Why Solo Bojang Is Still On Hook

Solo Bojang

By Max

They never learn. What General Tamba did, Solo Bojang might do exactly the same thing or worst. So I have no sympathy for him though I think his rights as a human being needs to be respected. His trouble is personal war with Jammeh. Most likely he can die in prison because he knows too much and he also has personal beef with General Saul Badjie. Jammeh wants to make sure that all future witnesses are eliminated before his capture. Solo Bojang’s family should be asking themselves what were they doing when Solo led a group of witch hunters into various villages?

Know this witch President’s history:
Regarding witchcraft, Jammeh has always been firm believer of witchcraft since childhood. His uncle was a hunter of witches or witchcraft. In his school days, his parents especially his father was told by a marabout that one day Jammeh would rule the country in the future. This prompted the parents to seek marabouts and idols help for his protection as well as health. His father was able to secure thebeliefof marabouts and idols to prepare special protection for Jammeh in his house. This is why even today, Jammeh never destroys his father’s house which he believes where his protection lies. In Kanilai, Jammeh has three big cooking pots which are always boiling with hot water 24 hours continuously. This is also another site where he does worship idols and seek spiritual guide in terms of his decisions on personal level and national matters.

Jammeh has personally experienced witchcraft on many occasions as a child and a military officer. This was why he ordered the military led by Solo Bojang and others to go after the witches or his desire to eliminate witchcraft after the death of his aunt. In the village, Jammeh was a loner and never had any permanent friend. He was a great wrestler and quiet boy during his childhood. His parents were extremely poor beyond imagination and he never owned a pair of shoes. In school he was an average student and his teachers never notice his presence. He frequently dodged from school.

During his military days, Jammeh spent a lot time in Bakau where he was very distrustful about the people because majority are predominantly Mandinkas. Jammeh witnessed witchcraft in Bakau and has never trusted the people and even today he is very careful of the people of Bakau. Bakau is one of the places in the Gambia that Jammeh never trusts and never likes. Those who are following Jammeh since 1984 know he never trusts Bakau. After the coup, he quickly moved his mother from the city. It was in Bakau that Jimbey Jammeh was born with her other siblings. Jimbey’s father used to live in Bakau. It is also the same reason why he moved all the family of Jimbey’sto statehouse where he built a big Manson.

Jammeh’s despise of Bakau was not a secret to his closed aides. This is why he never visited Bakau frequently, never have any significant political events, never arrested any prominent member of Bakau, never talk about the place openly considering he spend majority of his military life there. This was all because of his distrust, fear, believe in witchcraft, anti-Mandinka hatred and the people from Bakau knew him very well. Bakau is the place he hated most because of his belief that there are too many witchcraft in Bakau.



  1. deyda haidara

    Masx, all african dictators believe in witchraft and jammeh is no exception. However they all use conventional means to perpetrate their rule. Since african people in general believe in spiritual powers it will take years for them to open their God given eyes and brains to understand that so-called witches die much more those who seek their protection. It will take hunger, poverty and terror to finally wake them up. That is why the harder the struggle, the sweeter the victory.
    Gambia has reached the state of explosion and it is matter of time and not a matter of “leave it to God”.
    As for Solo and his likes, they will have to taste their own medicine and no amont of witchcraft can prevent it lol!

  2. @Maxs….”In his school days, his parents especially his father was told by a marabout that one day Jammeh would rule the country in the future..”

    Comment….Maxs I do not know whether you will agree with me or not, but I think this is the type of talk that can lend “credibility” to Jammeh’s attempts to mystify himself…

    In.a country where predestination (“ndogali Yalla/ Alla laa kero” ) is misunderstood, this type of talk can be of no help to anyone, except Yaya Jammeh and his helpers…

    I can understand the enthusiasm to expose Yaya Jammeh from every angle, but we must guard against analyses that can be “helpful” to Jammeh and his enablers…

    Don’t be surprised if his enablers turn around and claim that even his critics accept that his presidency is “ndogali Yalla/Alla La Kero”…blah, blah…

  3. Bax, off course Jammeh has mystified himself already and many Gambians already believe in such mystification. This article is meant to expose his beliefs and fear in supernatural powers of marabouts, idiols and witchcraft. Jammeh’s fearfulness in witchcraft was the reason why I wrote this article and to expose his weakness that he is not always a fearless guy he pretend to be. So this is an attempt to demystify him and tell Gambians that if he is true believer why did he worship idiols, seek marabouts help and scare of witchcraft. It also meant to reduce fear and increase doubt in those who think that he has supernatural power.

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