It Is Now Time For Us To Wake Up From Long Sleep

JammehBy Lamin Saddam Sanyang, The Netherlands

On the 22nd of july 1994, our beloved country the Gambia faced what was the most remarkable in the political history of our nation. Our foundamental human right to decide and chose the leader of our nation was siezed and comdemned with impunity. We compromised our responsiblity and national duties as fathers and mothers and sons and daughters of the nation respectively, we surrendered and sacrifice the lives of our precious children and our dear land to group of people we never know and never questioned. Was it out of compassion, ressilience and did we give them more faith than they deserved? Or was it because of they took advantage on the word corruption and they disguished themselves in the face of socail and political revolution? or was it because they had guns they could fire?

‘The need for change in a political system, must be felt and asked for by those affected, changes must not be dictwhod on the people if a sustaniable change is to be realized. Its the will of the common majority that matters most not the high understanding of the few elites.
Jammeh never respected human rights, this is a man who smoke ganja and pick gun and decide a choice for over a million people, without asking them but forcing them and this is how he could  manage to dominate the state house and Jammehnise the national assembly for 21 good years.

He didn’t do this alone, he work with people. We should blame the household for hosting a thief not only blaming the thief for stealing when we know he is hungry.

Absence of good governance in The Gambia. causes IMPOSSITION OF LEADERSHIP connection between nation and state, lack of representation clash with control. Results domination, distraction and control.

Brothers and sisters, enough is enough, it is now the right time for us to wake up from our sleeping slumber and take our country back from this lunatic. He worked hard for 21 good years by enforcing his brutal, cruel and barbaric styles of ruling upon us. But now his days are deffinitely numbered and he and his bunch of criminals will receive their payment for their deeds like employees gets their wages and salaries at the end of each pay-period. We shouldn’t creat any space for compromise, nogociate or to reconcile with him. He has to go BY ANY MEANS NECCESSARY.


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