, there is a way.

    Resorting to violence like some of you are advocating will be a catastrophic. I am certainly against all kinds of violence.

  3. Malang, reading the lines of your contribution , one sees your true motives. Protesting is for you criminal although that’s not set out in any law ..except in dictatorships. Besides that, by intimidating GYU and the peaceful protesters as criminal, your ignorance of law should land you in prison. For accused remained innocent until proven guilty by free and an independent court. We remain steadfast and won’t let you undermine this forum.

  4. Malang , it is your evil and lord dictator who brought violence in our country. If jammeh violently abused , killed and tortured your father , uncle , brother and mother as he has done others people relatives , would you still support and claimed that we are peaceful country. Do you think those families are living in peace when their breadwinner are killed or imprisoned .

  5. Kinteh…I have seen many groups like GYU since we had our independence in 1994. I am also living here in the west and I have had so many stories. Most of these groups are asylum seekers at the expense of the Gambian people.

    Changes cannot happen outside but inside. If this group genuinely want political changes in the Gambia, then they have a very wrong approach. They are instigating violence by standing with the thugs.

    We the Gambian people stands with the villagers, the people who deserve some economic fortune from their resources.

    It’s about time we come to our senses and try to put Gambia above individual selfish interest. Advocating violence in my judgment is a selfish interest.

  6. Malang , you are here to provoke people by stating Your idiotic and ignorance comment that ” since we had our independence in 1994″. So you and jammeh including the cassamance jolas had your independence in 1994 when your son illegally and criminally overthrew our government. You are not even a Gambian citizen when you said this statement because a true Gambian citizens who had historical knowledge of our existence and independence Of Gambia as a country will never said such a thing no matter how much support you give jammeh . Your father and mother do not have their roots in The Gambia. I believe they came just recently after the coup and became Gambian citizens. It is very insulting to hear you said that because I know how much our parents and grandparents worked hard to make Gambia where it was before the criminal accidentally surfaced as a leader in our country. You and I will personally deal with this issue when we capture the tyrant . No doubt about that . That day is coming soon. That day you will move back to cassamance where you belong. We will take back our country.
    Malang , is it not nice to have freedom of speech or expression? you are free to express your ignorance. Jammeh denied musa Saidykhan his freedom of expression and that was why he left the country after he was brutally tortured but today you can come to his newspaper and he will still allow you to insult everyone in The Gambia including his parents and grandparents who had worked hard for our independence. Musa Saidykhan and many others who jammeh attempted to silence are original Gambians whose great ,great , great great grandfather were all born in The Gambia. Can you say that about your lord evil sexual predatory president who no one knows where his parents came from . Thanks to the generosity of Gambians, his mother was virtually homeless but she was provided a shelter to sleep by decent Gambian until the idiotic son became a criminal leader ., you are also playing with our generosity. As you are posting your ignorance and garbage, please please know that the editor of kaironews musa saidykhan was a victim of jammeh’s terror machine. Jammeh’s agents broke his hands into pieces so that he will not be able to write again . Think about this , if jammeh and his agents kill him God forbid, do you think you will post your ignorance comments on kaironews to support the tyrant . Food for thought for you .

  7. Many of these so called asylum seekers are the backbone of our remittance-dependent economy. How dare you use such spiteful language against -in the eyes of many families – noble sons and daughters working hard to feed, cloth etc, their love ones back home?

  8. Malang, certainly you aren’t full-blooded Gambian, with the garbage spew… PPP might be corrupt but unlike the EVIL Murderous kanilai Tyrannical idolatrous DEVIL, no innocent blood have ever been blatantly spilled under their watch…

    Malang are you the Lamin or ML who used to post the same kanilai DEVIL-advocate comments on Jollofnews some time back…?

  9. Lafia Touray la Manju

    The international accounting firm which audited the Central Bank found that over 700,000,000 was missing. This happened during Jammeh’s era. Where did that money go malang?? It is no longer justified for the APRC to accuse PPP of corruption.


  10. Guys, please don’t question my Gambianness. Ppp spilled blood in 1981 and buried innocent gambianns in mass graves at Bonne Road in Banjul. One who knows feels it. Ppp never spill blood is rather a blatant lie. Am not going to go there because some of these things can be very sensitive.

    Look guys all am saying is that we need to be honest and put the Gambia above our personal interest. Personal attacks that am seeing here is definitely not working.

    Lest come up with relevant ideas and challenge the Gambian politicians both government and opposition about issues relevant to all of us. Everything should be on peaceful means though.

    To compare ppp corruption to APRC is a miscarriage of justice. FACT, ppp did not build a single high for 30 years in power.

    Next year is presidential elections. Please if you’re so dissatisfied with the status quo, then what are you doing to let your voice be heard. Let not 2016 come to pass like that.

    Thank you.

  11. Lafia Touray la Manju

    PPP legitimately put down a rebellion in 1981 in line with their mandate as a democratically elected govt. It was Kukoi Samba Sanyang and his band of grotesque thugs who were responsible for the spilling of Gambian blood in 1981. These are the facts, malang.


  12. Malang the 1981 spill of blood was no fault of PPP but rather the responsibility of treacherous Kukoi who just like your EVIL Murderous kanilai DEVIL committed treason against the peaceful Gambians…

    You are the same Murderous kanilai DEVIL evil advocate I questioned you about but you refused to answer…

    Guys this masquerading devil advocate just changes names on forums but he’s not interested in genuine Gambian interests but purely advocate for the EVIL Murderous kanilai DEVIL for tribal reasons only…

    Who in the PPP government has ever personalised the Gambian resources, loans, grants before as the EVIL Murderous kanilai Devil…?

    The genuine Gambians knows who are the real liars in the national interest…

  13. Lafia Touray la Manju

    APRC can no longer accuse PPP of corruption. 700,000,000 missing at the Central bank under APRC, 10,000,000 dollars crude oil proceeds not accounted for, Yankuba Touray took money from the state coffers to bail his wife from a UK detention centre, the APRC could not even muster the courage to publish the Bomfo commission report on PPP ministers despite the instructions of the law. When was the last time the president’s office under APRC audited given that the bulk of the budget is always allocated to the president’s office under this APRC ?? The APRC has no moral standing to accuse the PPP of anything. They’ve lost it long time ago.


  14. Malang you’ll receive the same treatment as an evil devil advocate, not only here but everywhere just like your Murderous Devilish kanilai Tyrant…

    The struggle to salvage Gambia from Murderous kanilai Tyrannical Oppression is personal for every true genuine Gambian; nothing will stand between us & the total liberation of our motherland; neither with the EVIL Murderous kanilai yaya DEVIL alone but rather any of its evil advocates like you & your likes…

    It’s our incumbent birthright & God-given duty to salvage Gambia as our only true home by all & any means necessary…

    We will continue to contribute our noble quota in anyways possible anywhere we may be…

  15. Bajaw , Malang is internet troll . He is brain dead individual who cannot be educated. There is no neurological functions of his brain vital organs and therefore we can declare that he is expired . Even when there is involuntary movement, we can assume that he is deceased. It is time to call mortuary so that mortician will pick up his remains. I would suggest that his remains be burned into ashes and thrown into high sea because he is contagious for humans to give him a decent burial . Rest in hell with the dictator and all those who committed heinous crimes against their fellow human beings .

  16. Lafia Touray la Manju

    The APRC used to talked flamboyant lifestyle under PPP citing their Mecedez Benz fleet but what about Jammeh’s Hummers and phytom cars?? The market value of the Hummers is over 300,000 dollars each while the phantom cost 500,000 dollars each at the market. Where then does the APRC got the audacity to accuse PPP of living a flamboyant lifestyle??The truth is; the APRC has long since lost all moral grounds to accuse the PPP of any wrongdoing because the worst has or is happening under the APRC’s watch. Give a brak Malang. Gambians are no fools.


  17. Maxs, this one is a deceptive tribal disciple trumpeting lies; subordinate to the EVIL Murderous kanilai Pathological yaya Liar-in-Chief only…

    Lamin, ML or Malang can you respond to Lafia’s points raised, since you alleged to be dealing with the issue that matters…?

    You must be kidding yourselves just like your Murderous Evil kanilai Devilish yaya Alligator, living on borrowed times, if you ever think true & genuine Gambians will flinch or abdicate our responsibilities in salvage reclaim of our motherland…