Proxy War: US And Russia


Why didn’t Obama toy around with long-serving African dictators? What will Barack Obama be remembered by in the way he handled African despots. I am struggling to see his legacy in helping Africans be better equipped to end tyranny and dictatorship. The war in Syria is now a full blown proxy war. A potential one for that matter as evidenced by the activities of the US and Russia.

However, our own African blood can do better by undermining the institutions of oppressions and enhancing political parties get better competition in oppressive environments. Or is our struggle too uninteresting to attraction the attention of the Obama and Putin? no missiles, no guns, simple toying around will do.



  1. To expect any American Presidents to do anything meaningfully positive in Africa, for nothing other than to improve the lot of the African masses, is to expect a bit too much from Uncle Sam…

    After all, Uncle Sam’s strength and almost unchallengeable global domination lies, amongst many factors, in the weaknesses of the African masses (continent) under dictators and neo-colonialist leaders…

    It would not matter who occupies the White House (Republicans or Democrats)… The policy towards Africa will be the same..

    I think Putin was pushed into a corner by the aggressive attitude of the US and its near colony states of Europe that formed the NATO block, and had no choice but to act or be damned..

    The overthrow of the democratically elected pro-Russia government in Ukraine and the installment of neo-nazists, right wing nationalists and Rusophobes, as well as, the funding and training of religious fanatics in Syria (many of whom come from former Soviet era countries) to overthrow Assad, did seem to cross President Putin’s “Red line”, and he almost said that much in his UN General Assembly address in New York..

    The situation in the Middle East, as it is now, is very tense, dangerously critical and extremely volatile and could lead to anything, if common sense does not prevail over arrogance and foolish believe in exceptionalism…

    • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

      My in-law, couldn’t agree with you more!

      Remember my piece on KairoNews when the CiA-Coup happened – “Wrong Fight Uncle Sam” – in Ukraine?

      Now Russia has reacted to the CiA attempted coup in Syria. The other day RT had a headline: “Russian jet asks US jet to show ID”!!! This was when the fighter jets came within “eye contact” over Syria. The funny thing is, after all the bluster from Uncle Sam and allies, none dares shoot down a Russian jet over Syria or Turkey. Even the normally bullish Israelis are staying out of Putin’s way in Syria.

      The above photo was taken at the UN last month (Putin’s first visit in TEN years) … and Putin hesitated to shake Obama’s hand!

      Between 1990 and 2003, the US and allies presided over the DEATH of some THREE MILLION Iraqis – to remove ONE MAN. Some TEN MILLION Syrians have been made refugees – FOUR million out of their own country to remove ONE MAN (“300,000″ Syrians DEAD so far”). All this to fight for DEMOCRACY & FREEDOM of course. But when a COUP in Egypt overthrew the elected President and installed a Military Dictatorship, the USA and allies including Saudi Arabia welcomed General Sisi’s coup.

      No wonder Putin is having fun with all this cynical hypocrisy around.

  2. President Obama foreign policy towards Africa is a disaster . His foreign policy help to consolidate dictatorship in Africa. This is evidenced by his invitation of worst African dictators to Whitehouse for a summit during which he had dined and photo ops with African dictators .Whitehouse-Africa summit was used by African dictators to showcase the endorsement of Obama administration of their misrule in their respective countries .. In the case of The Gambia, Dictator jammeh attendance at the summit was used as a political propaganda to entrench him in power. According to various report , FBI alerted jammeh government about December 2014 statehouse attack without which the operation may have succeeded. Currently dictator Jammeh feel more comfortable with Obama in power than George W Bush . Obama do not have any specific policy strategy that would help Africa like the way Bush did . Being the first American president who is direct descendant of Africa ,though birthers (those Americans who believe that he was born in Kenya ) argued that he would transfer Americans resources to develop Africa , mr Obama haven’t done much for Africa for seven years now . His policy about energy , that is electrification of sub-Sahara Africa hasn’t seen much success yet . Mr Obama policy has been more of talk than action in terms of development efforts. His address of African leaders at AU headquarter recently was more of a lecture which the African dictators has been getting from their oppositions without progress . I think president Obama overall foreign policy is weak and non-interventionism in the Middle East which I careless since my focus is on the Africa.
    President George W Bush has contributed more to African development , democracy and human rights than Obama or any other American president . Bush administration unprecedented efforts in African development is seen in the area of healthcare delivery especially in the fight against malaria and HIV AIDs in which millions of anti-retrovial drugs were poured into many African countries that significantly decreased the impact of the disease . Bush has given at least $5 billion a year humantarian aid to Africa and increased overall African aid to 640 % when he was leaving office according to abcNews . Bush is champion of the poor and oppressed people in Africa . During Bush first term , he ended civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone . President Bush is no fan of dictatorship because Dictators learned that he meant business when he made his prouncement against their dictatorial rule and this has made the impact on former Libyan Dictator who gave up his nuclear weapon program. I think President Bush should be credited for the downfall Mubarak and Gaddafie because of consequences of his policy of democracy and his hawkish policy to dictatorial regime as well as Iraq war . The war in Iraq was fundamental mistake he made and it was a wrong war to start.
    Bush overall policy towards Africa was a success and has done more for African people than any other American president. Africans should crowned him a hero .

  3. Obama is always a lossssser. , Putin said to Assad u stay and that’s it

  4. Dida, here you are talking about the number of people killed in Iraq majority of whom are killed by Iraqis themselves through their sectarian violence or various terrorist groups . You refused to acknowledge the crimes committed by your master , the evil dictator who you continue to kiss his ass despite the fact that you were illegally jailed under his dictatorial regime. What an hypocrite you are . You are sitting your ass in UK under the protection of Uncle Sam who gave you the freedom to criticize them and their policies but you refused to advocate for the same freedom For others in The Gambia , giving a blind eye to atrocities committed by your master ,liar dictator jammeh. What an hypocrite you are . when are you going to be civilized enough to accept and stand for the truth? Thanks to few selfish Gambians , you are able to express your ignorance , loot from Gambians and yet feel unsympathetic to their cause by continuously expressing your unflinching support to idiotic jammeh . What a despicable human being you are. Think about it , if you are killed or you disappear due to crime of this regime , how would your children feel during your absent ? I hope you answer this question honestly . You are no different from those scavengers or hustlers highlighted by sankanu who came to loot our country, who came to exploit our young vulnerable girls , who came to destroy our country , who came to use our system for their personal selfish interest .

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