The Dictator’s Remarks: What A Malicious Intention!

By Ebou Gaye

What a malicious intention!
The remarks you made at a rally in Brikama contained in a video aired recently on Fatu Radio are a cause for great concern
They strongly suggest that you have a malicious intention vis-à-vis the opposition,
And have proven your bigotry, intolerance, folly and wickedness beyond any shadow of doubt
You caricatured and satirized the members of the opposition,
Describing them as skinny people with bony cheeks,
Saying that they are tired and fagged out
You went further and stated in plain language that some of them have died,
And that some will not live to witness the next elections,
As they will die like their colleagues who have already died
Your remarks run counter to common sense and the Islamic principle of qutwa hasana according to which a leader is supposed to serve as a role model by leading by example
If your loyalists and Islamic scholars are honest and sincere as they want to make us believe, they should do a favour to you and your compatriots by pointing out to you this fact and the dangers associated with your reckless remarks

What a malicious intention!
Your description of the opposition members doesn’t tell well of you
It is childish, infantile, immature and ironic
It has amply demonstrated your scorn and contempt of your compatriots,
And jogged people’s memories to your appearance when you just came to power
As your chief spin doctor has portrayed you in his book Coup d’Etat by the Gambia National Army,
You were not the least presentable at the time
You looked rough and malnourished,
As evidenced by your dry, cracked lips and dehydrated cheeks
It is disgusting, nauseating, heart-breaking, outrageous and vexatious that you look down on and mock your compatriots,
Putting them in the situation in which you were as a destitute, impecunious soldier- as poor as a church mouse,
After you have fattened your flattened lips and cheeks with ill-gotten wealth from state coffers and dirty deals,
And become so pompous, conceited, cheeky, insolent and mischievous

What a malicious intention!
Your death threats are very revealing and provocative
They shouldn’t be taken lightly,
Given the numerous unresolved cases of mysterious, suspicious accident, death and disappearance of some of your opponents and perceived enemies
They have rendered irrefutable the allegation that you have hands in such cases
Your threats should be taken as a statement of intent
My interpretation is that you are ready to liquidate some opposition members before the elections,
And that you don’t care about the security of your compatriots and the oath you have taken to serve their interest without ill-will
Only a cruel, crooked and misguided person like you has the audacity to defend or play down your threats, or try to give them a positive interpretation
I defy your blind, brainwashed apologists and your chief spin doctor to interpret your threats for the public if they have an interpretation different from mine
Killing people is not pride,
Nor is it fun as you consider it to be
Life is precious and hence should be protected rather than being cut short deliberately and unjustifiably
Only a short-sighted, narrow-minded person brags of having licence or powers to kill people and get away with it
You can’t escape death, no matter how many people you kill
Like all your compatriots, you have dead relatives and loved ones that you can’t reincarnate or bring back to life,
And you will certainly die one day and join them on the land of see-me-no-more,
After incurring the wrath of God the Omnipotent as a result of your brutality
It is therefore irresponsible, irrational and silly for you to issue death threats or kill people for worldly desires

What a malicious intention!
You have once again manifested your egocentricity, selfishness and insatiable appetite for power,
And your undemocratic, unpatriotic tendencies
You and your hypnotized supporters always denounce attempts to change your regime through violent means,
Contending that those who want to replace you should try to do so through the ballot box,
Despite the fact that you came to power through violent means by staging a coup and deposing a democratically elected president
You are now telling us that you are willing to use violence to suppress or eliminate those who want to replace you through peaceful means,
As you can’t accept smooth change of power and can’t imagine anybody occupying the seat of power while are still alive and kicking,
And hence want to see your country set ablaze and burn to ashes in case of regime change
What a wicked wish!
You are clearly and indisputably inciting and instigating violence by refusing and ruling out peaceful change of government in your country,
As it is said that if you make peaceful change impossible, you make violent change inevitable
Only a gullible person and a credulous fool can be convinced with your claim that you love your country and wish your people well

What a malicious intention!
You behave as if you are an indispensible leader,
And that your departure from power will spell doom for your country and compatriots
That is insulting to the intelligence of Allah the Almighty and that of your compatriots
Allah is All-knowing, All-wise
He wouldn’t endow only one person in a whole country with leadership qualities or capabilities,
As no one is immortal and can lead forever
After all, you are not a special breed
Your track record before you mounted power and your tenure of office as a head of state has shown clearly that you are not more capable of leading than your compatriots
In fact, you can be counted among those with the least capabilities to lead
You were notorious for indiscipline and bullying of innocent people as a gendarme officer and a soldier,
As substantiated by the testimonies of your former Senegalese gendarme boss in his book Pour l’Honneur de la Gendarmerie Sénégalaise (volume 1) and your former colleagues in the Gambia Gendarmerie
Besides, you have proven to be a menace and a nuisance as a leader
Before you came to power, you never achieved anything extraordinary in terms of studies and work that your compatriots couldn’t achieve,
And your ascension to power has greatly increased your indiscipline and your love of bullying people which you have taken as a hobby
You seize the God-given rights of your compatriots,
And deprive them of their basic needs,
Thereby transforming them into paupers and beggars who work for you like slaves and sing your praises for the crumbs you throw them and the privileges you give them
You always threaten, victimize, terrorize, traumatize and brutalize your compatriots,
Inflict excruciating, unendurable torment and sufferings on them,
And add insult to injury by plundering and squandering their meagre resources
Hence, the vast majority of your compatriots will breathe a sigh of relief when your eventual departure is announced,
And shout “Good riddance!” at the top of their voices


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  1. Thanks again Mr Gaye. Jammeh is a disgrace, a disappointment and a tragedy. He will drown in his own evil sooner than later….

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