Illegal Electoral Process; Sham By Election, Cheap Ploy

HamatBy Edrissa Sanyang

As if we did Not see it coming. No matter how one looks at it; this was an Illegal Electoral Process; Sham By Election and a Cheap Ploy, We the Collective Opposition Must Not Validate. The Supreme Law of The Republic Of The Gambia bars the current chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), Mustapha Carayol from conducting, overseeing or participating in any electoral process in The Gambia. There is nothing to be euphoric about breaking a law and in this case the Supreme Law of the Land. The Illegality of this By Election is established. Now let us delve into the Political ramifications from connivance to the cheap strategic ploy.

We must as a Country and People by now rise above ethnic sentimentalism and bias by putting conniver in his Place. Mr. Hamat Bah since 1996 elections has been and still continues to be the side kick and validator of elections for jammeh. We can very well remember when all Gambians and the International Community were awestruck at jammeh proclaiming victory and Mr. Bah seen on GRTS at State House validating the stolen elections. Who could forget since then at every election, by election, positions on inter party affaires Mr. Bah’s changing positions and speaking with all corners of his mouth and yet he is considered part of Collective Opposition. The most recent is Mr. Bah appending his signature (or did he not) to the Electoral Law Reform by the Collective Opposition (G 6) or is (G 5). According to Mr. Bah speaking to the Point Newspaper of 5th August ‘ So far, Hon. Bah said, the ground has been levelled.

“But I told the IEC that Wednesday is a cooling off period, no campaign day; so if the APRC is allowed to campaign then the NRP will also campaign,” he said, adding: “We will not sit down and allow our rights to be trampled upon.”
Are these the Only rights of Gambians that are being trampled on? Come on Mr. Bah after signing the Electoral Law Reform with the Collective Opposition; you certainly could do better than that. The Collective Opposition must by now decide whether Mr. Bah should be allowed to play for both sides of the field. Mr. Bah has all rights to associate with aprc for all he wants But he must not at the same time be accommodated to play with the Collective Opposition. That is disingenuous and or naïve on the part of the Collective Opposition. An online paper said it best when the question was asked is ‘jammeh bankrolling the NRP campaign? Mr. Bah can opine all he wants on the political situation on the ground But he cannot sign a significant document such as the Demands for the Electoral Law Reform and then arrogate the place for himself to speak for the Collective Opposition.

The futility and cheapness of the ploy is child’s play. We are on record to say jammeh was going to give away this seat on the pretext that the Opposition can win Elections on these illegal and flawed conditions. So with cosmetic window dressing and an illegal process lure the International Community and regional Organizations to buy into his Sham. He is the Rub for the Collective Opposition and We must be Clear about this; whatever the conditions we must beat Jammeh to his game. Electoral Reform Law or Not We must participate in the Presidential either legitimize Our Position in being Compelled into an illegal and sham electoral process or We Win Hands Down. What follows after the compulsion into the illegal process is for Gambians to decide and Not jammeh. Our Goal Must Be Jammeh Must Go.
Here is the reason why Jammeh must go; We Demand It and We Must Have It:
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Political Rights enable people to participate freely in the political process, including the right to vote freely for distinct alternatives in legitimate elections, compete for public office, join political parties and organizations, and elect representatives who have a decisive impact on public policies and are accountable to the electorate. Civil liberties allow for the freedom of expression and belief, associational and organizational rights, rule of law, and personal autonomy without interference from the state.

We the Collective Opposition must continue consultations with the Electorate and the Development Partners, sustain the momentum on the demands Electoral Law Reform and Plan for the end game. We Shall Prevail Gambia; We Shall Prevail.


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