Desperate President Using Rice, Oil To Counter Opposition Tsunami


Kafutans now see bright future in opposition hands
Kafutans have been pushed to the brink and now see UDP as their Saviour! Will Jammeh’s politics of inducement triumph here? 

The Gambia’s desperate President has now resorted to using rice and oil to counter what has become an unstoppable United Democratic Party (UDP) Tsunami, Kairo News has learnt. Inundated with the fear of fast losing his party’s stronghold regions in the Kombos, President Yahya Jammeh thought it fitting to put a halt to the opposition crusade.

“President Jammeh’s convoy passed through Kafuta in Kombo East last Sunday but was surprised about the massive turnout at a UDP rally,” an influential Kafuta youth leader told Kairo News. “Guess what? He sent a truck containing 49 bags of rice and 49 gallons of oil to the village the following day. These were handed to the family of the late Alkalo, Yafaye Bojang, who might have given some to their close relatives or neighbors.”

Kairo News gathered that Mr. Jammeh’s desperate move was meant to “discredit the success UDP gained in Kafuta village.” The President had seen the evidence on his way from Kanilai. Electricity in Kafuta switched off soon after Jammeh’s passing, principally to sabotage the opposition rally.

The UDP officials are not the least worried by Jammeh’s last minute efforts to buy voters’ loyalty with food, oil and money. Their main preoccupation is to “unmask the man who forcefully seized their freedom and replaced it with tyranny.” For them everlasting freedom is worth a thousand times more than a day’s inducement, especially for villagers whose fertile vegetable gardens have been seized and sold to Al-Karafi Farms, leaving once proud hardworking farmers with no choice other than working in their bonafide lands for pittance. It was for this reason that Kafutans see Jammeh as a President who “took away our pride and dignity and replaced them with uncertain future and indignity.”




  1. Deyda Haidara

    I have no iota of doubt that people are disenchanted with Jammeh. Jammeh cannot fool Gambians anymore. After 21 years of experiencing Jammeh’s misrule Gambians are ready for CHANGE.
    Those of us on the ground can see the disapointment of the people with Jammeh. He has exposed himself beyond repair. Everyone is saying Jammeh is here only for himself, his wife and two children. The pittances he dishes out here and there are seen as our taxes and not his money. People have come to realize that freedom has no price. Jammeh’s land grabbing is disgusting to all and sundry. The police, the military and service men are all disgusted with Jammeh. Even the southern senegalese he brought in en masse are complaining, over 60% of them have no jobs and resorted to cheap labour, prostitution and begging.
    The grass root understanding and awakening of Jammeh’s greed and brutality is the talk of the town.
    Well done UDP, keep up the trend, 2016 will be an interesting election year.

  2. Let us not be too excited about the recent UDP meetings , we should be cautious about the evil dictator . I for one can see change happen through electoral process only when there is level playing field or electoral reform . Without electoral reform or level playing field , we will get exactly what we are used to , that is cheating and jammeh’s victory again. At the moment , the evil Dictator is trying to send signal that he has opened a new page. UDP is doing good but they need to work on electoral reform to ensure victory. I only hope that people come out in massive number to kick the idiot out . Young beautiful girls can help us get rid of him without election as it was done to Sanni Abacha.

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