Third Rejoinder: Gaye’s Theory Of Unravelling Jammeh

By Ebou Gaye

Welcome back, Brother Samsudeem Sarr! It is good and gladdening that you are determined to carry on contrary to your decision to withdraw, which you announced earlier. I am equality committed. Rest assured that I will not hesitate to take you on or respond appropriately if and when I deem it necessary. I am immeasurably beholden to you for furnishing me with more information and materials to use in the debate. You have motivated me to put on my thinking cap and ponder more, thereby coming up with a theory dubbed “Gaye’s Theory of Unravelling Jammeh”, as you shall see later in this article.

You have alleged that I am advocating the adoption of the Islamic political system introduced by our prophet (pbuh). Your allegation is false and misleading, grounded in misinterpretation and misrepresentation of facts. It shows clearly that you have not understood my message. Therefore, I consider it necessary to set the record straight. I explained that system of government simply to drive home the point that our prophet (pbuh) was a political figure in addition to being a religious leader and that it is impossible to separate Islam from politics. I also aimed to disprove the widely harboured notion that a religious leader should not talk about politics. In fact, I explained how Zambian Christians succeeded in tackling a president who wanted to amend their constitution with the aim of perpetuating himself in power.

Why haven’t you accused me of championing the use of the Ten Commandments of the Holy Bible to rule The Gambia based on this explanation? I am fully cognizant of the fact that the generation of our prophet (pbuh) is quite different from ours and that The Gambia is a secular state, which makes it unfair and practically impossible for us to embrace that Islamic system of government. If there is anybody advocating the adoption of an Islamic system of government, it is your master Yahya Jammeh. He pretends to be more pious than Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself, and we all know that he does this for the sole purpose of gaining monetary favours from rich Arab countries. He has built a mosque at the State House and failed to build a church there. Besides, he has once declared his intention to adopt Sharia laws. That triggered a heated debate and led to the sacking of the GRTS journalist who made the announcement. In addition, we always hear Jammeh say “We are Muslims, we cannot accept this in our country,” as if Islam is the only religion practised in The Gambia. Hence, it is hypocritical of you to accuse me of calling for the espousal or adoption of an Islamic system of government and spare your master, even though you have failed to understand my message. I hope you have got the message now. Deciphering it is not exactly rocket science. My explanation is simple and straightforward, as it is lucid and clear. Only an arrow-minded, short-sighted and paper-thin-brained person would have difficulty in understanding it.

To be fair with you and your master, I here by confirm having read the section of your book in which you have indicated that Jammeh refused to execute you as advised by Captain Valentine Strasser, former junta leader of Sierra Leone. I commend Jammeh for this. I also laud him for not executing other captives as Strasser did. Strasser executed over 30 people, including Colonel Yahya Kano who had been very instrumental in his coup. Although Jammeh didn’t execute detainees soon after his coup as Strasser did, many soldiers have been executed under his watch, accused of plotting to overthrow him. In addition, a cabinet minister and a journalist have been killed under mysterious circumstances during his reign, with the culprits still remaining at large. Additionally, 14 youths (most of them students) and 54 foreign nationals(most of them Ghanaians) have allegedly been massacred under his instruction in April 2000 and July 2005 respectively. Hence, Jammeh and Strasser are tarred with the same brush of brutality. Mr Sarr, Jammeh’s refusal to go by the recommendation of Strasser cannot be used to exculpate or exonerate him as you are trying to do by mentioning it in your rebuttal, blaming me for ignoring it.Crimes are crimes, irrespective of when they are committed.

You have, in your usual campaign of mystifying your master, given us a brief history of Kanilai as a village associated with traditional medicine, citing the healing of fracture as an example. You have mentioned the famous Jejaw Jammeh, associating him with your master as his grandfather. As far as I know, there are two Jammeh families in Kanilai- that of Jejaw and another one. According to sources, Yahya Jammeh doesn’t belong to the family of Jejaw as you have claimed, but belongs to the other Jammeh family. Anyway, I stand to be corrected.

You can do your own research and share your findings with the general public. Many people believe that Yahya Jammeh is trying to steal the show- to borrow the expression of one of his former sycophants- with a view to mystifying himself. In other words, Yahya Jammeh pretends to be a descendant of Jejaw in order to give the impression that he has inherited knowledge of traditional medicine. Even if Jammeh’s claim- which you and many other sycophants defend fervently- is true, it should be noted that Kanilai is not the only place in The Gambia with knowledge of traditional medicine. There are many other places, which you have overlooked or chosen to leave out. Fajikunda and Bakindik (Niumi) are examples of such places. They are well known for healing fracture, just like Kanilai. There are other places specializing in the healing of mental illness and many other ailments. As you can see, Mr Sarr, many Gambians belong to families that have knowledge of traditional medicine, and none of them uses that to mystify himself/herself as Jammeh does. The fact that Jammeh has claimed to have answers to all ailments makes his self-mystification worrying, and his quackery and charlatanism need to be checked before it is too late. The irony is that Jammeh doesn’t cure himself and his family members but prefers going and sending his family to the West- his “enemies”- for treatment as I always point out.

Your newly coined term “security genius” doesn’t befit your master as you want to make us believe, and you know that fully well. You have coined it merely to sing his praises as usual. Just as you have told us in your book, Jammeh relies heavily on mysticism as a security measure. If Jammeh was a security genius, he would be able to avoid the killing of 14 youths and the massacre of 54 foreign nations mistaken for mercenaries, which I mentioned earlier. How can we regard Jammeh as a security genius with these serious security lapses? Calling Jammeh a security genius is tantamount to saying that those killings were deliberate. Is that what you are telling us?

I cannot, in anyway, accept your advice to abandon my Imam whom you have described as an eminent loser and join your part- APRC. That is out of the question. I share principles with my Imam, just as you share characteristics with your master. Like my Imam, I prefer to die with dignity as a loser to living on lies and leading a luxurious, flamboyant lifestyle. Your master has certified you as a pathological liar, and you have confessed to being so. That your master hired you as a diplomat after this certification speaks volumes of his character. Birds of the same feathers flock together. Adhere to your beliefs as an apologist of your master and his party, and allow me to stick with my Imam. May Allah guide and protect my venerable Imam and mentor, Sheikh Oustass Alhaji Baba Mukhtarr Leigh Waliyu-llah Daa’ya-llah! Amen!

Thank you for informing me of the imminent publication of a propaganda book. I am eagerly waiting to lay hands on a copy of it. With the publication of that book, I hope your master will certify you as a fully-fletched spin doctor as he has certified you as a pathological liar. I know I am advertising the book for you by mentioning it but I am not the least perturbed. No sober, sensible person will take you seriously or buy the ideas you are selling in the book. You are nothing but a poacher turned gamekeeper trying to repair the irreparable damage you and your master have done to his image. Undoubtedly, your propaganda will be an exercise in futility, as no right-thinking person can be swayed or convinced by a compulsive liar. Mark my words! Your project has failed before even kicking off. I now refer you and your master to President Obama’s saying “You can jail your opponents but you cannot imprison ideas. You can try to control access to information but you cannot turn a lie into truth.”

Your assertion that your master will be re-elected massively in the 2016 presidential election due to popularity is nothing but a bluff. You and your master are not speaking the same language on this subject. If he was sure of a landslide victory as you have claimed, he would not bother to change the electoral laws to make it harder for his opponents to contest. Besides, he would not insist on illegally maintaining in office the current chairman of the IEC who many people see as his stooge, despite the thunderous, reverberating clamour of the opposition to replacement him as dictated by the laws of the Land. Your master has amply demonstrated that he is in a state of paranoia. If you really believe that he is popular and can win the election easily, advise him to organize an indisputably free and fair election by providing a level playing field and playing by the rules of the game.

Mr Sarr, I am not a prophet of doom as you have characterized me in your last rebuttal, and I don’t bear malice or grudge against you or anyone else. God forbid! I would not rejoice over your misfortune as you believe, for I don’t expect and cannot reap any benefit from it. Thus, I am disappointed that you have misconstrued my views and those of other critics of your master regarding your reconciliation with him. I expected you to take my remarks as advice or warning rather than interpreting them as hatred. Your master has used and dumped so many people, including soldiers, ministers, civil servants, religious leaders, business men and investors in general (local and foreign). He is notorious for breach of contract, incurring law suits and heavy fines to his government. He has liquidated all the junta members and many other soldiers who staged his coup d’état with him. He has incarcerated his allies and seized properties of investors after falling apart with them.

I hope you would not dare tell us that all those people are at fault. Mr Sarr,there is nothing special in you to make you believe that you are secure and that what has happened to the former associates of your master- numerous as they are- cannot happen to you. This brings me to the aforementioned theory,which I will explain using a mathematical operation called exponentiation,though I don’t claim to be a mathematician. Owing to his erratic behaviour, many people- myself included- have said that Yahya Jammeh is unpredictable. People see him as a puzzle/riddle that is extremely difficult to unravel or solve. In other words, people find it too hard to understand and predict Jammeh. However, there is an inherent characteristic that can help in this regard; that is his tendency to betray and bully people. It is as easy as winking to predict that Jammeh will betray or bully a person. Even a child can predict that and get it right.  I call this tendency of betraying and bullying the two Bs or B2 (B squared). Betraying a person and bullying him can metaphorically be called adding insult to injury (injuring a person and insulting him instead of saying “sorry” to him/her). Thus, we get I2 (I squared). Considering the matter literally and metaphorically leads us to B2/I2. Adding the mathematical symbol “=” will give us B2/I2=. If we add J (standing for Jammeh), we get the formula B2/I2=J. We can simplify the formula by reducing it to B2=J. This unravels the puzzle (Jammeh). Simply put, it defines Jammeh. The formula denotes that Jammeh is a betrayer and a bully. Hence, I call Jammeh B Squared. The theory is called Gaye’s Theory of Unravelling Jammeh (GTUJ). I invite you Samsudeen Sarr the giant writer and spin doctor to review it and consider it for adoption when you fall from grace with your master Jammeh. On a final note,I advise those dealing or interacting with Jammeh to always bear in mind that he can betray and bully them anytime. Woe betide them if they fail to pay heed to this advice!          


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  1. Wurrbong Jatta

    Mr Gaye, anyone dealing with B2 = J is and will be at FAULT for he is the perfect one who never and will never err. Well at least that’s what he ( Jammeh ) want everyone to believe. I won’t be surprised if anyone of his praise singers or the LIAR (Sam) call him the last Prophect for they don’t believe in Islam. I know, no good Muslim will side up to B2=J.Sam said to the whole world that he (Sam) is a LIAR and Jammeh certify him. Who in your right mind will believe in a word from him???