UDP Leader Scolds Jammeh Over Senegal Insult

jammeh and darboeThe opposition United Democratic Party leader, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, has scolded President Yahya Jammeh for hauling insults on Senegal’s current and past leaders. In a statement published below, Mr. Darboe who condemned Gambian leader’s actions, advised President Jammeh to desist from using Senegal as a scapegoat.

Read the UDP leader’s statement in full below:


The United Democratic Party (UDP) is shocked and deeply concerned by the recent statements made by President Yahya Jammeh in Farafeni during his “dialogue the people tour” in which he ridicule past and present Presidents of Senegal.

Footage of the Gambian leader’s speech shown on GRTS Television on Sunday clearly showed him raining insults on the Senegalese leaders. The current President Macky Sall received the main brunt of President Jammeh’s insults whom he described as hypocrite and a stooge for France, among other things. Former Presidents Abdou Diouf and Abdoulaye Wade were also named and heavily ridiculed and caricatured by President Jammeh.

The UDP vehemently condemns President Jammeh’s conduct as it offends all conventional wisdom and decency. By stooping this low in insulting Senegalese leadership, Yahya Jammeh has shown his lack of respect and decorum for anything decent. The Gambian and Senegalese people are one and the same and no amount of immature rhetoric and vitriolic outbursts from the leadership in Banjul will change that.

This latest posture of President Jammeh is as usual at variance with all decent and internationally acceptable diplomatic norms and does not in any way represent the views and attitude of the Gambian people.  It is unacceptable for a sitting head of state to make derogatory remarks about his fellow heads of states, present or past. It is as crude and undignified as it is unGambian, undiplomatic and unacceptable.

In this regard, the United Democratic Party (UDP) and indeed all decent, peace loving Gambians, disassociated themselves from President Jammeh’s crude attacks on Senegalese Presidents. Unfortunate as it is, this is the kind of irrational rantings that have come to embody the persona of Jammeh all throughout his life as head of state of the Gambia.

The UDP would like to place on record that the Gambian people have always had unalloyed and untainted love for our brotherly people of Senegal. Until the unfortunate emergence of Jammeh and his rogue regime on our political scene, Gambians have lived peacefully with all our neighbors far and near.

Yahya Jammeh is a lonely, angry and dejected dictator who is despised by everyone at home and abroad and we urge the Senegalese leadership to continue to ignore a dictator who has lost relevance and credibility even in his own country. Looking around, there is failure in every aspect of Gambian public life. The economy is almost floundering and doomed to collapse. Agriculture is almost dead. The health sector is on its knees and there is mounting unemployment across the country. Jammeh has therefore clearly sensed the catastrophe he has created thanks to his bad and ill-advised policies spearheaded by his personal incompetence and ignorance as Head of State for which he wants to use Senegal as scapegoat.

If anything, the recent attacks by Jammeh on Senegalese Presidents, coupled with his misrule have given UDP renewed energy and determination to redouble our efforts in ensuring that this regime that has always been an embarrassment to Gambians becomes history once and for all. Jammeh and his regime are a collateral damage on our national conscience. They are an embarrassment and a huge liability to Gambia.

Th1e United Democratic Party assures all Gambians and our brothers and sisters in Senegal that come 2016, Jammeh will be removed from the helm of affairs which he has held only by foul means for far too long.

Long live the UDP
Long live The Gambia.

UDP Secretariat


18th November, 2015



  1. I am very very satisfied, happy and humble by this press release from UDP. Very well said. Nothing to add . Thank you so much .

  2. Gambian people should know that Jammeh’s time is up . The recent appointment of former disgraced Secretary General , Momodou sabally as MD at Jammeh’s mouthpiece ( daily observer ) is a clear indication that some Gambians are really ungrateful, unprincipled and lack moral values. Momodou sabally’s acceptance of this new job offer from jammeh also indicate that he is desperate and position seeking idiot who is signing his own death certificate. This is the final step toward his ultimate destruction.

  3. Alimatou Sarr

    I can see the UDP is on the right track. Keep up the momentum. Don’t let the evil and brutal dictator have any escape route. Pound him whenever his undisciplined tongue slips. Gone are the days when he will escape with his baloney.

  4. The UDP is staying in the ring, at least for now. Hats off to Lawyer Darboe for his selfless service and sacrifice to the Gambia.

  5. Deyda Hydara

    Please UDP also send this press release to all Senegalese media, TV and print media for home consumption.
    The UDP is on record for posterity. You represent my views and sentiments.
    Thank you.

  6. Like i always say, we do not need confrontational politics in the Gambia. If Darboe wants to win next years elections, I think he needs to lay out UPD manifesto.

    Gambian people should be given the opportunity and time to see what every politician has to offer. That’s just fair and more democratical.

    Gambian people are not the best educated but one thing they know for sure is voting.

    These sound bites and personal attacks on jammeh will definitely not give the UDP camp the presidency. We should all know that by now.

    So many people have suffered under UDP banner so I guess they need to change their game plan for better.

    My question is: Do you believe 100% that Darboe will win the election. Do we need the younger generation to lead.

    • Deyda Hydara

      Malang here you go again. You have been given a good lecture of Gambia’s socio-economic development from 1965 to date by Bax and Masx in which you never posted a rejoinder. Here you come again with the most elementary remarks and questions, which even a 12 year old boy can answer adequately.
      Yes UDP has a manifesto which you can google.
      Yes the UDP candidate can win the upcoming elections ” whether Darboe or someone else”
      Yes you are invited to join the UDP youth leadership which has a chapter in many countries if you live in the diaspora or at home.
      All we need from you Malang is register and vote UDP and if you are peace loving and kind enough to campaign for the UDP candidate.

  7. I think I have to agree with Malang on this one..This type of language and approach, though exciting to many in the anti-Jammeh camp, is not befitting of the official opposition, who may one day be in government, and may have to deal with oponents, who may not all be “civilised”..

    The official opposition, in my view, should always be calm, measured, reasonable, official and above all, diplomatic in their reactions, regardless of the provocation, especially when they issue statements..

    This statement though, and some of the statements and rhetoric on their campaign platforms, does give the impression that the UDP has departed from its previous diplomatic and calm approaches, to a more “tit-for tat” approach and that could have serious repercussions, for not just both UDP and APRC, but the whole country..Perhaps, the diaspora is responsible for this shift in approach by their constant branding of the party and its leadership as “softies”..

    I think common sense and restraint needs to be exercised by the official opposition when dealing with Yaya Jammeh..He is dangerous and he is armed..

    Moreover, you don’t react to a donkey that kicks out by kicking back, because kicking is natural to a donkey..You restrain it with caution and common sense..

    • Deyda Hydara

      Bax, in my opinion, you should just declare your allegiance to APRC and Jammeh.
      You exhibited your cowardize as an activist or politician by uttering the following “I think common sense and restraint needs to be exercised by the official opposition when dealing with Yaya Jammeh..He is dangerous and he is armed..” by saying this you should just excuse yourself and never to criticize Jammeh agin. You compromise your honesty, your intergrity and your love for justice and peace.
      You missed the whole purpose of the UDP press statement, in that it is meant to present UDP’s apology to the Senegalese people and leadership and not directed at Jammeh per se. Jammeh is the president of the Gambia and speak on our behave. As long as his insults are locally directed at us, we can understand and will not respond to his donkey business but if is directed to our principal neighbor, then there is cause to dissaciate oursevlves from his provocations and insults.
      Finally I think you are jealous of the UDP and the excellent work they are doing on the ground. You are invited to join the UDP.
      I hope Malang will ignore your appeal.
      Have a nice weekend
      Long Live the UDP.

  8. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Malang is not being fair to the UDP. They have always sold out their programmes to the public. Maybe the game change should be about courting intense media attention and publicity on UDP policies and programmes.

    By the way, what has a manifesto got to do with Jammeh’s attacks on Senegalese leaders, which this press statement condemns??? OJ has failed in his smear campaign, right??


  9. One has to, however, recognise and respect the right of the UDP to devise and adopt any strategy that it feels is approximate, to advance its cause…. ( and one never knows, this approach might work for them…)

    After all, winning votes in The Gambia is not about Manifestos, but appealing to such sentiments as people’s dissatisfaction, anger and frustration, with the “right” sound bites…etc..

    As I observed elsewhere, the strategy of taking the APRC on, “head to head”, by its main rival, can work either ways…

    It could galvanise the “Pa Nderrys,” the “Maxs” and the “Deydas”, who want to see a more confrontational approach in our politics and were not convinced by the UDP’s cautious and diplomatic approach, onto the UDP band wagon, thus inflating its support..

    On the other hand, it could be disastrous for the UDP, in particular, and the entire official opposition, if conflict does break out between the two major rivals, unless they all come together and relentlessly force the APRC out of power or to agree to change its ways, through the adoption of concrete measures, such as the electoral reform ..

    Any other outcome will be disastrous for the collective and our attempts to bring back normalcy to the country..

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      Bax, UDP is not interested and will never engage in any violent confrontation. We are a peaceful and law abiding political party. However, our members and supporters have an inalienable right to self defence recognised by the laws of our land. That means the APRC must think twice before forcing UDP members and supporters to exercise this right in defence of their persons and party leader.


  10. I don’t see anything confrontational in this press release. It is very paramount to show Senegal, that the majority of gambians do not hold their democratically elected leaders in contempt.
    As to UDP strategy going forward, I do think that they are aware of the need for succession planning. This transformation, however, does not mean that Darboe should retire and head to elderly home. In the contrary, I think he should guide that transformation. So I am a bit disappointed with malang’s choice of words!

  11. Malang, please keep asking for the Manifesto of all the political parties in the Gambia because it is a measure as to how serious a political party is with the electorate. A serious party will want to tell people what it intends to do and how when it is at the helm of affairs and it is on the basis of that that the electorate should vote for them or not. There is no justification to say that people are not educated so there is no need for it. In fact a manifesto is one such document that should help to educate the electorate on the issues not only dear to the party but on all fundamental issues dear to the nation. So you are on the right track.

  12. UDP as the major party came up with a very fitting response to the rants by the dictator. Please keep up the momentum and never relent. Gambians are all behind you in this excellent press release.

  13. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Thanks Abdou

  14. DH….I am not a fortune teller but I was spot on to predict that you will get excited about this UDP statement..So no surprises there for me…

    I do think that you need to calm down a little bit, gather yourself together and reassess your comment…May be then, a bit of common sense will prevail…

    Until then, I do have a question or two for you ?

    (1)…Do you consider Yaya Jammeh dangerous or not..? ..

    Observation….Obviously, the fact that many seek refuge abroad from his government or use fictitious names to oppose him, does seem to suggest that we all recognise the fact that there is a credible element of danger about Yaya Jammeh..

    (2)…Do you consider Yaya Jammeh armed or not..?

    Observation…Again,being Commander-In-Chief of a standing Army that operates like a bunch of rag tag rebels,is ample testimony to show that he is armed to the teeth…

    How then can stating a STATEMENT OF FACT constitute Cowardice..? I want you to answer that question for me..

    • Deyda Hydara

      Bax, to give a logical answer to your question, think of is this scenario:
      The Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako Mali was attacked this morning and over 170 hostages were held inside, what do you do? Wait for the terrorists goodwill to free the hostages or storm the hotel and free the hostages despite the collaterals involve?
      Yes Yaya Jammeh is dangerous and armed, but this does not mean we should lay flat on the ground and let him stample upon us as he wishes without a fight back. Now the word “fight” can have several meanings i.e, resistance, hunger strike, boycott, sit in, legal action, protest march, and last but least, take up arms and fight back with all the casuality consequences on both sides involve in an arm fight.
      Remember someone who decides to up arms is ready to kill too as well as expect to be killed.
      The UDP being a political party and not a guerilla army has opted for all the above peaceful fights except the last one. As you rightly said I am an adept of “By All Means Necessary” plans, as such I am not a UDP member but knowing the elections are drawing nearer I would throw my weight in helping them win the elections. This is my position Bax.

  15. Compatriots, please guys take a break and look at yourselves. I am reading everyone’s comment but i am just left dumb founded again.

    This is a very simple question but the most important. And no one dares respond. Ranting and wanting about Jammeh is definitely not a good strategy.

    What does UDP has in store for the Gambian people and how are they going to execute to achieve those.

    If you claim to be a UDP mouth piece, please can you help many thousands of Gambians like me in that endeavor.

    Gambian people are hungry for answers from politicians not just personal attacks. That works during ppp when you will see candidates winning political offices just because of their family lines.

    If the opposition continue to lambasting jammeh instead of communicating effectively with the voters, the status quo will continue. Please don’t tell me Darboe doesn’t have anything in store for the Gambian people. If that’s the case, then the 2016 presidential elections are over.

    Gambian people certainly are not interested in violence. We are peaceful people and we are happy to keep it like that.

    I am sorry if I offend anyone. I am a concern Gambian and a jammeh supporter. Thank you.

    • Deyda Hydara

      Malang, if you are a Jammeh supporter as you confirm in your last statement then you do not need our ideas. Be frank to yourself and to us by letting us know your position. If you are serious in wanting to switch allegiance and if your answer is yes then we will engage you appropriately and honestly. If your answer is no then you can “go to hell” as your boss Jammeh is fond of telling honorable Gambian citizens with utmost arrogance live on TV. The choice is yours and do remember you are speaking for thousand of Gambians as you insinuated.
      From your level of engagement we can see you are young and confused.
      Make the switch and we will guide and arm you with the necessary tools to excel in the defence of the defenceless and innocent Gamabians under Yaya Jammeh brutal rule.
      Please respond.

  16. Bax is always engage in arguing or contradicting himself and as Hydara indicated, please make it officially that you are jammeh supporter. Any reasonable and patrotic Gambians knows that jammeh is rude, ignorance, has no respect, no decency, in all his life including presidency.
    Confrontation or stand your ground principle is only language jammeh understand. Bax, you are ignorance of who jammeh is . You don’t have any idea who is jammeh because I know that by your writings. If you bored in little apartment in uk, please find something productive to do, because you have no idea of current Gambian’s situations, I have a belief that you are either a mole who is in Jammeh’s camp or you do not understand that we as a nation are dealing with a tyrant. The language a tyrant understand is his own language. UDP press release is supported by silenced majority who are under oppression. Jammeh is misrepresenting the Gambian people and I think every sensible and reasonable human being will condemn him except those hypocrites who always advocate for peace but never advocate for justices and respect for human dignity.This was the same kind of behavior he did Against Mandinkas and every decent Gambian condemn him except some political hypocrites and his sycophants. The Mindset you have is economical of truth and cowardly in favor of continuous oppression of Gambians because it lack genuine efforts to remove the dictator who has caused untold suffering to our people and humanity at large . In every civilized society, self defense before natural rights to individual survival and protection of dignity. UDP press release is line with that philosophy which is survival and protection of Gambian nation dignity and integrity.

  17. @DH…..”You missed the whole purpose of the UDP press statement, in that it is meant to present UDP’s apology to the Senegalese people and leadership and not directed at Jammeh per se. ”

    Comment : Which statement are you reading or referring to..? It cannot be the one under discussion here, because not only are certain comments directed at Yaya Jammeh, there is nothing in the whole statement that even remotely resembles an apology..

    Moreover, why should the UDP apologise for Yaya Jammeh’s undiplomatic and uncivilised behaviour. ? Apolosing for a wrong doing means accepting responsibility for it and I cannot, for the life of me, work out how the UDP is responsible for Jammeh’s unpresidential behaviour…May be you can educate me on that one..

    I do accept that as president, when Jammeh speaks, he does so on behalf of The Gambian People, nevertheless, he and he alone, is responsible for his actions and words whilst in Public Office…

    Just as no one will drag us to the Hague for the crimes he committed, supposedly on our behalf, no one should hold us responsible for his utterances, nor should anyone of us, be they politicians or not, be obliged to apologise for what he has done.

    • Deyda Hydara

      Bax, diplomacy 101 reads: The president speaks for the nation. Usually the national anthem is played before he starts speaking.
      Now, Jammeh is Jammeh and UDP is UDP. I hate to speak so low to a person I thought was of high caliber. I think I once told you that I have no time to waste. We are too busy at home helping UDP win the next elections.
      Once Allah permit us to enter into a NEW true democracy in our country then I will be happy to engage you live on TV and answer all your questions be they logical or illogical.
      Until then, I am moving on.
      Have a nice weekend.

  18. DH, I don’t quite follow your logic when you state… “As long as his insults are locally directed at us, we can understand and will not respond to his donkey business but if is directed to our principal neighbor, then there is cause to dissaciate oursevlves from his provocations and insults….”

    Why would you tolerate insults directed at The Gambian People but feel the absolute need to disassociate “ourselves” when directed to “our principal neighbour”… I would thought that The Gambian People also deserve to be assured that such behaviour is unacceptable to the official opposition..

    Finally, how can you conclude that I am jealous of the UDP because I express an opinion about their statement. ? If that is your attitude, then your democratic credentials should be seriously questioned..

    For me, there is no room for “jealousy” and “anger” in national politics..It’s only about evaluating and examining those who offer an alternative to the current dispensation, and to align myself with.the one that best answers my questions…

    • Deyda Hydara

      Bax, you know very well that UDP bashes and blasts Jammeh whenever they have a public meeting. UDP do not need to issue a press release adressed at Jammeh on behalf Gambians who voted him in office in the first place. It does not make sense.
      As I said in an early posting, I am not here to please anyone, I am here to speak the TRUTH and nothing but the truth.
      If you disagree with some of my points then throw them away but I assume them.

  19. Malang , Gambians have been experiencing violence since 1994. Jammeh violently overthrew the elected government which was treasonable crime and he has constantly murdered, disappeared, tortured and illegally incarcerated thousands of Gambians . Go and Tell victims of dictator jammeh if there is peace in The Gambia . If your father was murdered or disappeared like DedYda Hydara , koro ceesay’ , Daba Marenah, Ebou Ceesay and countless other Gambians , will you still claim that there is peace in The Gambia . Do you ever sit down and put yourself in those victims and their families position?
    If jammeh kidnapped your father or uncle and keep him for 10 years at mile two central prison , will you still claim that there is peace in The Gambia ? If jammeh sexually abused or raped your sister or closed family members , will you still claim there is peace in The Gambia ? If jammeh confiscated your father’s land or business as he has done to so many Gambians , will you still claim that there is peace in The Gambia? I ask these simple questions for you to reflect on them and realize that there are thousands of your fellow citizens who are living in these situations. They are innocent citizens who didn’t commit any crime or have never been taken to courts to face justice. I am sure you are not interested in violence because you are beneficiary of the regime’s corruption and its despotism. You are completely blind to atrocities committed by this regime .
    With regards to UDP programs or policies , I think if you do not have a small brain , you will know that in every meeting , UDP highlight its programs just like pdois or any party .
    Please take moment and put yourself in the positions of victims’ families or themselves, then you will know what we are talking about .

  20. Correction, I mean to say , in every civilized society self defense become a natural rights for individual survival and protection of dignity. UDP press release is line with that philosophy which is survival and protection of Gambian nation dignity and integrity.

  21. Maxs…Please I am not a politician but a concern gambian and a supporter of Jammeh. I mentioned earlier that the Gambia is a very small country.

    Yes, you won’t believe this but I am also a victim of AFPRC. However, I am a believer in God and I believe that everything happens for a reason. I am not going to reciprocate my anger and venting everywhere. God is the best judge.

    I just want you to answer this and please don’t beat about the bush. What are you doing about Sana Sabally, Edward, Peter and many here in the west in our midst. We all know these people are allegedly involved in some killings. Can you please set and examples to those people for the victims.

    Are you also going to provide us UDP’s manifesto please. All Gambian hear what Darboe’s camp says about Jammeh. Personal attacks.

    I used to be a staunch supporter of UDP. In my next posting I will tell you the reasons why I switched to Jammeh.

    Please let’s keep the peace and be reasonable. Thank you.

    • Deyda Hydara

      Malang at one point you say you are a victim of Jammeh at another point you say you were UDP and now switch to Jammeh. You see Malang, you cannot fool any one here. We are level headed people who know who we are and where we heading to. Now If you want us to help you, you have to a be honest person. You raised two issues: 1- What are we doing about Edward, Sanna and Peter?; You should understand that we are not a UDP government yet. When that time comes you will see how justice and rule law will be applied to ALL without fear or favor. Until such time we cannot take the law in our hands and behave as criminals both in the Gambia and the diaspora.
      Secondly you mention about personal attacks, who started the personal attacks? who call the gambians in the diaspora “dogs”? who called the Imams ” Nafeckha”? who called the opposition ” donkeys”?? and on and on…of course it is Yaya James Junkung Jammeh your leader and commander in thief and crimes.
      Finally you are either a joke or deranged person who wants to play with galery. By the way do improve your writting skills you need it to defend your despot intelligently lest you are as uneducated as he is.

  22. Malang , first of all keep your God or belief to yourself , I do not need to know which God you worship. It is your individual belief and its personal. Beside , for you to conclude your irrational thinking that you belief in God and everything happens for a reason is not only idiotic but also ignorance. This is the kind of respond you get from ignorance folks when they want to express their ignorance religious belief as justification for oppression and support of crime . I equate your stand to those terrorists who attacked the hotel in Mali because they did their horrific acts in the name of their stupid belief . They are simply ignorance people . In the same Manner you are ignorance individual because you lack decency to put yourself in the position of victims . These people you mentioned are all criminals who are hiding from decent Gambians. Each of these people are living a miserable life just your dictator will live a miserable life soon .
    If your father was one of these criminals , what would you tell him about the victims of Jammeh’s regime . Suppose your father was involved in murdered of Gambians , would you have courage to condemn him ?

  23. Malang, if your father was a victim of those criminals you mentioned just like other Gambians were victims of these people, how would you feel about that?

  24. Malang, the reasons I always ask these personal questions is for you to feel and understand why everyone deserves better treatment. I am sure you love your father just like majority of decent human beings do and they do not wish any unfair treatment to befall on their dad , parents or relative . it is the same reason I want you to understand that there are real victims who are our fellow citizens. These people might not be ourblood relatives but they are human beings who deserves better and equal treatment. Do to others as you would like others to do to you . If we have this golden rule then you will not be supporting your idiotic dictator because you know this regime has so many silenced victims .

  25. Janjanbureh

    Are you ready to the pick up?

  26. I don’t see any correlation between the aforementioned press release and the party manifesto. I suspect that malang, although a victim or assailant of this system like many of those cronies, is unsettled by the emerging sense of resistance to impunity.
    The days of blaming Allah for the impunity strangulating our country is over. The need to stand up is now.

  27. Max…I will ignore your insolence and cheekiness, because I recognise the signs and symptoms, and instead, deal with the issues maturely…

    You said…”Confrontation or stand your ground principle is only language jammeh understand. ”

    My first observation is that you seem to agree that the UDP Statement is indeed CONFRONTATIONAL…

    In that case, I want you to tell your audience ONE good reason, within the context of UDP’s political ambitions for change, that a confrontational attitude can achieve for them on this occasion..

    My second observation is that the principle of “standing your ground”, is NOT APPLICABLE here, because Jammeh’s rantings were not directed at the UDP per se…

    Remember, when Jammeh tried to stop the UDP from their nationwide tour, they stood their ground and got the support of almost all Gambians and many in the International Community…And they did it in.the most diplomatic manner…Lawyer Darboe’s interview, on various stations during that stand off, is testimony to this fact..

    Admittedly, the UDP as an official opposition, can and should react/respond to anything that comes from the presidency (and I did not show any objection to that ), but only in a manner that is befitting of their status, and I am of the view that this statement falls far short of that requirement…

    My final observation on your point No.1 is that the greatest tool at the disposal of UDP, as an official opposition seeking change through the ballot box, is The Gambian electorate, and given the nature of the people, I doubt very much whether a confrontational attitude will convince them to switch support in the numbers needed to overturn the APRC majority…It may win some of you hormonal hotheads over, but they need more than a few hormonal hotheads to achieve outright electoral victory.

    If anything, it may.only serve to reinforce the regime’s narratives that the opposition are “trouble makers” and bent on, what he calls, destabilising the country..a perfect excuse to be heavy handed when he is presented with that opportunity..

    So for the records, Max and DH, I fully recognise the RIGHT and DUTY of the UDP to react or respond to anything coming from the presidency, but it.is my view, that they should do so in the most diplomatic manner..

    At the end of the day, we know all about Yaya Jammeh and his ways..What we don’t want to see, is the official opposition, who are the governments in waiting and offering an alternative to his madness, adopting his ways to respond or react to him…That will indeed be a tragedy to our democratic credentials, as a nation and people..

  28. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Malang, well no one claimed to be a UDP mouth piece here. All that we said is based on facts known to public. You probably need to sort out yourself rather than being dumbfoundedounded.

  29. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Bax, UDP conveyed no apology in this press statement. What Jammeh does was unbecoming of a president and the UDP statement is a continuous demonstration to The Gambian people that Jammeh is not an appropriate occupier of the highest office of the land and that he needs to be replaced sooner rather than later.

  30. DH…I think I have told you before that I will not distract you with your “job” on the ground and I have kept my promise, haven’t I…

    You are the one who “chokass” me this time and called me names because I expressed a view that you don’t like….So don’t hide behind your “job” to do excuse..But I will leave you to carry with your “job”..

  31. @Lafia….”Bax, UDP conveyed no apology in this press statement. ”

    I agree with you..It is DH who made that claim and I rejected it, because UDP is not responsible for Jammeh’s bad behavaviour and should not apologise to anyone..

    “What Jammeh does was unbecoming of a president…”

    Again, I agree with you but it should not come as a surprise to us because we already know him and his ways..

    “…. and the UDP statement is a continuous demonstration to The Gambian people that Jammeh is not an appropriate occupier of the highest office of the land and that he needs to be replaced sooner rather than later.”

    The only problem I have with the statement is the use of language that could be perceived as hostile, undiplomatic and unbefitting of an opposition that could very well form the next government..

    In my view, the UDP is more than capable of fulfilling it’s role of exposing and condemning Jammeh, whilst still maintaining the highest standards of diplomacy and statesmanship.

    This type of language is better left to (Hon) Mathew Jallow and (Hon) Sulayman Mbenga etc ( no disrespect at all) because, unlike the official opposition, they are individuals who represent pressure groups and may not be restrained by the protocols of diplomacy..

    The UDP though, as a government in waiting, is bound by the protocols of diplomacy, and nothing should depart them from upholding that duty..

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      Bax, Just because PDOIS have chosen a softie approach in dealing with Jammeh and continue to refusing naming him in their public utterance and statements doesn’t mean that UDP should also do the same. The philosophies and strategies of these parties are completely different. PDOIS is run by a hard-core scruffy lefties.


  32. Malang….Let me.begin this engagement by assuring you that I respect your right to support Yaya Jammeh, as your choice of leader..

    However, not only do I think that your support for him is misplaced and misguided and therefore, totally wrong (and I.will.give you my reasons in due course), I also think that you lack the moral grounds to demand that UDP explain their Manifesto, because the man you support campaigns on insults, threats and unrealistic pronouncements that even he might not believe, rather than a manifesto..

    It is right that Gambian voters demand that the political parties present their credentials for government by telling us what they want to do in government and how they want to.do it (Manifesto and policies) but people who claim or profess support for those who see no need to do this, lack the moral grounds to demand that of others, and you are one such individual, in my view..

    Nevertheless, I still believe we can have a sensible, mature and emotion free discussion, as mature adults, to agree or disagree on issues of mutual interest affecting our country today..

  33. For starters Malang, let’s look into history to lay the foundation of my view that it is wrong for you to support Yaya Jammeh as a leader for.our country..

    I don’t know how old you are, or whether you are old enough to have experienced life under the PPP administration, but you must be aware that Yaya Jammeh committed an act of treason (under our laws at the time) in 1994, by taking part in the overthrow of the legitimate government of Sir Dawda K.Jawara..

    Having somehow emerged as the leader of the coup, after Jawara left the State House on board the American war ship, Jammeh began justifying the coup in the subsequent days,weeks and months, by citing numerous grievances that many agreed with, against the deposed government.

    Amongst these were charges of corruption, mismanagement, flamboyance, stagnation, rights abuses, lack of democracy and overstaying in power, etc…Many were skeptical of the military usurping state power and rightly so, given the history of such governments in the continent.

    Jammeh and his Military Council gave assurances that they were different and would return back to barracks after accomplishing their rectification programme…These assurances were accepted and a TWO YEAR TRANSITION PERIOD agreed with the nation..

    The first charge I will put to you is that the granting of a two year transition period and the acceptance of the military government by the nation, was based on a big fat LIE and CON because, like all his other assurances and promises, Yaya Jammeh had no intention of fulfilling any…

  34. Bax, you are indeed a loud mouth who always contradict himself and never reason well before writing anything in public space. You will argue with yourself to your grave but you will never accept the truth. You are the only one here who see this press release as confrontational which you claimed may have been influenced by diaspora. Mr Hydara has adequately given you the various means that UDP as official opposition party can do or engage in except taking up arms against the tyrant.

    UDP press release highlighted the behavioral pattern of jammeh since he became illegal president. It went further to indicate that jammeh has no decency, respect, undiplomatic, and he is embarrassment to majority of Gambians. UDP has every rights to respond to Jammeh’s erratic behaviors in any form or shape .
    They have every rights to be confrontational in nonviolent means to challenge the dictator. You have very limited knowledge of emancipation or political struggle especially when dealing with tyrant . You think you can sit down in your comfort zone and ask the dictator to change his ways without confrontation. Please go and read history of military dictatorship in countries which had similar situation like The Gambia. Dictators are just like the terrorists because they engage in state sponsored terrorism which includes kidnap, murders, torture, instilling fear, distrust , intimidation, corruption and sexual abuse. Look at boko haram in Nigerian and other terrorist groups, if you are open minded you will understand what I am talking about. My question is , what do you want us (Gambians) to do since you do not want any confrontation, harsh statement, violent means? Bax get some courage to speak the truth. If our founding fathers of Gambia or other African countries think like the way you think, Africa will still be colonized . If Nigerians and Ghanaians think like you, they would still be under military dictatorship. Get some courage to speak the truth.

    You failed to understand that even the ballot box you mentioned may not be that peaceful as you think. This has been demonstrated in many countries with or without military dictatorship, therefore it is silly argument to emphasize that ballot box will be peaceful. Senegalese had confronted MrvWade which ended up in change of government in that country. Many people were dead as a result of demonstrations or civil disobedience, would you call that peaceful change of government?
    Your efforts is to keep status quo as it is because you do not have any genuine efforts or strategy to fight the current system. Stop hiding your true identity and be decent enough to officially declare your support to a tyrant. In political struggles in the past, we have read history of people like you who are obstacles to liberation struggle. If Nelson Mandela or Dr king had listen to people like you, black people in South Africa and USA would not achieve any freedom. Confrontation or nonviolence means are legitimate methods to fight for political freedom. Fighting a tyrant needs every kind of tools to be used to dislodge him from power.

    You also failed to understand that whatever power yahya Jammeh may seem to have, he is protected by few military and majority of Gambia military will come to side of the masses if things start to change . They will refuse his illegal orders and join the masses. This happened in many countries, examples in Lybia, burkina etc unless you are ignorance of history.,
    UDP press release highlighted what the public already know and even cowards like you, have admitted Jammeh’s erratic behaviors. Therefore you criticism is just hypocritical in my view. Jammeh’s erratic and indecent behavior does not represent the decent and civilized citizens of The Gambia.
    I would recommend that when you have free time, go to public library in London and get a copy of political and liberation struggles under military dictatorship or tyrannical government. I think it is only when you know what you are dealing with then you can formulate strategies to change the system. Please use this weekend before thanksgiving to get the book because it may be good thanksgiving gift for yourself.

  35. Having established that Jammeh lied to get national acceptance, we can say that this national acceptance was illegitimate because it was fraudulently acquired…But that is the least of Jammeh’s problems..

    We now know that barely 6months after ascending to power (November 11th to be precised), Jammeh and his council orchestrated a purge in the Army and cold blodedly murdered a number of soldiers who were raising issues they were not comfortable with…

    We are absolutely certain today, from testimonies of those who were there, that contrary to the lies advanced of a coup, the victims were simply rounded up and executed in cold blood..Some, like Lt.Saye, even more than 24 hrs after the initial disturbances…

    Records also prove that a number of West African nationals, the majority being Ghanaians, were cold blodedly murdered by what a report into that incident called “rogue soldiers”, but to date, none of those “rogue soldiers” have been prosecuted and punished…This lends credence to suspicions of executive complicity, especially when huge cash compensation is said to have been paid to the families of Ghanaian victims..

    April 10/11 student shootings and deaths, the many mysterious and unsolved deaths, the numerous disappearances, cases of kidnaps and detentions beyond the constitutional limit and documented reports of torture all add up to the terrible experience of life under Jammeh…

    Having ascended to power alleging rights abuses against Sir Dawda, Yaya Jammeh should lose the support of all decent people because he has surpassed the rights abuses of Sir Dawda (if any), in both magnitude and nature..

  36. Yerro Ba, what has UDP manifesto to do with this press release? Instead of commenting on the issue, you focus on the party’s manifesto which has no connection with current discussion. What is your stand on this issue as pdois supporter? I know your fellow supporter Bax has made his stand.

  37. Thank you Lafia Touray for hitting the nail on the head, Bax is completely indoctrinated and I think he needs to change his attitude if he real want to be taken seriously as an activist or political commentator. What he didn’t know about jammeh is that jammeh is the biggest coward in the whole Gambia, I swear to God . Jammeh is fake and hypocrite . I only wish I can sit down with Bax personally and educate him about jammeh . Jammeh’s dictatorship is simply based on rhetoric, false propaganda, and falsehood and this is why he is able to stay long in power. The weak and disunited opposition parties contributed to this problem which was as a result of the nature of some of them who believe that their ideas will remove the tyrant from power. Dictatorship only works in fear and intimidation. Jammeh is like big bully in the village who every one is scare of before a small boy get his ass Kick .

  38. Yaya Jammeh, having lied his way into State House and feeling secure in his new found position, soon after, embarked on a nationwide tour and broke one of the promises he made to the country: abolishing the mismanagement of our resources..

    During this tour, Jammeh filled his pockets with brand new American Dollars and was splashing it left, right and center throughout that tour…I am a living witness to the handing over of two hundred Dollars to a particular road side school in the Fonis….

    His former ally, partner in crime and one time mouthpiece (spokesman), Capt Ebou Jallow, has now told us the source of those crispy Dollars and it is none other than the Republic of Taiwan….

    Another incidence of mismanagement was brought to out attention by his own nephew, the exiled Solo Bojang, one time boss of KGI…In an interview with the on line media, he revealed how a fake D10 Million loan to KGI, from.SSHFC, was withdrawn from the bank by him and hand delivered to Jammeh State House and how he and Ansumana Jammeh spent hours physically counting the money, for which they were each given a quarter million Dalasis (D250,000 )..

    Mismanagement of.state resources has never ceased from when Jammeh.tasted state resources to date…His numerous apologists, unable to defend such widespread mismanagement, would argue that at least, he is giving it to the people, but that is missing the point..

    The point is that Jammeh, who has lied about ending mismanagement as a justification for seizing power unlawfully, is now presiding over the mismanagement of our funds never seen under Sir Dawda..

    Another justification of his criminal act of July 22nd 1994, was the charge of flamboyant lifestyles of the Jawara era officials, which he promised to end…

    Indeed, for many people who were struggling with life due to the effects of a small, dependent capitalist economy, the allocation of 3 official cars to ministers, the naked display of wealth at ceremonies etc, does seem to be flamboyant, but Yaya Jammeh’s lifestyle has completely dwarfed what we considered flamboyance by PPP era officials…

    But perhaps, the most indicting of Jammeh’s promises and assurances was his sworn claims that he was not a politician and that never again will anyone be allowed to rule the country for more than 10years…It’s been 21years since he sneaked into State House and he still shamelessly and arrogantly stand before The Gambian People and proclaim that he will.rule for as long as he wish..

  39. Lafia…produce evidence to prove that PDOIS adopts a “softie” approach when they react to issues dealing with the government or the presidency…

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      PDOIS is refusing to name or blame Jammeh, as a person, for anything wrong in our country even when persistently asked to do so by journalists. It’s self-evident unless you don’t care to know. That is the approach of your scruffy lefties, Bax.

  40. Bax , no matter how much explanation you have given here in order to be seen as anti-jammeh , you have clearly indicated your sympathy and near support to his dictatorship; this is evidence by these statements below ;

    Bax said ” I think common sense and restraint needs to be exercised by the official opposition when dealing with Yaya jammeh . He is dangerous and he is armed ”

    Bax said ” I do sympathize with families , friends and all relatives of all officials , who occupy high places in this APRC government and are seen in one negative light or the other “.

    For you to be taken seriously, you need to denunce or repudiate your earlier statements and take personal responsibility in expressing your mistake. You can’t have it both ways . You are either with us ( the oppressed citizens of The Gambia and those who are doing everything to change the system ) or you are with axis of evil ( jammeh and his sycophants ) . You cannot be sympathetic to jammeh and all his public officials and their families and at the same time , try to denunce the efforts of opposition party especially UDP in this case . The two hundreds Dollars were given by jammeh must be returned to Gambian people when there is regime change lol . I can sense your connection with jammeh through Foni but gradually the truth will come out . Last time you told us , you grew up in fajikunda (lol) and I know with high probability that we have some of Jammeh’s supporters who always claimed to come from fajikunda , talinding , nemakunku and surrounding areas hahaha. Majority of these people are former rebels from cassamance .
    Please distance yourself from your earlier statements.

  41. Bax, You really have a problem with this Udp press statement……………?? No I don’t think so. I think this time you have a problem with yourself. I have never read you this irrational in none of your comments or articles. Lawyer Darboe is doing the right thing being genuinely counterbalance to Yaya’s insolence towards our neighbors.

  42. “Refusing to name or blame Jammeh, as a person, for anything wrong”, proves “softie” approach..? Come on Lafia (and Max), you have to do better than that…

    The whole world knows that PDOIS is above personality politics…So try something else..

  43. It will not be appropriate to end this engagement with you, Malang, without once again diciphering the web of lies that has been woven around “development projects” by the regime, since 1996 to date..which incidentally, is.the reason advanced by all of you for supporting Yaya Jammeh…

    I have earlier made it clear to you that I can excuse the unschooled rural or local people, for whom the intricacies of government and the connection thereof, between their conditions and the state of governance, is simply too complicated to comprehend…So they satisfy themselves with a very simplistic approach to development, and this has been shamelessly exploited by the APRC..

    When a brand new school emerges from where there used to be only shrubs and bushes, they proclaim that they have experienced more development than ever before…

    They are not interested or rather, are unaware of the technical, the material and the logistical support that the new school requires to function..

    They are unaware of the curriculum, it’s research, development and structured formulation for use in the new school..;

    They are unaware of the research, development and implementation of the Education Policies..;

    They are unaware of the selection and training of the human resources to implement the education policies and teach the curriculum..;

    They are unaware of the establishment of the institutions and the support networks created to make this new school functional..;

    Who can blame them Malang… ? It is all too much for them…

  44. But you and I have no such excuse Malang, because we can look at the new school from a variety of perspectives, examine the components and factors of each angle, and arrive at an informed and logical conclusion that should protect us from first, being the easy prey of the propaganda merchants of the regime and second, to help our people escape this sinister propaganda by being the agents of change that (devine) fortune has placed on our shoulders..

    We are able, for instance, to examine the much bandied around word of the regime , “DEVELOPMENT “, and ascertain whether their claims of development actually meets our conclusions or whether their performance merits the praises being sang for Yaya Jammeh..

    The word,”Development”, in its simplest form, simply means, “the process of growth or growing”…

    Taking that definition a bit further into the context of Nation Building, one can say that “Development” is that process of growth, which encompasses all facets of a nation’s life or a people’s livelihood, whichever way you want to put it..

    To further simplify this definition, we may say that “Development” is that process of growth that seeks to enhance the lives of a people by providing the means for the satisfaction of their material and non material needs… (these being the economical, social, political,educational, religious and physical needs, etc)

    Hence, before anyone can claim to have brought development to a nation, the.means to providing the needs of the people, at least, at the BASIC MINIMUM LEVEL, must have been achieved first..

    Since development is about addressing the needs of the people, which are not static but constantly evolve and change, the status of development (or the state of being developed) cannot be a achieved by a single generation, never mind one man or government…It is easy therefore, from this informed position, to dismiss any claims of developing the country single handedly, as nothing but loads of rubbish that no informed person should take seriously..

  45. Max…I’m having a mature discussion with Malang, since you lot are incapable of that…By the way, I asked DH two simple questions which he didn’t answer, but I excuse him busy he has a “job”…I will ask you the same questions and be honest in your answers…

    (1)…Do you consider Yaya Jammeh dangerous or not..?
    (2)…Is Yaya Jammeh armed or not..?

  46. Ggapm Agapm….I have no problem with the UDP per se… ..Just some of the language…Even Max agrees that it is CONFRONTATIONAL because he says that’s the only language Jammeh understands…

    • Bax, oh!………., you did reply after all. And you said, you have no problem with the Udp per se…….but, indeed you have problem with the language.
      And you said even Max agrees that it is confrontational, because Max believes, the only language Jammeh understands. Such a remark is dull and very estimating of me. Come dude you should know,…that my opinions are not indoctrinated and cannot be even by my old school teachers; Hon. Sallah and Hon. Jatta

  47. Bax, in anywhere in the world when there is failure in government or country , leadership are blamed especially the leader of the government. In USA , when the economy collapsed in 2008 , George W Bush was blamed and it resulted to election of Democratic president, Barack Obama. If you called such politics “personality politics “then you have no idea what politics is all about . If Pdois refused to blame jammeh for his failure , then they don’t understand politics and how to go about doing their campaign. If that is the case they can spend next hundred years campaigning with endless letters to the dictator but they will never see any improvement in their support base . Politics is practical and people oriented business because people know what affect their lives . UDP is the doing the right thing by engaging the electorates and speaking against the tyrant . The mindset you have is the same mindset majority of your fellow supporters have because they don’t think for themselves and know what is practical and feasible to end military dictatorship. Change of strategy is means to achieve success. Doing the same thing over and over again, then expect a different result, you must be a fool. UDP has realized their mistakes in the past and are taking different route, they must be commended and encouraged. If pdois want to follow their traditional ways of doing business, then they can continue and see if they will get different results. Gambian people will do everything possible to get rid of jammeh . This is the fact you need to understand. You can hide in your little apartment in UK but brave citizens will sacrifice their lives to make sure that jammeh is gone. This is ongoing efforts and no amount of peace preaching will stop patrotic citizens. It is our constitutional rights to defend defenseless and poor people of The Gambia. Whether Jammeh will gone by suicide bombing, sniper attack, use of young beautiful girls, military coup or election, even biological weapons, everything possible should be used to get the cancer of our society. All options on the table. You and your guys can continue to write letters to dictator and see whether he will listen to you. For 21 years, you try this letter writing business and it hasn’t change a thing, why can’t you think of another method?

  48. Maxs. If jammeh is forcefully removed, may God forbid, the Gambia will plunge into war. We will certainly finish each other before we come to our senses. We are still talking about Sierra Leone but this one will be even more catastrophic.

    War and revenge is not a solution to anything. Please read the books about Mandela.

    A strong opposition can remove jammeh from power. It is just a matter of conviction. Unfortunately, UDP lacks that. They still cannot publish their manifesto to the Gambian people.

    I know you are here living good in the comfort of the west. Please be very careful what you intent for the Gambia. We do not need war but peace no matter our differences.

  49. Bax , we all know that Yaya jammeh is a criminal and he has the support of few closed military officers who are armed that is the fact . At the same time , Yaya Jammeh’s security lies in the hands of Gambian military and those few closed protection officers majority of who are from cassamance.Despite his military, the will of Gambian people are far greater than few security forces on his side at the moment . Bax , majority of security forces will not die for jammeh when they face the reality . It has been proven in countries which had military dictatorship that when the masses rise up , the security forces either disappear or join the masses . This happened in Egypt, Lybia, Iraq and burkina , and the same thing will happen in Gambia if jammeh is confronted. Since December statehouse attack , jammeh has not leave the country because he is a coward and he is completely isolated and dejected by everyone in The Gambia. Jammeh even force his so called supporters to join him in his tour . I can tell you , Jammeh is very lonely guy who is dejected even his wife .jammeh is a coward who is afraid of Gambians and never sleep at night .
    Are you implying that if jammeh is armed we shouldn’t do anything about our situation ?

  50. You are the one who is not just arguing with yourself, but arguing pointlessly…I am.very consistent in what I stated…You may not agree with me, but even if I was the only one raising questions about some of the language used, how does that equate “arguing against myself”…

    Here is proof…

    @Max….”You failed to understand that even the ballot box you mentioned may not be that peaceful as you think. This has been demonstrated in many countries with or without military dictatorship, ….. (therefore it is silly argument to emphasize that ballot box will be peaceful.)”

    Did I ever argue that the ballot box will be peaceful…? Show me where because you are good at digging out past comments..

    @Max…”UDP has every rights to respond to Jammeh’s erratic behaviors in any form or shape .”

    I have made it clear that the UDP has a RIGHT and DUTY to respond/react to statements coming from the presidency or government…

    My only difference with you is in the “former and manner” this should take..If you convinced this response/reaction can take any format or shape, then you are entitled to that view…

    Why shouldn’t I be entitled to my view that their reaction/response should always be mindful of diplomatic norms or protocols..

    You demonstrate your ignorance by mixing apples and oranges confusingly…The struggles that Blacks faced in South Africa and the US are completely different from ours…

    Mandela and Dr King had no options for change because all avenues of change was taken away from them, but except for a symbolic arms struggle by the ANC, both advocated for peaceful means to change …

    Now, here is where you confuse yourself…Advocating for a peaceful means to change does not always mean the absence of violence, but that violence is perpetrated against you, rather than by you.. ..and where you can, you should exercise your rights to “SELF DEFENSE”..No sensible person would argue otherwise..

    Gambians, unlike “Blacks” in America and S/Africa at the time, have an option to effect change through the ballot box and whether that ballot box will be.peaceful or not (and I hope you are amongst those who pray that it is peaceful) will be determined by events that precede it and how each player reacts to each event…

    The Senegalese Youths, general public and opposition reacted to a situation imposed on them by the government and the violence that erupted was perpetrated against them…

    I hope Gambian Youths can.muster the courage to react to the many, many situations that the regime impose on the people…But alas, we don’t have Senegalese Youths,do we. ?

  51. Bax & Max – one has the impression that regardless of the topic, this medium is being used – by you two – as a proxy for some kind of a means to settle personal or ideological difference. I don’t think that this is the letter and spirit of this medium.
    Allow others to contribute by keeping to the protocols of contributing to online forums. That is simple, short and precise contribution.
    Otherwise we risk driving away those who wish to take part in a mature exchange of views.

  52. Malang, what we can say is that since development seeks to provide means for the satisfaction of evolving and changing needs, it must be a continuous process, with every generation and their leader adding their quota of efforts to that process (of development ), according to their circumstance, capacity and capability ..

    The PPP Administration, under Sir Dawda Jawara, contributed their quota according to their circumstance, capability and capacity, whilst the APRC also did the same…

    It is not true therefore, as has already been pointed out to you, that the A (F)PRC started from scratch.They found already existing structures, systems, procedures and processes that have been firmly established and capacitated, and they utilised these to add their own efforts to the development process.. Any claims contrary to this should be dismissed as rubbish..

    The logical argument that you may want to put up here, is that Jammeh has done more in the space of 20 years than Sir Dawda has managed in 30 years, but that will be a falacious, misleading and illogical argument, unless you consider all the surrounding factors that impact their rule, especially their circumstances and capacity, in relation to what they each achieved…Only then can a reasonable comparison be made..

    For example, Gambia ‘s technically qualified human resource pool in 1965, was not as rich as it was in 1994, nor was there any prior experience, at least in the context of the modern state, of running a government exclusively by ourselves…So Sir Dawda, from that perspective, was the one who had to start from scratch and not Yaya Jammeh, as you claimed earlier..

    Admittedly, the A (F)PRC Administrations did register rapid improvement in the key sectors of education, infrastructure and communication but the explanation for this is very simple, if we logically examine the facts..

  53. Thanks Kinteh. ..Criticism accepted in good faith..

  54. Kinteh, I think you missed the point., Bax and I completely have different ideologies regarding how to end military dictatorship. You are free to contribute your thoughts or ideas , no one stop you . I think it is unfair to characterize our discussion as it will drive away others based on your perspective. It is also false to state that we settle personal differences because we don’t know each other personally. I careless to know who is the contributors here . I care about the message and will challenges false presentation. You can’t sit down behind your computer and try to dictate to us how to be simple and precise in our debate which is total violation of our rights to express our views. That is dictatorial in my view and I hope we respect each other’s right to freedom of expression. If you want, just be precise, short and simple in your presentation.Everyone has rights to write anyhow he or she feels as long as it doesn’t go against the policy of kaironews . you may be new here but understand that at the end of the day , our debate is not personal rather It is about Gambia .

  55. Bax , the black people in South Africa and USA were under oppression, discrimination and suppression of their fundamental human rights . Their political rights and freedom were almost nonexistence and that was why Dr king and Nelson Mandela stood up for them to ensure they have those rights . Gambian people are living under similar situation which is political oppression, lack of basic human rights including freedom of expression, association , press , living in fear , intimidation, economic exploitation, corruption and discrimination. Jammeh and his cronies formed tribal and military hegemony as evidenced by preferential treatment he gave to his tribe and military . This is the fact we all know existed in The Gambia. I know we have already discussed tribal hegemony in the past which we disagreed .
    I think you are wrong to indicate that Dr king and Mandela had no options because all avenues were taken away from them , therefore ANC resulted to arms struggle. Dr king was engaged in nonviolent resistance and Mandela did exactly the same thing at the beginning. Mandela Engaged in demonstrations, protest before arms struggle. The lesson you should have learned is that he changed course or route because nonviolent resistance was not working for them and he took the route of arms struggle., if Mandela continue with nonviolent resistance without arm struggle, he may not have succeeded . It is the same way UDP also changed course and are taking different route to engage the electorates . They could have continue with their previous method and that is another choice . As I said fighting military dictatorship is a very difficult task which should involved the used of every tools at our disposal .

  56. It’s all been possible (except for a few) by massive borrowing and there is nothing special about that…Any of the gentlemen in opposition today, can do that, if that’s what they want to do…As a matter of fact, anyone who occupies State House can do it…You, me, Lafia, DH, and even impulsive Max (lol).

    In 1992 The Gambia ‘s national debt was estimated at $390Million (US) but by 2003, that figure was almost doubled and stood at $666Million (US)..

    The Gambia was classified as a Least Developed Country in the first republic but today, it is classified as a Highly Indebted Poor Country at serious risk of debt stress..But we can’t even get Debt Relief because of Yaya Jammeh and his style of leadership..

    On top of all these,.mother Gambia is crying because…

    – her children are living in fear…They are kidnapped and tortured at will because of Yaya Jammeh…
    -her children are running from her into exile because of Yaya Jammeh..
    -her international image is in tatters and her economy is dying because of Yaya Jammeh..
    -her friends and neighbours are deserting her because of Yaya Jammeh…
    -her once close and cherished relationship with her closest neighbourh is in jeopardy because of Yaya Jammeh…
    -her once valuable currency has deteriorated in value beyond belief…
    -her children can no longer afford to eat decent food unless they have support from abroad…
    -ever increasing numbers of her children are living in pain and despair because their loved ones have been taken away from them, never been seen since…

    Malang, if you are still there, tell this audience why you think it is not wrong to support Yaya Jammeh to continue to preside over the running of our country ..?

    I’m sorry editors and audience for taking so much space…

  57. Malang , jammeh has forcefully removed sir Dawda from power and no single Gambian die on that particular day and the same thing can happen to jammeh . Jammeh can be toppled or kill without anything happening in The Gambia. The military are more worry about their safety than the civilians and today you have more military victims than civilians because the military regime in Banjul killed more military than civilians for past 21 years If you compare the two. Please look at the statistics of Jammeh’s victims in terms of murders , disappearances, illegal detention and exiled , majority are people who in one way or other were part of the system they helped to oppress Gambians. Example , majority of prisoners release were Jammeh’s enablers or ex military who were falsely accused of coup . Peoples are fed up with the system and it is like timing bomb when it is going to explode no one knows . There are signs that Jammeh’s time is up . Therefore I am very optimistic and confident that jammeh will remove from power without any problems like civil war which happened in Sierra Leone . Malang you said what happened in Sierra Leone will happen in Gambia because you want the status quo to continue . You are blind to human rights abuses , corruption, nepotism in The Gambia. You are beneficiary of the regime’s corruption and nepotism that is why you sound like that . I asked few questions earlier but you never answer any one . If jammeh killed your father , will you still claim that there is peace in The Gambia?

  58. I cannot challenge your eloquence, Bax and Max, but I only deal with facts. That’s my demeanor.

    Jawara appointed Kebba Jawara the minister of local government and land. Do you know his level of education, and if you don’t call that nepotism then what’s it.

    During Bush era almost all the staff at Camp David are from Texas. Jawara did the same thing. You go ask Turo Jawneh. I am absolutely not into these petty stuff. Going back and forth.

    I am looking at the larger picture and that’s the welfare and the independence of the Gambian people. I want the Gambian people to have the same opportunities that I have here in America. UTG is a point in the right direction.

    I switched to Jammeh 3 years ago after my vacation and observe things first, and compare what the online media is feeding me in the West. Let me be clear, there is no turning back. I am absolutely right to justify that Jammeh started everything from scratch.

    By the way, according to reports Jammeh just opened a clinic at Sabi. Almost all towns and big villages have medical facilities even though they are not well equipped in these infantry stage. Kudos! Because someone has to start it.

    The opposition needs to understand that the Gambia is not rich with resources, natural or otherwise. One thing I know for certain is that we have plenty of “big mouths”.

    I will explain in detail why Jammeh’s support is skyrocketing in the diaspora in the coming day.

    Always be reasonable in your dealings with people and be humble, and know that God never slumbers. I am sorry if I offend anyone.

    • Deyda Hydara

      Malang now you are coming out of the closet. You went to Gambia 3 years ago and found Jammeh’s development projects. Do you know the airport, the hospitals, the schools were all built 19 to 18 years ago? They are now getting old. The Sabi clinic was built be sons and daughters of Sabi, not Yaya Jammeh. In all fairness to the readership please be honest enough to say that any government project is built by our taxes, loans and aids and not from Yaya Jammeh’s POCKET.
      You treat opposition people as big mouths but they are better than your people who kill, torture, steal and lie about it. You said you will explain why more people are switch to Jammeh, that is not true because Jammeh’s support was bigger from 1994 and as time goes on people realize that Jammeh is a liar, a thief and a killer as such his supporters are quiting him as his victims numbers grow on daily basis and today Jammeh cannot pull more than 20 local crowds in his meet the people tours. He depends on his “rent a crowd” greenboys for TV pictures who follow him running miles and miles and always stays in schools when they reach a town, meaning they don’t come from that town.
      Look you are too SMALL a brain to start your cheap propaganda for your killer and hater leader. You will fail miserably.
      Thanks for recognizing that Bax and Masx are not only eloquent but factual and truthful as well.
      Finally you and your killer leader cannot fool people much more GOD.
      Stop using the name of the GOD like those terrorists killing innocent citizens.

    • In a layman’s point of view from experience, Ghadaffi did the same thing in Libya; shouth his name, and you will have rights to opportunity and free access to public funds and the very right to live your life……………………………., opposition there was obvious death. He started very trouble in Libya from scratch, from a comtemporal point of view and that is; not going back to Libya’s pre-colonial history. . . Malang I prefer freedom and rule of law without daily fear for my life and the contents of my mind and desire to express itself TO A GOLDEN SPOON.
      Our problem as Africans in general in my opinion is; We always learn backwards and not forward. We should learn from our mistakes and not keep fanning them alive. Jawara did very little in making Gambia to be even known outside it borders but, I think he did set every foundation for Gambia to know and understand the need for freedom and rule of law and democracy in a country.

  59. Max…There are similarities, no doubt, but a significant difference is the RIGHT TO POLITICAL CHOICE THROUGH THE VOTE..

    We in The Gambia have the avenue to change the status quo through the ballot box every five years…

    The system may be biased but when.a voter enters that polling boot on.election day and stands before that ballot box, it is my view that there is nothing to influence him or her, except his/her mind and conscience…

    Mandela’s South Africans did not have that right and in Dr King’s America, they were barred from exercising that right until about 1965..

  60. Malang, you are entitled to your opinion but you are not entitled to facts. Your presentation is garbage and outright dishonest. First of all the clinic which was opened in sabi was built by diaspora from that area, therefore it is erroneous and dishonest to give credit to Jammeh’s regime for building of this clinic. Your problem is that you are very ignorance of what is happening in The Gambia or you do not care about general welfare of Gambians. If you care about general welfare of Gambians then you won’t compare Jawara regime with Dictator Jammeh’s regime. The level of corruption, nepotism and impunity we have in The Gambia today in terms of human rights violations, economic corruption and mismanagement is twice more than what we have in Jawara’s regime . Jammeh’s personal worth today is twice more than the combination of all ministers and senior government officials in Jawara’s government. This is evidence by number of businesses, houses he owned both within The Gambia and outside. Just in USA, we know Jammeh has $3.5 millions mansion in Maryland USA. Can you tell me any minister or president JAWARA himself owned that kind of house in USA? Malang, stop telling lies to people.
    In terms of nepotism, Jammeh has appointed his tribe men in all top security positions in the country such as Nia , Yankuba Badjie, statehouse commander Saul Badjie, the chief of defense staff of Gambia armed forces Ousman Badjie, inspector general of police, Yankuba sonko and list go on. Yankuba and Saul Badjie has never been to high school and both were appointed because of tribal affiliation. Sana Jarju who is chief of protocol officers has never been to high school, he was dropped out from secondary school. None of Jammeh’s sisters and brothers who are protocol girls such Jimbey, Ndey, Fatou Jammeh and Lamin Jammeh, landing Jammeh, Muhammmed jammeh have ever graduated from college or university as we speak. Current minister of agriculture, Ismaila Sanyang has never studied agriculture from high school or university, he is registered nurse who graduated from school of nursing and he was appointed because of his tribal affiliation (Jola tribe). Jammeh’s appointments are mostly based on tribal affiliation and loyalty. Nepotism is the order of the day. In Jawara’s regime, majority of senior government officials were wollofs and Akus because these are the most educated tribes during and post independent. Today you can Harding find any wollof or Akus in Jammeh’s government leadership positions, stop telling lies to people. You need to speak to your grandpa to tell you how Gambia was like when Jawara became president if you really have your roots in The Gambia because I saw your ignorance being displayed when you said that Jammeh started everything from scratch. Maybe you need to be educated about your history if you are not first generational Gambian. Even Bax gave you good education about The Gambia but you don’t seem to get it because you are a beneficiary of the regime’s corruption and nepotism. For 30 years of jawara’s regime, did you ever hear any Gambian who disappeared, murdered or illegally detained for ten years by the government? Malang stop telling lies to people.

  61. Malang….Your reasoning now seems to be bordering on the absurd…

    “Jawara appointed an illiterate as a minister”….”Bush appointed Texans because he comes from Texas”….

    So, are you saying that based on these facts, it is not wrong if Yaya Jammeh does the same thing..? That certainly is an absurd argument to put forward…

    You said you switched sides because your experience, when you visited The Gambia 3 years ago, did not correspond to the image in your head/mind, that was shaped by the online media..

    I don’t know what information you got from the online media to shape your image of The Gambia whilst abroad, so it is difficult to make any assessment on how you utilised that information in forming your new image of the country under Jammeh..

    Or whether you tried to get a more balanced image by checking other independent sources…That’s how a sensible and informed person would have behaved….

    For example, did you hear on the online media that people were arrested and detained beyond the 72 hour limit..? Did you check this out with reputable, independent sources, like Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch, or ECOWAS Court Judgements, etc.. ?

    If you have formed an image of detentions without trial beyond 72 hours from the online media, did your experience in The Gambia proof this to be untrue..?

  62. Malang….You said you rely on facts, but after all the facts you have been given, you still claim that you are justified in your statement that Jammeh started from scratch…I have to ask you what is your understanding of the word, “fact”..?

    Because if it is the same as we all know, then your insistence on your claim would be like a man who is shown the moon but still insists that it is the sun..

    Here’s a few more facts to prove that Jammeh did not start from scratch…

    Public Institutions…

    (1)…The Gambia Central Bank
    (2)…The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority
    (3…The Gambia Ports Authority
    (4)…The Gambia Ferry Service
    (5)…The Gambia National Army
    (6)…The Gambia Telecommunications Company Ltd (Gamtel)

    Public Buildings/ Offices

    (1)…Central Bank Building
    (2)…Commercial Bank Building
    (3)…New office complex at Quadrangle, including Office of the President
    (4)…New Police HQ (Banjul)
    (5)…GPTC HQ (Kanifing)
    (6)…Brikama College Campus

    Roads and bridges…

    (1)…Banjul/Sere kunda dual carriage way and the new Denton Bridge
    (2)…Brikama/Mansakonko Highway (and its rehabilitation from Kembujay to Kalagi, including the new Brumen Bridge)
    (3)…Soma/Basse Highway, including the cutting and splitting of the dangerous Jakhali konko hill, just outside Mansakonko (or is it Bansang…not quite sure of the location now)..

    Health Centers….

    Between 300-400 major Health Centres and Health Posts established throughout the length and breadth of the country…

    Sere Kunda, Bakau, Farafeni, Kudang, Faji Kunda, Sukuta, Brikama, Kuntaya, Essau, Kuntaur, Bwiam…etc

    So Malang, where do you stand with your preposterous claim..?

  63. Malang, you wrote…”The opposition needs to understand that the Gambia is not rich with resources, natural or otherwise.”

    Well, given the fact that you dismissed Sir Dawda’s efforts as non existent (because you claim Jammeh started from scratch), this statement is not just absurd, it’s also illogical…

    Didn’t Sir Dawda manage the same “resourceless” Gambia…? How can you advise the opposition to understand that Gambia is not rich in resources, but you have no such advice for Yaya Jammeh when he launches his tirades against the PPP..?

    In fact, on the contrary, you re-echo his cheap propaganda here.. I think that’s quite illogical, to put it nicely…

    By the way, The Gambia does not lack the resources to give her children a reasonable standard of life and a home to be proud of..

    What we lack is the right leadership, with the right ideas, the right will and resolve to serve the people selflessly….

  64. During Bush era almost all the staff at Camp David are from Texas. Malang: are sure you are not on cocaine ? if so please check–in nearest hospital for rehabilitation because you need one. or maybe you share the same brain shells with Yaya Jammeh. nepotism is in everywhere including U.S. but is absurd to compare that to Yaya Jammeh or Jawara for that matter, in the u.s. , almost all the federal employment screening process are monitored by equal employment opportunity , and almost all the departments Federal or State hires agencies for employment screenings , so if there would be any case of nepotism, agencies are responsible. Moreover almost all senior cabinet positions has to go through confirmation process in congress , how could anybody in control his or her mind without influence of control substance or have symptoms of psychological disorder can even compare the two system , I ma looking forwards to your answers to Bax’s question # 1.

  65. Malang stated….”Maxs. If jammeh is forcefully removed, may God forbid, the Gambia will plunge into war.”

    Well, is that not the reason why all reasonable people say he should step aside now.? Almost 22 years in power…Isn’t that enough to contribute your quota and allow others to assume the responsibility and the mantle..?

    Malang also stated…”I am looking at the larger picture and that’s the welfare and the independence of the Gambian people..”

    Well Malang, I.wonder how wide/large the scope of your picture is, when important issues that also impact on the wellbeing of the nation, seem to be absent…

    Issues of kidnap, of impunity; of torture; of murder; of mismanagement; of squandering; of poor governance; of human rights,.of free speech; of forced disappearance; of labour & sexaul exploitation; etc..

    Where are these important issues in your list for consideration..?

  66. Cold bloodedness stinks in all of it right now. But every human being is mortal; and all people who instill the fear of death in others to quench their heart’s illful desire on the multitudes, shall taste horrible death themselves.
    I don’t like dictators in the first place because their blockheadedness and lack of better reasoning is always manifested in their arrogance amongst a poor, humble, unarmed and an innocent population. Must of them are pretentious and fake. Presidents don’t develop a country they need, and their people need them to be good, humble and fair presiders. Not intimidators and killers.
    This is a real rehab case.

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