Journalist, Writer Cry Foul

Vow To File Complaint Against

Senegal Border Police Mistreatment

By Abdoulie John

Barely a week after allegedly being mistreated for refusing to pay bribe, former Gambian press union Vice President, Baboucarr Ceesay and a Sierra Leonian writer, Cherno Alpha M Bah, have expressed their intention to file a complaint against the Senegalese border police in Karang.

“I told them that I was not going to pay a bribe and I will file a complaint against them for their assault and illegal actions,” Sierra Leonian writer told this reporter.

Last week, the duo had fracas with some officers while going through police verification in Karang, Senegal as Bah requested his passport to be stamped before getting into the Gambian territory. The men accused the police of demanding 5,000 CFA francs bribe. The alleged bribery incident has sparked online outrage in social media and Gambian news sites.

Ceesay said their decision to stand their ground firmly prompted the police officers to arrest him and put him in a cell.

“Additionally, the Gambian immigration officers on the other side of the same border post are also witnesses because they were the ones who intervened to secure Ceesay’s release,” added Bah.

When contacted to shed light on this issue, the commander of Karang Police border post denied any wrongdoing. “Some people may have
difficulties crossing the border, but nothing much happened. There was no altercation, no arrest that I can tell,” he said.


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