‘Islam Goes Beyond Five Pillars’

Imam Ceesay in white leading tree planting!
Imam in white leading tree planting!

Imam Ceesay Leads Tree Planting Exercise

The Chief Imam of Detroit Islamic Center says Muslims should understand that religion goes beyond the five pilars – Belief in Allah and His Prophet, Pray, Offer Zakat, fast Ramadan and perform pilgrimage to Mecca.

Imam Momodou Ceesay says the protection of an environment is also important in Islam. Ceesay made the comments as he led the tree planting exercise in a Detroit neighbourhood on Saturday. The Islamic Center allocates a residence for the Gambian-born Imam in the same neighbourhood.

“I thank you all for your participation and full suport in this initiative,” Imam Ceesay says. “It is very important for all of you to rally behind me to plant trees around this neighbourhood and in the street where you allocate my residence. I really appreciate your full support,” the Resident Imam Adds.

“As Muslims, sometimes we think the Quran only talks about the five pillars of Islam; that is not the case because the issue of environment features a lot in the Quran,” he says, quoting Quranic verses in which Allah promises to reward the true believers with gardens in Heaven in which rivers flow. “Here Allah is telling us the type of environment we will find in Heaven.”

Imam Ceesays also talks about the creation of the Earth and the Heaven and how they are connected to the environment. “Allah informs us in the Quran that through falling waters (the rain) He created crops and plants. Again the Quran is talking about the environment,” he says, defending the reasons for leading the tree planting project.

“As your Chief Resident Imam, I ask you to rally behind me to protect our environment. Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] says Allah is clean and does not accept anything unclean. This is why you see me with the shovel digging the soil to plant trees.”


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