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With the approval and permission of the family of the late Gambian Legendary musician Musa Affia Ngum, a Musa Ngum Memorial Committee has been setup to facilitate few projects geared towards raising funds to support Musa’s family after his suddenly died in Dakar last Sunday October 11th 2015 which left the entire Senegambian community and beyond in shock and total sadness. Known for his golden voice and inspiring lyrics, Musa was the embodiment of decency, humility and Pan Africanism. He was the foremost advocate for the integration of Senegambia into a single country, hence his different shoes and socks. Musa’s death has left a huge vacuum that will be hard to fill.

Musa is gone but will never be forgotten. He left a family behind whose livelihood was dependent on Musa. Now that he is no more, his family needs help.

The Musa Ngum Memorial Committee was task by the family to facilitate this project.

After days of consultation, the committee is glad to announce the first face of the project.

A go fund me account was created to allow folks to donate to the family. You can use your debit or credit card and be assured that it is well safe and secured.

Click on the link below to donate using the go fund me or you can donate through paypal ( If donating through paypal, please specify that it is for the Musa Ngum fund raising drive.

If you live in the UK, you can still make cash or check donation by directly payment to account: MR M B JENG, BARCLAYS BANK PLC, AC: 10479624, SC: 201053 or contact Njok Malick Jeng on 7957208129.

If you live in Sweden, contact Mr Buhary Gassama on 46739105583 to discuss possible options of donating locally.

If you live in the US, contact coach Pa Samba Jow on 301-547-9573 or Pa Ousman Joof on 404-593-6215 or wellsfargo savings Account number 1304651498 to discuss ways and means of contributing.

Folks in Gambia can contact the family directly on 303-9110 to donate.

We understand that one person cannot do it all. Therefore, no amount is too small. If you cannot donate, share this post with others and if they donate, it’s like you donated. Thank you very much for your support. Musa is our Musa and we can make him proud where he is by supporting his family. Together, we can do it.

Akassa Balagiji Musa Ngum! Rest in Peace Father Mose.


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