A Sad Tale Of Gambia Torture Victims Recounted

A Human Rights Watch video that indicts the Gambian dictatorship. It exposes the culture of entrenched brutality and inhumane treatment by security forces under the command of President Yahya Jammeh. The documentary features, Kairo News Executive Editor, Musa Saidykhan, Fatu Radio proprietor, Fatou Camara, Imam Baba Leigh, politician OJ Jallow among others. The sad tale of torture victims.



  1. Dida and Bax have not experience these torture and inhuman treatments that is why they are talking the way they are . Their families have not also experienced these evil treatments . I hope you guys will listen to this video and realize that this regime is the most evil and barbaric regime in Africa right now .

  2. I haven’t had the opportunity to watch the video yet, but will do so ASAP…However,I just want to point out that you are crossing my “red line” if you associate me with condoning torture and inhuman treatment..

    I have never hesitated to condemn all acts and actions that violate the rights and dignity of fellow human beings…especially at the hands of the Gambian authorities..

    I see every Gambian as an extended family and hence, it doesn’t matter whether the victims are my blood relations or not…I condemn(ed) all acts of torture and inhuman treatment, with all the emphasis I can command, and I am on record for demanding that the perpetrators be held to account and the victims be compensated, when the opportunity arises…

    My view on personal responsibility will NEVER change…I do not hold any relations of Yaya Jammeh or his top officials responsible for their (Jammeh & officials) actions…And I will express my sympathy to whoever I feel deserve it, whether they are the victims of torture, inhuman or degrading treatment or unfair abuse for being related to Jammeh or his officials…And I don’t care a dime in the world what you Maxs think or feel…

    Any relatives who directly or indirectly partake in the regime’s misrule is responsible to the extent of their participation only, and not because of their relationship…whatever form, manner or shape that may be…

    I.hope that sinks into your head now…By the way,if you have any iota of decency in you, you should be apologising to Dr Sallah for misrepresenting his view, rather than justifying yourself…Really disgraceful attitude and behaviour…

  3. May be, my in-law is right after all…I may be a dreamer to.expect what is obviously too much from you Maxs…

  4. Tell us what abuse did family members of public officials face in The Gambia which warrant you to offer your personal sympathy ? Is there any family members of Public officials In The Gambia who was attacked , insulted and killed as a result of being related to those officials who carried out henious crime in The Gambia ? Did you see Jammeh and his inner circle’s family members being attack ? If the answer is no , why do you have to offer personal sympathy to family members of public officials because their loved ones were criticize for oppressing citizens and committing crimes ? If you are geniune you should first offer your sympathy to the real victims whose sons , fathers and uncles were killed , disappeared , exiled and tortured by the public officials rather than families members of these public officials . I will cross your red line because you have crossed our red line with this statement . If only you apologize to the real victims and take personal responsibility for your words then I will stop to remind you but if you don’t I will always remind you unless you quit . You are lucky I cannot make a political advertisement to display or air in The Gambia so that everybody will know who you are sympathetic to. The same thing apply to Jammeh or any one who help to oppress or commit crimes against our people . I will keep repeating this statement to you till you apologize or quit . This is how politics works . This is my new talkingpoint against you in this forum. In any civilized world , real victims are the ones people offer their sympathy and empathy to but not family members of public officials who are criticized. Please take personal responsibility for your words , that is what honest and decent people do . I can’t sit down and see you being dishonest and unsympathetic to the real victims who are ordinary Gambians but sympathetic to a damn dictator and his officials families members . Have empathy .

  5. Binta Saidy just called for respect and you verbally assaulted her and called her a bully… Who did Binta Saidy ever torture or treat inhumanely..? Who did she ever bully..?

    I sympathies with people like Binta Saidy (not that I know her relations) who get assaulted for merely expressing their views.

    There are many in Binta’s position who get assaulted regularly on.public media…Yaya Jammeh’s attitude, arrogance and rudeness is no justification or excuse for such rotting and stinking attitudes..

    I should tell which family members of officials get insulted…? No, I will rather leave you to simmer and wither away in your ignorance, because you don’t deserve anything from me with such an attitude…

    I think I’m done.with you until you grow up and interact with people maturely…

    You can go buy a trumpet and trumpet your life away with your “reminders”…I couldn’t care less..

  6. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Bax My In-Law, I wish to apply the soothing balm from the Eternal Wisdom of the Real Americans to your disappointment with the flow of the discussion! (The “Real Americans” who owned America before Uncle Sam’s 1st “Genocide for Democracy”).

    On Wisdom and Ignorance

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    2. Our first teacher is our own heart. – The Cheyenne
    3. Ask questions from you heart and you will be answered from the heart. – The Omaha
    4. If we wonder often, the gift of knowledge will come. – The Arapaho
    5. You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep. – The Navajo

    On the Dangerous War-Mongers

    6. It is not good enough to cry peace; we must act peace, live peace and live in peace. – The Shenandoah
    7. Coyote is always out there waiting, and Coyote is always hungry. – The Navajo
    8. The frog does not drink up the pond in which he lives. – The Sioux
    9. A danger foreseen is half-avoided. – The Cheyenne
    10. The way of the troublemaker is thorny. – The Umpqua

    On Misrepresentations & Lies

    11. Each bird loves to hear itself sing. – The Arapaho
    12. It is better to have less thunder in the mouth … – The Apache
    13. Listening to a liar is like drinking warm water. – Tribe Unknown
    14. There is nothing as eloquent as a rattlesnake’s tail. – The Navajo

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    15. The moon is not shamed by the barking of dogs. – The Southwest

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    16. Those that lie down with dogs, get up with fleas. – The Blackfoot

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    17. After dark all cats are leopards. – The Zuni

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    18. A people without a History is like the wind over buffalo grass. – The Sioux
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    And, finally, can’t go without my usual LOL!

    20. Many have fallen with the bottle in their hand. – Lakota

    Have a peaceful evening in the Midlands!

  7. Bax, stop making things up in your head . Go and read other peoples reaction to Binta saidy stupid and nepotism attitude towards Isatou Njie saidy . You are no different from her since both of you are sympathetic to public officials and their family’s members but you have no sympathy for the real victims . Binta saidy was condemned by everyone here except you.
    Here are various people reaction to Binta saidy who said ” some of this anonymous writers keep attacking Isatou Njie saidy for doing her job . They need to concentrate on real issues . This deyda Haidara and max are very jealous and bitter”

    Haidara ” if your Isatou Njie saidy.’s job is to praise sing a killer for the past 18 years then she is complicit and should better quit the job before it’s too late “.

    Ggapm ” you can call the praise singer from Mali for Njie saidy but that is not going to affect the smart Gambian’s opinion as far as dictators and their shoekissers are concerned ”

    Bajaw ” Binta , Isatou Njie saidy is ” hands in glove ” with the murderous kanilai yaya killer devil , she accepted a job , out of aid-abetting murderous tyrannical oppression against the majority innocent Gambians , she isn’t decent at all , she can choose to make gambia and world at large better for humanity ; she too will reap what she’s sowing ”

    Maxs “Binta saidy , I have no personal issue with isatou Njie saidy nor her family”

    Kemo-Ba ” Binta , you are dead wrong , I am afraid ”

    Bax” I don’t know whether Binta saidy is related to her , but I do sympathize with families , friends , and relatives of all officials , who occupy high places in this Aprc government and are seen in one negative light or the other.”

    So Bax , you and Binta are the only two here who expressed your sympathy to public officials and their families , without any sympathy to the real victims .
    Take personal responsibility and apologize to the real victims . It is arrogant not to accept your mistake . One thing I noticed , you will argue to your grave but never accept responsibility or apologize . I hope you change that , so that we can have good debate even if you are an agent .

  8. Below are extracts from my past comments to show that it is a big fat lie for anyone to claim that I don’t show sympathy for victims of the regime..

    On late Binta Jarju..


    March 10, 2015

    My prayers go to the deceased…May Allah (swt) shower her with mercy and grant her Jaannat…Aamiin..

    My sympathy and condolence goes to the family, friends and relatives of the young lady…May Allah ( swt ) give them the strength to overcome this senseless tragedy and unnecessary loss of life…”

    On.death of youths in the seas..

    April 26, 2015

    Equally, whilst we sympathise with the families of the people who are losing their lives in the Mediterranean and pray for the deceased for eternal bliss, we must also accept that individuals who make these choices are personally responsible for their actions…”

  9. Who is Bax really sympathetic to and worry about in our Gambian struggle?

    In his own words :

    Bax said ” I do sympathize with families, friends and relatives of all officials , who occupy high places in this APRC government and are seen in one negative light or the other ”

    This ad is sponsored and endorsed by maxs over GRTS .
    A new political advertisement lol .

  10. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Bax, Bax, points 15 & 16 above!!

  11. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Bax says: “Personally responsible for their actions”.

    Luntango says: The concept of “personal responsibility” is alien to your people! If one gets caught selling drugs and ends up in jail, steals and gets caught or even murders someone it is all Allah’s Fault – because nothing happens without Allah’s Will. Bax Bro, you as a people have a problem (willed by Allah – lol!)

  12. My-in-law….

    I have “woken up with a very stubborn flea”.. and nothing, it seems, will “shame this moon…” I will just succumb to your soothing balm…and may be, have an afternoon siesta…I.should dream that the flea vanishes when.I wake up…Prayers needed from believers.. (lol)

    Indeed, “WILLED BY ALLAH” is a concept completely misunderstood by many people in The Gambia…That was why I pointed out somewhere that it was dangerous to claim, in a public space, that Jammeh’s presidency was foretold by some marabout…Not a good idea at all…

  13. Dida , number 5, 10, 11, 12, ,13, 14, ,15 18 , and 19 suit you well in this forum and your past record .

    • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

      Well, Maxs, at least you have paid attention and read it all carefully – and any teacher would be satisfied with that.

  14. Just wish to add that a serious matter like the one at hand, demands mature contribution. I am disappointed with the way contributors to this issue, have turned the discussion into personal vendatta ping pong. Only the direct Victims of 2 decades of “state of fear” deserve our unconditional attention at the moment.

  15. Bax , you are well aware of the fact that article was meant to expose jammeh’s obsession with marabout work , idiol worshipping and witchcraft . So why you trying to distort that view in order to promote your false assumption that it was not good idea to expose that . Is it not common knowledge that Jammeh always engage in marabout business? What makes it dangerous to expose jammeh’s belief in marabout work or idiol worshipping ? I narrated a story in relation to why Jammeh always behave certain ways because of his believes in marabout works or witchcraft . One thing I know you have more sympathy for Jammeh and family than the real victims of his regime .

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