How Jammeh Insults Senegal Leaders

 President Yaya Jammeh, the man who sees himself as the all-knowing faultless leader, strikes Senegalese leaders with his loose tongue. The neighbouring country’s citizens and leadership call the insult too painful to stomach, especially from a leader who is in the habit of blaming others for his failures.

President Jammeh unloaded what might be a private discussion (if they ever exist) with former Senegalese Presidents Abdou Diouf and Abdoulaye Wade. “I had predicted the defeat of Abdou Diouf before 2000,” Mr. Jammeh tells an audience desperately waiting to hear how their leader is going to alleviate their suffering. “I had told him to regulate the problem of Casamance [Senegal’s southern region embroiled in three decades of separatist war] otherwise he is going to lose elections. But he had not listened to me which was why he had fallen heavily,” Jammeh tells rural Gambians.

President Jammeh also extends his badmouthing to Mr. Diouf’s successor Abdoulaye Wade. “When Wade came to The Gambia, I told him that because of his “ndel“(bald head), Senegal would have a lot of problems under his leadership,” he says.

Jammeh mocks Mr. Wade further, saying “one hardly knows his mood. You don’t know whether he is crying or having fun.”

The title-obsessed leader has got an axe to grind with Mr. Wade for calling him Yahya instead of President Jammeh. “Wade has never called me President but Yahya. He would tell me “Yahya Jammeh I am not your equal even if we are both presidents. I am older than you, so you owe me respect.”

“But I told him I am older than him in the presidency, then he also owes great respect,” Jammeh adds.

President Jammeh digs further into his purported private discussion with Mr. Wade. “He explained to me that the West was angry with me for insulting them. I asked him why he would discuss me with the whites. He said the comment was made to him when (Wade’s) talk with George Bush or Jack Chirac, former Presidents of United States and France, respectively.

And I asked him whether they sent him to me, he said as a righteous man he felt oblige to tell me. Then I told him that none of them will say to you that Yaya Jammeh lied, because all I say it is the truth…”



  1. Yaya Jammeh stinks. Nothing comes out of his stinking mouth but stinky stuff. His loose tongue cannot create bad blood between the two brothers. He does not have the power to destroy what Allah has created. Get off our back Evil Dictator!

  2. This kind of loose talk to Gambian people is meant to amplify self mystification so that they will believe in his supernatural power . This is what jammeh does . Before jammeh meet any Gambian who he has special interest in , he would send his agents to find out what that person is up to , what he does and what is problems or dreams are , as soon as the individual meet jammeh at statehouse , jammeh will start telling exact the same stories about the individual. This is done to mystify himself and to let the person knows he has supernatural powers . So the above loose talk when he met Gambians on his tour is one of those loose talk he always engage in. He is criminal liar . He does this all the time to his young vulnerable victims especially young girls . Jammeh is a psychopath . He is the biggest coward in The Gambia because he never sleep at night . Senegal leadership know him very well and Mr Sall is not going to waste his time to respond to a sick , deranged and psychotic leader. The day jammeh is out of power , that is the day Gambian people will know that they have a criminal as president until that day , he will continue to fool the majority .

  3. Yankuba Jobe

    Seriously speaking, this is the most unpredictable and irresponsible attack on Senegal from so-called a leader, who was touring the country to share his future development programs with his people, but he rather chose to tell his audience something they were not expecting from him as a president. Unfortunately, they went home disappointed!

    YAYA JAMMEH, YAYA JAMMEH AND AGAIN YAYA JAMMEH! If you are mentally sick? Please, go and seek for help from the psychiatrics, but if you are well and sound but just being too rude to other people? You are digging your own grave! No doubt about that. Those vultures in Banjul are just sucking your blood and eating you raw! But you are not realizing, and they look on you as an idiot ever born in the Gambia. Therefore, wake up YAYA JAMMEH from your endless dream. We don’t need to go to war with Senegal! What happened in 1981 was terrible experience for our girls and the young Gambians. You know better because you were there, I was only there just for (3) three weeks’ holiday from Libya, but what I went through and witnessed, was unbearable to experience in the Gambia. We don’t want such to be repeated again! Please leave the Senegalese alone to run their own affairs and let us run our own affairs. We should try and maintain peaceful and friendly relationship with the Senegalese people.
    May Allah the Almighty guide and protect the Gambia and her population.

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