How Gov’t Betrays Kartong Youths

 The Gambia government’s refusal to address the concerns of the Kartong youths as evidenced in this reply from the National Environment Agency. The agency officials have demonstrated hypocrisy when they failed to refer the concerned youths to the government institution or department. Instead the youths were only informed that the agency is not responsible for sand mining activities, leaving Habibou Touray and co in total confusion and betrayal. One expects a responsible government to listen to the concerns of their people, especially the youths. Any attempt to shut down concerned citizens results to confusion, bad blood or chaos that happened in the coastal town of Kartong where the youths protested against mining that has left colossal damage to their environment.




  1. Its really really sad that Gambian population let Jammeh to reduce us to nothing. Gambia rise!!! This is the time.

  2. mba woooyi mba….why ?why?why? For 20 years, we no sabi sweam water deh carry we go……….why? why?why?nying tiling baliyaa aning nying bala feeringyaa, nying fanglong baliya aning nying horomantanyaa.why?why?why?we no sabi sweam water deh carry we go.River gambia, nying gambia bolon, ako……..waato leh seeta wooooooooooooooooi