Highest Order Of Madness At UTG

omar_jah-s Dear Editor,

how is your day? It is me the former UTG employee who recently came to the defense of the UTG insider who was attached by someone for merely informing the world about dubious activities of Dr Omar Jah and his camp at UTG.

No surprise that the subject of my today’s write up happens to belong to the same Jah’s camp, as per information reaching me in the Diaspora. He is none other than one Morro Krubally, the so-called facility manager at UTG. Again as per my informant at UTG, this same ungentleman was the one going round to convince some members of staff to sign a petition that he and Jah conjured up in order for UTG Council to fire the Director of Finance. This to me is the highest order of madness and a total display of the lack of knowledge of UTG grievance handling procedure. I said this because this Krubally has been appointed by that so-called professor (Kah) without following the due process as per UTG conditions of services. The world may be surprised to know that Morro Krubally never faced the so-called interview panel at UTG, that is , he has never been interview. I called the interview panel so-called because its composition was a laughing matter. In essence, it was a husband and wife panel where the former was the chairman and the latter the secretary by virtue of the fact the she was the director of HR at UTG. This makes one wonder whether Kah and Jah has ever come across the word ‘’work ethics.” But this was just one variable of maladministration out of a sea of maladministrative issues witnessed upon UTG by the jahkah management philosophy. But then what would one expect given the fact that Kah inflated his qualification to the point that he was a self professed professor and an Islamic scholar(Jah) was also a self professed administrator and finance guru. No wonder the UTG was a laughing stock at the National Assembly during Kah’s time. Am sorry for digressing a little bit here but one cannot analyse the Morro Krubally issue without harping on the wider context within which it occurs.

Now I have mentioned that Morro Krubally was never interviewed when he was given the job at UTG. And to add insult to injury, the position he was given was never in the UTG Act, Conditions of service or the Bylaws. Kah illegally created this position just as he illegally created other positions within UTG and manned them with his own chosen persons facing an illegal interview panel. By the way, Kah or any other Vice Chancellor for that matter has no powers to create positions at UTG as per conditions of service. That is the prerogative of UTG Council. So my take is, before Council entertained the so-called petition prepared by Morro Krubally, they should know that the man is illegally on the payroll of UTG and he is therefore not a bonifide UTG staff. So how can a non staff clamor for the removal of a well established legal officer? As Nigerians would say, wonders shall never end. Council should know that the whole UTG is watching. Remove Kojo then a bad precedence is set. Jah or anybody could be the next.

Similarly, because Morro Krubally, as the facility manager, has no function to perform was into hijacking the procurement function to the consternation of the head of UTG procurement department. As of the time that I was with UTG before resigning and moving out of the country, Krubally had been running after invoices and contracts like a madman or a man possessed by jinn. I was part of the meeting in which the head of procurement objected to Morro Krubally’s highjacking of the procurement function. But then knowing the nature of Kah, he sided with Morro Krubally, and therefore virtually rendering the procurement officers non functional.

Moreover, reports from UTG have it that Morro Krubally got another employment at one of the Ministries or some other place. If true, this is a serious breach of the instruments governing UTG. At UTG, it is illegal to be a member while at the same time being a member of staff of another institution. So the Governing Council should investigate this issue.

In the grand scheme of things, Jah and Krubally should not be allowed to destroy the UTG. Reports have it that this Jah even travelled without getting clearance from State House. Is the President of the Republic in the know? Jah should know that he can run but he cannot hide. The Gambia is very small and so whatever you do people easily know it. Why did you leave the country without clearance, a requirement for senior people like you? Throw away the dubious life you are now known for and be of good behavior my brother in Islam. This world will end so it doesn’t worth certain things. Leave hassling over mundane positions. They are just temporal. You very well know that during Kah’s time you were hiring your favoured people, some your relatives. Some also you and Kah fired because they could not agreed to the way you two personalized UTG. Sure, you are going to stand before your Lord over this. Take or leave it. IT IS YOUR CHOICE, but never said you have never been forewarned.



  1. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Sorry to interrupt your eloquence my good Professor but just one little point:

    You say Krubally was never interviewed. That indeed may be so, but …

    Director of Finance was never interviewed either – according to that NIA report. The post was not opened up to Gambians either – because ex-VC KAH simply brought in his friend from the USA (a Ghanaian) for the post of Director of Finance.

    Sorry to interrupt – but this is KairoNews and points of order are allowed!

  2. good point Luntango but the report u mentioned was not NIA report. It is Drug Squard report on utg. Secondly the report said that The Director was interviewed by some then UTG council members. Bye Mattarr corroborated this when he testified in court durning the famous Gumbo Touray trial. For me both of these men as well as omar jah should go. These Kah people are the real problems at UTG currently. All of them were favoured by Kah and that is they landed the job. So let them leave for the betterment of UTG.

  3. Jah is the main problem at UTG. He is petty, jallous, tribalist, religious bigot, and inept. The man must go.