Gambia’s Corruption Level Peaks

Alh. Momodou Sanneh
       Hon. Alh. Momodou Sanneh 

The former United Democratic Party (UDP) candidate for Kombo North says it is an irony for a government that ascended to power in the name of fighting rampant corruption, flamboyant lifestyle and insecurity to allow these vices to peak.

“Was it not the military junta led by Yahya Jammeh that bombarded us with their empty rhetoric in 1994?” Yusupha Cham asks. “This is the same junta whose leader repeatedly said he had seized power to get rid of rampant corruption, flamboyant lifestyle, insecurity, among others and replace them with good governance, accountability and probity,” Cham party supporters at a recent rally in Tanje.

He says it is clear to every Gambian that “the level of corruption is higher now than in the Jawara era. Also the Jammeh regime is more flamboyant than the Jawara regime as evidenced by the type of vehicles they drive.”

Cham adds that though the Junta committed to defeat insecurity, no single person – Gambian or non-Gambia – had ever gone missing or disappeared during Jawara’s 30-year rule. “Today disappearances have become the order of the day. ” he says, saying every possible effort must be done to deny President anothet five-year mandate.

Also addressing the recrod rally was Alhagie Momodou Sanneh, the former UDP parliamentarian for Kiang West. Mr. Sanneh could not understand why any responsible government would pick winners and losers when it comes to allocating development projects. “It is the duty of any responsible government to provide development for its people regardless of political affiliation as the government is the duty bearer and the citizens are the right holders,” the firebrand politician says.


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