No “New Page” To Open; Jammeh Must Go!                                                                                                                                        

jammehBy Ousainou Mbenga

You had 21 pages in 21 years to write onto and leave an admirable legacy in the history of the Gambia but you chose to write on those pages with our BLOOD. You have no more pages left to open; not in the Gambia.

After 21 years of pomposity, tyranny and outright looting of the meager resources of our beloved Gambia, the once aspiring king (“Babili Mansa”) has been jolted out of his delusions of grandeur into submission for “bogus reconciliation”. From his trademark of insults and threats: “go to hell, heads will roll and six feet deep”, Jammeh has gone into a deeper tucked –tail retreat in fear of his own shadow.

In a desperate act to survive this catastrophe, Jammeh wants to “open a new page”. But a new page to do what? He has unleashed his home grown propaganda engine to win sympathy while equally trying his desperate best to sanitize his international “image” to no success, mainly due to his mediocre diplomatic representations. We must unleash our own contending propaganda to suffocate every breathing space the regime attempts to secure.

If you notice; even the social media propaganda (Facebook and tweeter) is in effect. When have we ever seen Zainab Jammeh, the “first lady”, ever took pictures with “locals” and posted on social media? Is this the “new page” being opened? The Zainab segment of the AFPRC-APRC propaganda will show its “blow back effect” momentarily.

All these attempts are typical of dying tyrannical regimes; they all go out on a limp. The history is there for all to see from Mobuto, Bokasa, Amin, Campaore and now Jammeh. We must not relent in our offensive to push Jammeh and all those still wanting to climb the “slimy pole of success” over the cliff. There can be no revolutionary progress in our beloved Gambia with Jammeh “opening a new page”.

Instead, we the people for a proud- future Gambia have opened a new page to stamp our indelible national hand print and narratives onto this page and subsequent pages to prepare future generations,  never to allow any monster to raise their ugly head in this land of ours again.

The massive “prisoner pardon”, “amnesty to all those who wronged him” and all his bogus reconciliatory gestures impresses us the least.


In his campaign to “open a new page”; magistrates, Imams, journalists and citizens at large are still being arrested, and illegally detained on trumped up charges. Jammeh is fully aware of being at the end of his rope. His disastrous “sympathy tours” to win “sympathy votes” reveals how fed-up the people are with his buffoonery. In desperation for “sympathy”, he resorts to his old foolish tricks of blaming and hauling threats at Senegal. Adding insult to injury, Jammeh continue to mislead himself and his herd of willfully ignorant sycophants that he is “anti – imperialist”. Jammeh is a feudal neocolonialist.

In our quest to effectively fight neocolonial tyranny, we the people must stop accepting the arrogance and reckless behavior from these impotent elites that have gotten so comfortable in their reckless abuse of Africa and dare us to do something about it. We have allowed the most reactionary and brutal monsters to rise to power and in constant rivalry for neocolonial dominance at the expense of African lives. These monsters like Jammeh fester and wreak havoc within our ranks for decades with a nod and a wink from the imperialists.  African lives will never matter as long as neocolonialism exists.

The Gambian people have reached their breaking point with the Jammeh regime; many have come to despise gatherings with his presence and despise more his foul mouth piece, GRTS (Gambia Radio and Television Services).

What is missing in the midst of these crises is REVOLUTIONARY leadership willing to lead and not tail the people. Jammeh cannot rule in the same old way he used to; the neocolonial regime is on its death bed, let’s deliver the final blow to relief our beloved Gambia of this tape worm once and for all time.




  1. Brilliantly written, and defiant. Thank you Mr Mbenga for an extremely thought provoking and eloquent essay. Gambians will be much better off if they heed the wisdom thus articulated. A free and properous Gambia is in sight. Gambians everywhere just need to feel it and once for all, sever the main artery of this despicable and shameful buffoon.

  2. Inspirational battle cry…The “time bomb” is definitely ticking…

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