The Demi-God: Dictator Jammeh

Jammeh with guards
Jammeh the Demi-God

Gambian People must STOP giving too much power to Jammeh

When a minister approaches the president, it’s like he or she is going to meet a demi-GOD on earth.

The Gambian military looks at the president as if he is an immortal demi-GOD not to contradict or check if he disrespects or disregards the constitutional provisions of the land.

The Judiciary perceives the president as the supreme law of the land, an untouchable flag bearer whose wishes are sacred.

The Elected members of the legislature see in him the GOD Father without whose blessings the country comes to a standstill.

The Religious and the customary leaders worship him as the national currency and the soul of the country without whom apocalypse will strike the living.

The Elderly amongst the population depending on their faith see the president as an angel or devil on earth sent by GOD to represent FEAR or HOPE on earth.

The Gambian media must turn their tongues seven times before addressing or writing a single word to a wicked President surrounded by guns and soldiers who on a blink of an eye can shower bullets, fire or blows on illegal orders.

The Youths of the Gambia are transformed into a moving terror mob ready to spy, to lie, to propaganda, to cheat and propagate myth and invincibility on their Master president in return for food, money, endless fornication parties and celebrations of the Mighty living God in Kanilai. The Jegg society, the Green youths and the Yaay compins are the composition of this permanent moving mob you see around Bilibili Mansa Jammeh all the time. They have no respect for anybody, not even their own parents.

Since Dictator presidents love to be seen and treated like demi-gods, they will only allow wicked and uneducated soldiers, foolish praise singing griots and political sycophants to come close to them and benefit from the stolen moneys and confiscated powers from the people for as long as possible.

Now my fellow reader, simply multiply and cook all the above cocktail and ingredients what will you serve the country in the long run? EXPLOSION! It’s only a matter of time.

Paradoxically the same Yaya Jammeh will hide and bow down to other world leaders and financial institutions to beg for help, money and loans after hailing insults at them in front of the fearful, the ill informed and unconnected public he treats with contempt, arrogance and foolish pride.

For how long will Gambians watch Yaya Jammeh play with our lives before we chase him out of power? You guess. All I know is that, after 21 years of national hardship, the high death rate of youths going thru the back way to Europe and the many empty promises and mystical rhetoric peddling, the hopelessness of the hungry people in the country, the Gambia is ripe for CHANGE.

Deyda Haidara.


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