Sankanu: ‘My Article Touches Nerves’

Sankanu and Ekije have entered the ring! Let's see who will eventually win.
Sankanu and Ekije have entered the ring! Let’s see who will eventually win. Ekije’s photo from Google

This Ejike Asigubu is one of the Mafias promoting the “godfatherism” culture of greed that has kept the Nigerian film industry from moving beyond the Nollywood junk. Even if my piece was substandard, I am glad it is having an impact. Over 16,000 people have read and shared it across various media outlets in and out Africa and the number is growing. What a record for a sub-standard piece? LOL.


  1. Indeed my article touched nerves. The pro-Jammeh propaganda machine is desperately trying to fight back! One paid propagandist by the name EJIKE ASIEGBU, former President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) tried to tarnish my image with venoms that his paid masters fed him.

  2. Since the 2016 presidential elections is getting closer, those Nollywood and Gollywood prostitutes, hustlers and scavengers are being paid to preach to Gambians NOT to allow me become President. It is not surprising that since all avenues of fair and participatory democracy in The Gambia are closed and the opposition and Diaspora candidates marginalized, any prominent Gambian who speaks truth to power is automatically seen as a threat to President Jammeh or someone who wants to become president.

  3. I cannot remember expressing my plans to run for President of The Gambia any time soon. I never new that I am presidential material, after all. Thanks to Nollywood for tipping Gambian voters about my presidential capabilities. The more money you collect from the Jammeh system to tarnish my image, the more backfire you generate for yourselves and your paid masters. Gambians are desperately looking for alternatives to President Jammeh and the more you try to pick a fight with me, the more you mobilize conscious Gambians against the social injustices that you are promoting.

  4. My fellow Gambians are you so cursed by Allah that you have to wait for paid praise-singers from Nollywood, Gollywood and others places to dictate to you who your President should be?

  5. The holy prophet of Nigerian home videos and saint of African politics, Ejike Asiegbu claims that I hate Jammeh and he purged on a post I got my Twitter tag: “If a dangerous character like Bubaccar ever becomes President of the Gambia, one does not need a soothsayer to know that he will place an iron curtain over the country and bar foreigners from investing and or doing business in his country thereby causing his people pain and suffering…”

  6. Pure crap. THE NIGERIAN FILM INDUSTRY WAS BUILT BY NIGERIANS FIRST AND NOT FOREIGNERS WHO INVESTED IN NIGERIA…Do not tell me the pains and sufferings of the Nigerian people have stopped since the day Nollywood gained global attention and since the moment some Nollywood noise-makers started partying with despots and corrupt political patrons in and out of Nigeria?

  7. It is hypocritical that we keep hearing about “LOCAL CONTENT” for investments and projects in Nigeria but if we ask for the same fundamental rights in our countries, we are called xenophobes and dangerous. The globally-accepted rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) encourage local initiatives or reasonable barriers against dumping and unfair investment practices. This does not make one dangerous.

  8. Why are Europe and USA developing safeguards against cheap and sub-standard Chinese goods that are dumped on their markets? Does this makes current US President Obama and German Chancellor dangerous for building barriers against Chinese destruction of their local capacities? THE CHINESE ARE COMPELLED TO ADOPT WESTERN STANDARDS AND MAKE CONCESSIONS BEHIND-THE-SCENE t be able to do business in Eruope and America. If Obama and Merkel are dangerous to their successful people and economies, then I am proud to become a dangerous Gambian leader when Gambians give me the legitimate mandate for it with term limits.

  9. Mr. Eijke Asiegbu and all those paid scavengers, I will respond to you later, once I return from my weekend engagements. You consider me dangerous because I will STOP the wastage of our national resources on parasites like you hence you are fighting to keep milking Gambians under the pretext of Pan African-ism. In case you missed it, Gambia has a FILM UNIT since the 1960s and the pioneers of GRTS in 1996 including the late Ebrima Sagnia came mostly that Film Unit. So your 8 years or so called collaboration since 2007 has not proud any capacity to the Gambian film industry. Organizations like UNFPA, Gambia Family Planning Association, UNESCO National Commission, National Film and Television Institute of Ghana, TOSTAN, to name a few have been trying Gambian in audiovisual media since the 1980s so you cannot claim credit for anything here.

Meanwhile, my in-depth interview on Whats-On Gambia has more though-provoking arguments for those who miss it:


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