The Writings On The World Mean It’s Time To Step Aside

downloadfileBy Ousman Jarra

The fear of the unknown is the results of the foot-dragging, but the records are not your favor and your persistent to stay, President Jammeh will be inflicting more pain on the Gambian People. Moreover, your self-loving behavior and mental health have been the subjects of much speculation throughout your reign and life. Many have described you as having a quick-change and violent short temper; being charming, happy, and charismatic one minute and then suddenly angry, violent, and brutal the next, with little or no warning. As a result, I have speculated that your behavior was either from a long-term syphilis of the brain or possibly undiagnosed and untreated bipolar disorder. As the years progressed, your behavior became more erratic, unpredictable, and outspoken, your ability to make sound judgment, especially when it comes to your choices of words in dealing with people and INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMACY most recently Senegal.

President Jammeh you are responsible for all your isolation and a laughing stock among your peers; starting from the declaration of having found a cure for AIDS (a disease that has an economic impact of both individuals and countries, where the gross domestic product of the most affected countries decreased due to the lack of human capital) and covering such a variety Asthma, Infertility, Hypertension and the list goes on. These reduced the importance of the Presidency to BALDERDASH, and many if not all in the International Community are reluctant to engage you with anything meaningful because they feel that you are incoherent with the issues that affect the lives Gambian People.

Secondly, surrounding yourself with sycophants who will sing of your praise (such as BABILI MANSA, SHEIKH NASIRUDEEN, KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS AND YOUR IMPERIAL MAJESTY, TRUST ME ANYTIME YOU FALL OUT OF GRACE, THEY WILL REMIND YOU THAT YOU NOTHING BUT A POOR JOLA BOY FROM DESOLATE VILLAGE OF KANINLAI) and be a follower is nothing but boosting your egocentrism because their livelihood depend on you, however, they cannot convince you to understand that the WORLD REVOLVES AROUND INTER-DEPENDENCY. Therefore, President Jammeh you cannot inspire the GAMBIAN PEOPLE to lead them for another five years and no distraction will help, so don’t us that POPPYCOCK LECTURE OF COLONIALISM OR SLAVERY, because we know the brutalities of both institutions but as people can thrive above all those unfortunate events of history. When you see that every FABRIC of your society is falling apart, then it is time to step aside. On the contrary, passing REPRESSIVE LEGISLATIONS in the parliament to weaken the opposition parties and eliminate anybody who may pose a serious challenge to you at the polls is not the solution.    


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