Gambians Reject Jammeh’s Sacrifice

Gambian leader has reportedly reached the height of desperation and has therefore resorted to a sacrifice spree, slaughtering camels to consolidate his crown. Authoritative sources further tell Kairo News that the desperate President is also hosting a 24-hour Quranic recitation at State House in the capital Banjul.

“President Yahya Jammeh’s aides have been spotted handing over raw camel meat to people in various markets in the Greater Banjul Area,” one impeccable source confirms. “In a rare show of defiance, Gambians have rejected the suspicious meat, turning their backs on the Gambian dictator.”

Our source says President Jammeh has been confined at State House where a large number of Islamic scholars are busy reciting the Quran for him. “These scholars will participate in a special Islamic Conference tonight,” the source adds.

Speculations are rife in The Gambia that Mr. Jammeh might have been informed by his spiritualists that his days are numbered and that he should embark on a sacrifice spree to hold on to power. But one sources says Gambian leader is mired in fears of a renewed opposition against his unpopular government. This is why the arrogant leader cancels his proposed nation-wide tour. 

In another development, Kairo News sources confirm the eruption of commotion at the Banjul ports this morning after one of Mr. Jammeh’s imported bulls from a sub-regional country died. “This results to a complete chaos that causes panic among ports officials,” our source confirms.



  1. Jammeh has thousand of camels he imported from Middle East. Sacrificing camels and cows are routine business for jammeh because he believe in marabout business as well as idiol worshipping . So called Quranic recitation at state house in Banjul or kanillia is the time Dictator jammeh used to have sex with young girls while the so called elders are recitating the Quran . What business did young girls or protocol girls from various parts of greater Banjul has to do with reciting the Quran late at night when their parents are not invited ? Dictator Jammeh’s frequent Quranic recitation at statehouse is a false pretends to carry out his evil doing such as raping young girls . During these so called Quranic recitations , jammeh will usually show up at 2am and spend 45 minutes with audience before getting back at his various rooms where he has different girls . Those who deny this , can find out the time jammeh comes to this Quranic recitation and for how long . Jammeh never perform any ablution before coming to Quranic recitations and he would pretend to be praying without performing any ablution when he goes to mosque . Jammeh is not a Muslim . Jammeh understand that most Gambians are Muslim and some are so obsessed with Islam without having good understanding of the religion, therefore he used Islam as a cover to hide his evil deeds . In kanillia , jammeh will organize Quranic recitation at the same time Jola Buukarab ( Jola dance ) will be going on . What kind of Muslim does that ? Kanillia or statehouse is like brothel where sex and party goes on at all time ..

  2. Yaya Jammeh thought he could kill, torture and imprison hundreds of Gambians and sleep well. Yaya Jammeh never factored GOD in his plans. Now that he is totally out of control, restless, disoriented and jittery, he resorts to spiritualist and marabous to help him wipe out the too many sins he committed for the past 21 years. If only Jammeh had dreamt that he did not create human life and should therefor not take life as easily as he did over the years, he wouldn’t have been in this irreversible mess and restlessness that he finds himself in today. Jammeh took too much pleasure and pride in ending people’s lives and making people suffer for no just cause as he ignored Allah’s warnings with arrogance and defiance. Now that Allah corned him mentally and physically, he thinks these so-called spiritualists and marabous can beg Allah to forgive him and restore peace in his mind. The Yaya Jammehs are the very individuals marabous are looking for to extract as much money and materials whiles soothing their ears with sweet lies and demanding endless and expensive sacrifices for solving their problems. No Jammeh, they cannot fool Allah, you can sacrifice all your ill-gotten wealth, recite all the Koranic verses you want, poor all the animal blood you wish, behold! Allah is the creator of all these means and will not save you from his appointed time. You transgressed your limits and power.
    The fugitive Blaise Compaore of Burkina Faso, had more means and wealth than you, his “dozos and jalangs”, his church prayers and the many sacrifices he made to remain in power did not save him from his sins and GOD’s appointed time chased out of “Kosyam, State House of Faso” like a running thief.
    A Burkinabe told me that Blaise in his 27 years rule killed 107 people for a population of 17 millions. I told him that Jammeh in his 21 years rule killed over 150 people in a population of 2 million people. He felt so sorry for us and prayed for Gambians to chase Jammeh out.
    Yaya your time is up and there is nothing a human being nor spiritualists or marabous can help you extend it or wipe out your sins.
    You will be lucky if you escape arrest or death like your brother Blaise Compare.
    You will never have peace of mind; you have too many sins in your account.
    Allah does not play and his verdict is irreversible.

  3. This sums up tragic jammeh ‘ s mind set as a beimg.

    It might seem almost impossible for our dear people on the ground to vote evil JAmmeh out, but then that belief can only hold true in minds that are feeble and hasty in their judgement and steadfastness.

    Bit by bit, little by little, ungrateful jammeh is rotting from within. Jammeh has always smelt his own rot and decay but managed to keep it hidden from most Gambians. Oh well Now it is showing and smelling all over him….

    One day soon, our dear people on the ground will oust the evil one out and only he and his gang will drown in his own evil making.

    God bless and protect the Gambian people especially those on the ground sacrificing every thing.

    Jammeh will go whether he likes it or not Allah..