Jammeh Insincerely Lie To Gambians

            Lt Yahya Jammeh, deceptive and a liar

By Sarjo Bayang

Dictator Jammeh Lies From the Beginning, as records reveal

To validate the firm position that genuine critics of junta leader Yaya Jammeh have good reasons flagging up, it emerged in social media post by courtesy of Bamba Mass how during his first press interview soon after 22 July 1994 coup Yaya Jammeh lied to the nation.

From some of the selected questions below and the response by angry armed bandit Yaya Jammeh it came out clear how he lied from the beginning. Yaya never has any justification for staging a coup but just to loot the nation and setting up a killer regime of wicked insincere wayward individuals. Here are some questions and answers. You be the judge after 22 years since 22 July 1994 invasion by armed bandit Yaya Jammeh along his cohort of cruel killers and looters.

Mr. Momodou Musa Secka (Blessed memory), Daily Observer:                                                                                                           Bad record of the military in Africa politics
“Your Excellency, it is indeed agreeable that you have lofty goals and noble objectives in toppling the previous government, especially where corruption is concerned, which was the headlines of many national and international newspapers. However, military governments in Africa do not have a track record of fulfilling the lofty ideals for which they seized power, instead what happened the people experience more suffering, more often far worse than before. This is because the military rule with guns, the people remains helpless victims of military and suppression. I hope this will not happen in this country and taking into consideration the unique record in which you have toppled this government, could you give us the guarantee that this will not happen in this country?”

Lt. Yaya Jammeh:
“Well, it is wrong to judge our government by the records of previous military governments, in the sense that this is a military government with a difference. It is composed of patriotic Gambians. We are not here to enrich ourselves. We are not here to live flamboyant lifestyles, and looking at the composition of the government that should send a signal that we mean an equitable distribution of the national assets; one getting what you have sweated for and we are assuring the public that we are not here to breed on the back of somebody’s neck. We are here to accept ideas and criticisms and that our government will be open to criticisms and at anytime you are free to see us, criticize us where we are wrong and contribute where you can contribute. We are not serving ourselves. Remember, every one of us, as Gambians, must serve the interest of the Gambia. Whoever is appointed is not serving the military government but is appointed to serve the interest of the Gambian people.”


Guess what. Momodou Musa Secka was right and Yaya Jammeh remains telling lies since that day. He is doing worse than what Secka saw coming the way of Gambians. Never open to good ideas and criticism Yaya Jammeh shortly after this stage-managed public show warned that all critics will be killed and buried “six feet deep.” That is what he did to Deyda Hydara who simply raised concern over genuine issues of public interest. Hydara was gunned down by commands of Yaya Jammeh just as many more he continues killing from July 1994 to date.

Deyda Hydara, The Point: (Killed by Yaya Jammeh on 16 December 2004)


On national development agenda

“The outgoing government recently put in place an impressive and very comprehensive plan of action aimed at alleviating poverty in general and improving the lot of Gambian masses in particular. In the same vein, that same government recently conducted far-reaching negotiations with the Bretton Wood institutions. I would like to know if your administration is going to pursue the same objectives within the stipulated programmes.”

Lt. Yaya Jammeh:
“Well, the stipulated programmes you mentioned were instituted by the overthrown government. We are coming in with our own programme that will not only be there to impress the people but that will yield results for the entire people to benefit. We are not here to fool Gambians by giving them bogus programmes that will never be implemented.”


Yaya Jammeh proves more dishonest regarding his access and misusing public resources. How else could a poor destitute low paid unskilled thief manage to rise from rags to riches apart from looting public resources and killing witnesses?  Today Yaya boasts of richer than the Gambian nation simply by diverting all public funds for his selfish economic greed without any remorse. Again you judge.

Mam Sait Ceesay, Freelance: On the death penalty


“The former government recently abolished the death penalty. What is your thinking on this issue? “

Lt. Yaya Jammeh: 

“As I said before, we are not here to kill anybody and the nature in which we took power, I think, can concretize the idea that we are not here for bloodshed. We avoid the death penalty as much as every Gambian. We are not brutes from the army coming to kill anybody. We will make sure that a judiciary system is in place and it is the duty of all Gambians to decide whether or not they want the death penalty in force or not and let nobody fear because we are not going to set any military tribunal. That is why we only suspended the constitution but the judiciary is not suspended. All due process of law will take place without the interference of the constitution.”

Not to extend this talk about death penalty as Jammeh was seen swearing on national television that if he fails to kill prisoners under state custody let him drink wine and eat pork. He ended up killing in cold blood larger number of prisoners for human sacrifice refusing to surrender their remains for decent burial by desperate bereaved families more than two years since.

On 30 December 2014 by his command, Jammeh regime through his command killed undisclosed Gambians deemed as coup plotters. In April 2000 he ordered the cold blooded murder of more than dozen young students who simply raised their innocent hands in peaceful protest against unjust killing of one colleague and brutal raping of a female student by men in uniform.

The regime of Yaya Jammeh is worse known for rampant killings to the extent he petrifies the entire nation. It is known that he deploys secret assassination crew to prey on Gambian critics abroad. Some of them are identified while others mingle with unsuspecting Gambians abroad at weddings, dance parties, naming ceremonies, burials, and other social gatherings. They operate from Gambian embassies in close secret consultation with the staff preferring to keep mute.

The author of this article received death threats from killer operatives of Yaya Jammeh. Tracking the source, it emerged that the message was sent from President’s Office at State House Banjul. This was verified by tracking IP address of the computer used in sending that message. According to the message, the regime will kill me and members of my family for criticising Yaya Jammeh. After exposing their threat, they never denied doing so.

The truth is that more people are lined up as targets for the killer squad of Yaya Jammeh than anyone can guess. By supplying them alcohol, raw sex and booze, Jammeh ruined vital youth force as they stand to kill in his name.

From the beginning until now, it is so clear that Yaya Jammeh lies to the world in general; Gambians in particular. Everything he says is the opposite. His only motive is to get rich at expense of Gambians by stealing public money and keeping everyone subdue. Will concerned Gambians continue watching the nation sink below sea rock bottom level? Given the longest time, Yaya Jammeh will never change for any better.

Now after reading this let Yaya Jammeh stand before Gambians and say he is not telling lies. Let him deny one statement above. Yaya you need to man up and speak the truth. Stop the joke and come clean.



  1. Sarjo, this Murderous Tyrannical Pathological thieving LIAR wouldn’t open its stinky mouth, to spew more bunkums as habitual, for the genuine Gambians know better after some 22 years Murderous kanilai tyrannical oppression, molestation, torture, kidnapping, maim, killings…

    Surely, just like everywhere else, EVIL Coward yaya Killer DEVIL & aid abet cohorts, accomplices, agents & elements will all account for crimes against humanity in Gambia come rain, come shine…

    We all must continue to endeavour to salvage reclaim Gambia from the Murderous kanilai tyrannical yoke…

    God helps & bless the collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen.

  2. jammeh is a tragedy……….

  3. As long as Gambians accept to be ruled, brutalized, enslaved and exiled, Jammeh will continue UNTIL Gambians decide to chase him out of power.
    So many nice dreaming VISIONS programes this and that from Jammeh have been thrown on our ears over the years only for us to witness and live nightmares, poverty and slavery in REAL life for 21 yaers.
    Jammeh cannot and will NEVER change, he will rule the country UNTIL Gambians decide to chain him into a prisoner or into a death corspe to be buried six feet deep or better thrown to his so-called mystical crocodiles at Kanilai to feast on.
    Gambians donot have enough of Jammeh yet. When the Burkinabe people truely had enough of Blaise Compaore, it took them less than 24 hours to send him running for his life.