My Special Message To Gambian Youths


By Deyda Hydara

In any country around the world, it is the Youths that persistently demand for JUSTICE, EQUALITY and DEMOCRACY. The Gambia is no exception to this rule. Gambian youths should now worry about their future, life and dignity.

Sure enough, the elderly parents can offer you ideas, advice and guidance but cannot go and march in the streets of The Gambia to demand change for you the young generation of Gambians. Only youths can do that for themselves. The elderly don’t even have the strength and energy to physically go in the streets to fight for you while you seat back and wait in the house. NEY! Therefore your future is in your own hands and it will be what you want it to be.

Yahya Jammeh and his government are holding you hostage for the past 21 years. He has only one objective which is to remain in power and maintain the status quo for as long as you allow him. Most of those benefitting from his exploitative regime’s self-centred policies are not worried about high tuition fees, high medical bills and decent food on their tables. Most of them are not worried about future job placements for their educated and non-educated children. Priority belongs to them.

It is you the thousands of poor Gambian youths whom your aging parents struggle so hard for your up bringing and pay your tuition fees that have to worry about your future wellbeing in a nepotistic and despotic regime you are living in today.
It is you the poor Gambian youths whose ordinary parents are not connected within government circles that should worry about future job placements and helping your aging parents. No one will fight your struggle for you.

Those that are governing you today are those that eat and mismanage your poor parents taxes. They are the APRC politicians the selfish ministers and unpatriotic technocrats in power that help Yahya Jammeh continue to mortgage your lives and future. They will never relinquish power or position for fear of loosing what they and families dishonestly enjoy today on your backs unless forced to so. They will always try to discourage you from demand for CHANGE, they will try to penetrate and divide you; they will try to entice you with chicken change money and empty promises. If all the above fail, they will INTIMIDATE you, and THREATEN you with reprisals as seen in any dictatorial regime.
They will make you run away from your country as evidenced with the DEADLY back-way journey.

Youths of the Gambia it’s TIME to say ENOUGH just like the youths of Burkina Faso said to Blaise Compaore. The country belongs to you and your parents. No individual person owns the Gambia not Yaya Jammeh. The Gambia should not be abandoned to injustice, rule of fear and intimidation and one-man rule.

Your future is in your hands and not in the hands of your poor elderly parents.

Fifty years ago when all other African countries were entangled in one party states politics, autocratic regimes and military dictatorships, where rule of law and freedom of press and association were nowhere to be seen, the Gambia was a beacon of democratic HOPE for all other African countries.

Now that the rest of Africa is taking giant steps installing genuine democracy, freedom, justice and equality, the Gambia is taking giant steps backwards into dictatorship, autocracy and military rule. What a paradox?

The muzzling of the press and people’s freedom, the arbitrary arrest without court warrants, the disappearances and secrecy of the whereabouts of those arrested or abducted, is a practice only seen in the last vestiges of the slave trade in Africa.
For how long will the Gambian youths sit back and watch your fellow innocent comrades and citizens, moms and dads, go through these HORRORS?

The rule of law is a thing of the past in The Gambia. The constitutional provisions are the least respected by the president and his rogue NIA operatives. Oaths of office swearing are an empty prayer good only for the dustbin. Is this the Gambia you want to continue to live in for twenty-one years and still counting? Until when will you say ENOUGH?

We the elderly Gambians have definitely shown you the way but cannot FIGHT for you. We your elders cannot go the deadly back-way to seek refuge from dictatorship.
We your elderly parents were proud Gambian youths yesterday, free and fearless to the delight of other African youths all around the world.

Do not mortgage your future for opportunism. Do not mortgage your future for fear of dictators. Dictators are defeated from Cape to Cairo to Burkina Faso.

Stick together, work together and march together and demand for CHANGE.
Only UNITY can save you from the shackles of dictatorial bondage, division and weakness. Have the TRUST and HOPE in your selves. Have LOVE amongst yourselves. Speak up and demand for what is right.

The Gambia belongs to you. All Gambians are created equal before the law and we are all taxpayers and stakeholders in our country. The Gambia will be what you make it to be. The choice is yours.

It is your duty to turn the Gambia into the smiling coast it was known for. It is your duty to see to it that your children live in a better Gambia and be proud of you.

Take heed from the Great Youths of Burkina Faso and we know you can.

FREE the GAMBIA. Only Gambian youths on the ground can do it.


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