KSA Charity Biking Runs Smoothly

 From L-R M Jeng, L Touray, K T Touray, B Touray and …

Five members of Kombo Sillah Association (KSA) in the UK take part in the association’s first ever charity bike ride between the cities of Bristol and Bath in the United Kingdom.

Before hitting the 48 km round trip on the Bristol and Bath Railway Path, Kevin Tijan Touray from Portsmouth equips participating cyclists with techniques. Mr. Touray has raised thousands of pounds through cycling to support charities in the Gambia and the UK.

The leader of the cycling tour says cycling has many benefits. “It doesn’t only give us physical fitness but as you see in this venture, we are raising money to help the poor,” Ousman Jeng tells cyclists.

He says cycling to work reduces one’s carbon footprint and greatly enhances environmental health. Mr Jeng participates in the cycling race along with his 16-year-old son Muhammed. He exhorts families to get kids active through cycling.

The next KSA charity bike ride in Bristol is slated for the summer of 2016.

The charity bike ride has been a fruitful one, with the funding manager of KSA announcing that £600 of pledges have been paid. Kaddy Jabang calls on others who pledge to honour their promise.

Kombo Sillah Association members can be contacted through its website at www.ksa-uk.org.


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