Touba Serign Anoints Imam Ceesay

The son of the late Caliph [Serign Salieu Mbacke] of Mouride Brotherhood in Touba, Senegal, has anointed the Imam of Detroit Islamic Center for his great efforts in rallying so many people around Islam. Serigne Mam Mamour Mbacke is so excited that he has invited Imam Momodou Ceesay and his mosque committee to visit Touba.

Serigne Mansour Mbacke“We accept the brotherly and generous invitation from our Muslim brothers in the Mouride Brother,” Imam Ceesay assured. “We are so delighted. Despite our busy schedule, we will, Inshallah [God willing] honour the invitation.”

Serign Mbacke, a grandson of Cheikh Amadou Bamba Mbacke, the founder of Mouridism, Friday inaugurated a new mosque built by his brotherhood in Detroit. And in his inaugural sermon, Serigne Mbacke said the mosque is made accessible to all Muslims. He used the opportunity to reach out to Muslim brothers at Islamic Center.

Serign Mbacke, who spoke in soft and gentle tone, praised Imam Ceesay for doing his best to put together a solid community of worshippers. He also hailed Imam Ceesay’s excellent relations with other Muslim leaders in Detroit.

Over the years, Gambian born Imam Ceesay has pioneered the building of new mosques in Detroit. He also performed sermons [khutba] in these mosques until they have stable Imams.

Also paying visit to Imam Ceesay’s Center were Foday Drammeh from Vancouver in Canada, a cousin of Dr. Alhaji Manta Drammeh [the man who dissects Islam on Kairo News and Radio] and Professor Bilal and his University of Michigan students. The visit was aimed at understanding the role of Africa in helping Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] and Islam. In that Ethiopia, Egypt and Timbuktu in Mali stood out. The visitors heard how Ethiopia extended helping hands to Prophet Muhammad, Egypt had the first Islamic Institute [Jamia al-Azhar] after Medina while Timbuktu became a center for spreading Islam to the rest of Africa.”

Also in attendance at Imam Ceesay’s mosque was Ishakha Samoura, the Imam of Malian in Detroit.



  1. Mouridism +Shia Vs Sunna. I only believe in Sunna as Muslims.

    • Soninke, you are vague in your writing and also sound a cold bloodedly dangerous hypocrite. Read your comments means seeing the face of those who instigated and incited atrocities in Rwanda.
      You need a better understanding of Sunniyya to help yourself and your children for a peaceful future.

  2. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Sam Sarr should report this suspicious “Boko Haram” gathering to the FBI (lol)

    But seriously, I am very proud of the MOURIDES and the way they organise and develop themselves as a community. Infact, since the Saudi Barbarian Rulers have desecrated the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina, we Africans should change our Haj destination to TOUBA!

  3. Luntango Suun Gann Gi, you meant Timbuktu in Mali or I got it wrong? Anyway, I am still comfortable with Mecca, at least for now!

  4. The Saudi Arabs do not regard us African Muslims as anything. I recommend touba for pilgrimage. Did you know the Saudi authorities tried blaming Africans for this year’s stampede that crushed lots of pilgrims to death. Let’s deprive Saudi of hajj revenue. They are terrorists who export terror through wahabism around the world. God does not belong to them alone. God is everywhere. Let’s find and celebrate our own leaders. We are better Muslims than the Arabs.

  5. Mourides are well organized religious sect which play a very significant role in Senegalese politics, democratization and governance system. Unlike The Gambia, there is no such religious body which is on the side of the masses. I also think Mourides have shown the world that Africans can have their own system of religious affiliated sect based on their interpretation and apply it in their politics, way of life and system of governance. They are respected religious group in Senegal. Senegal political leadership has immense respect for Mourides.
    Saudi Arabia is a very racist country which has no respect for black lives.

  6. We should try our best to distinguish Religion and the behavioural nature of Arabs, although not all of them but just few to avoid being hypocrites in Islam.
    The Great [Kabba] Mosque in Mecca had been constructed well before the Arabs became settlers in that region, and was once again rebuilt by our founding father of ISLAM, Ibrahim and his son Ismael. So being the case, ISLAM is no one’s heritage, it is belongs to all those who believe it as their chosen religion. And Mecca shall remain the only place of pilgrimage until the Doomsday! Although, cheik Serrign Ahamad Bamba of Touba still remain one of my best scholar who worked tirelessly for the sake of Allah and humanity, which admired me to named my first son after him, I still don’t consider Touba as a place of pilgrimage, but a place to visit and learn a good legacy of the great scholar Cheik Ahamad Bamba. Based on my personal experience, may unlawful activities are happening there now a days, which the great cheik would not be happy, if he is alive. May Allah guide us all!