NRMG Reshuffles Executive

Alhajie KantehIn an on-going reorganization and restructuring, the National Resistance Movement of the Gambia, NRMG, herewith wishes to make it known that Capt. (Rtd) Alhajie Kanteh has been appointed Acting Secretary General of the Movement effective 01 August 2015. All members of the Executive remain in place pending confirmation by the Congress of general membership shortly.

Thank you for your kind attention.


Issued by NRMG



  1. I think NRMG simply needs to dissolve this organization and its members join other political parties. NRMG has deviated from its original mission which is to use military intervention or use of force to dislodge jammeh. Going by the record of its members , I don’t think they are ready to sacrifice their lives on behalf of the Gambian people to rescue the country from the very system they helped to create. These members are toothless bull dog who came to the struggle as a boy Scott to be noticed . The real heroes who I think and believe mean well to restore democracy and rescue the country from clutches of dictatorship are December 2014 statehouse attackers. Captain jagne and others , because of their love of the country , they sacrificed their lives, positions , money and retirement to attempt to rescue the country . Mr Njie , papa faal , Lt Barrow , Banka manneh and others are genuine action oriented individuals . Since the formation of NRMG , we have not seen any action from them but a mere press release. This is why I think they should join other political groups. A resistance movement should have a militaristic mindset to engage the enemy which is dictator Jammeh but NRMG failed in that regard . I also think that the decision to reshuffle the organization has to do with its Secretary General Pa Modou Ann being USA citizen and neutrality act which was used in the trials of December statehouse attackers. Neutrality act is not in favor of mr Ann being the head of this organization and therefore they had to change leadership positions. Other executive members of this organization has not come forward to showcase their intentions or goals. I think any future organization that claim to use force to dislodge Jammeh , should go ahead and remove the tyrant without any formal announcement as was done by December statehouse attackers. Let the activists and politicians do their politicking but we don’t need any announcement from any military background organization unless it is announce over international media that a tyrant has been removed, engaged or killed . Why would you give notice to your enemy if you really mean business ? Being ex-military officers , if you really want to engage or remove Jammeh , there are better plans you could do but a mere propaganda , endless press release or letters won’t remove tyrant who claimed to own the country and went further to indicate that if any one want to replace him , the person must be ready to sacrifice his life. I believe that if anyone want to replace dictator Jammeh, you must be ready to lose your life in the process because he has sacrificed his life to be in that position with the help of others . This is why I believe even a electoral process must involve a leader who is ready to sacrifice his life to rescue the country . otherwise we can all wait for our special God which my grandma believe will ultimately remove Jammeh from power lol.

    • pirang boy

      @max you definitely speak my mind.

    • Yankuba Jobe

      Are you ready to sacrifice your life for the Gambians while hiding your identity from the Gambian public? I don’t see you better than Yaya Jammeh predictably, whether I’m wrong or right, you are the only one who can justify that by coming out and identify yourself to the most Gambians, who don’t know your real name, instead of hiding and provoking the other Gambians. If you have previously a serious issue, which is affecting your life? Please, just come out and put it on the table to be discussed with the other people, you may get rid of it. It has been almost a year now, I have been tirelessly reading your comments with patience, but known of your comments ever make sense to me, because you have never come out with any other option to get rid of Yaya Jammeh, all I have been hearing from you was personal attacks and provocations with your ends: lol, loi. What a world without alternatives you think you are living? You call this your DEMOCRACY? You must be living in your imagination so called world, and once again, I would like to remind you about your previous promised that you have made, you will be willing to come out and identify yourself with your pictures to debate with me on line radio of your choice, regarding Baba Jobe’s issues, and I accepted it, but unfortunately, you kept silence, I might learn lot from you about Baba Jobe, which I don’t know so that I may go publicly and apologies on his behalf.

  2. Yankuba Jobe

    Congratulation! Long live for the NRMG and long live for the Gambia. The truth and justice for all will surely one day prevail, no matter how long it takes.

  3. Yankuba Jobe , I must thank you for tirelessly reading my comments , I am sure they have truly impacted your thinking that is why you are following me for a year . Congratulations to myself for job well done. Yankuba Jobe , you have decided to attack me by alleging that I have personal issues which I need to present to the public for discussion . Good news is that , I am private citizen who has constitutional rights to express myself and I have right to privacy which cover my health information. For your information , I am a healthy young man with intelligent mind and also have great career. I am sure my little dog Buba will confess to my compassionate and caring nature lol.
    I have previously invited you for a debate but you came up with all kind of excuses including ageism ( age limit) , broader and unrelated topic which i don’t want to waste my time with you . Back to the issues of national interest .
    Yankuba Jobe , your brother baba Jobe was a public figure who has left very disturbing legacy for our country , socioeconomic development , human rights abuses and bad governance. Baba Jobe was a chief artichect or strategist ( yaya Jammeh’s Brain ) during the early days of this brutal regime . This was why the policies he supported has lasting impact on Gambian citizens . Baba Jobe was behind the following constitutional amendment bills , these includes bills that remove presidential term limits , removal of constitutional provision which bar or prevent the president from engaging in business and media draconian bill which limit freedom of speech and press. He helped in creation of Current student union which was created to undermine Gamsu ( main student union) , facilitated the creation of green boys and jugulars through their oversea training at Libya. Baba Jobe epitomized arrogant and dismissal of competent civil servants with impunity. He foresaw and embarked on biggest wasteful spending of public fund which resulted from creation of ” money shop” where thousands line up every day to get money from him without any accountability. That was your brother baba for you . Not only he engaged in flamboyant life style but he threatened ordinary citizens with death if they fail to take his orders or refuse to support the dictator . While all these was going on , president Jammeh gave him total impunity , resources and support to promote and safeguard Jammeh’s interest . As he became more powerful , popular and recognized throughout the country , he was arrested and incarcerated for economic crime , and eventually eliminated. Essentially Baba Jobe helped to build the foundation of this brutal regime .
    Please Yankuba Jobe , don’t take my comments personally Because baba Jobe was a public figure who closely worked with Dictator jammeh. As for your patience about my comment or contribution , please keep up that patience otherwise you will develop hypertension which could result to heart attack or stroke and I really want to celebrate with you in jarra the fall of dictator jammeh. When that time comes , my true identity will be known to you . Until I hear from you again , please do more research about the implications of the policies or bills your brother supported and its impact on Gambian people . Thanks .

    • Yankuba Jobe

      Well, well Max? You shouldn’t be too worried that, I may develop hypertension which could cause me a heart attack or stroke. I am spiritually and mentally well brought up, if you know me, therefore there is no single human being whose messes could cause me any health problem. I am well focused in every aspect of my life, so don’t worry about that, I will be able to handle every thought of yours without being distressful. And I have not been reading your comments to learn anything from it, but just to evaluate your competency, and i find it very disappointing, honestly speaking. But above all, my question to you is, will you be willing to sacrifice your life for the Gambians? I have never said that, Baba Jobe shouldn’t be criticized by the Gambians, but it is also my biological right to defend any of my relatives who couldn’t come out and clarify himself to his/her accusers, but beside all that, if they are wrong, I will be willing to apologies on their behalf. You have mentioned above that Baba Jobe has threatened ordinary citizens with death if they fail to take his orders or refuse to support the dictator. Will you please single out one person, he has threatening to kill? I will apologies that person on his behalf.Regarding the NRMG; “I did congratulate them for their flexibility, and they achieved more than you do in this struggle, simply because, none of them hiding their identities. Thus, they are not coward in the first place, which is very vital to me as a Gambian. If you still want to debate, No problem just come out and debate with me, careless about my age, it’s about the Gambia, and the Gambia is older than Yankuba Jobe,]

  4. Yankuba Jobe, please tell me what are you congratulating NRMG for ? What is their achievement or contribution so far in trying to change the regime ?

  5. Yankuba Jobe , apologizing on behalf of your brother baba Jobe does not make it right what he did wrong . His legacy will remain forever and it will be judged by this generation and generations to come . you may claimed that NRMG has done more for the country but that is matter of personal opinion . I for one do not see any significant contribution they made to restore democracy and rule of law . Remember , some of these people were closed Buddy of Dictator Jammeh and baba Jobe during the early days of this regime and they helped to build the foundation of the regime. To be fair to them , I gave them benefit of doubt because they may have rehabilitate and recognize their mistakes . But since the formation of this organization , they didn’t do any significant thing that is gear toward removal of dictator and restoration of democracy except press release . This is why I asked them to join other opposition parties . Please tell me what did NRMG achieve so far ?

    • Max?? I think the Gambians should leave you alone and do what ever you want in your own Democrcy world. Thank you for not debating with me online. Good luck Maxs! May God bless and guide you..

  6. Ooh really? (Mbakoko yankuba)Trying to defend your relatives (Gambia wake up )

    • boros? another hiding Gambian hero! Please get back to my comment and see what I have said about defending my relatives, and then comment on it, if you have any. I said in simplest English language; if they couldn’t come up to defend themselves, which automatically means, if the person is dead! People like your kind need lot of explanations, but don’t worry, you will get my attention. It is part of my profession to engage with those who haven’t got enough attention from their past.


  7. @maxs. ..”I am private citizen……. and I have right to privacy which cover my health information.”

    Comment : Wow Maxs, that’s cool, very cool indeed….! But not long ago, you blatantly violated the “right to medical privacy” of another private citizen, without battering an eye lid…and a minor for that matter…!

    How come you value your privacy rights to your medical information so much, that you have to remind this readership, but you don’t seem to care a penny in.the world about another’s..? Very revealing info about you, I must say..

    Furthermore Maxs, I will agree that it is important for us to reflect on the past in order to learn from it, but we shouldn’t dwell too much on it, especially when the concerned participants are no longer with us in this world…

    As Yankuba has rightly pointed out, the late Baba Jobe is no longer here and therefore unable to defend himself…Whatever his “crimes” were whilst he lived, he is no longer able to actively influence anything today, so we should let him rest in peace…

    Let us remind those in.his position today to learn from his tragedy and not repeat his mistakes, without speaking ill of him…

    It is a culture or rather, a very strong tradition of many communities in The Gambia, to never speak ill of the dead, and I believe this is influenced by our Islamic and/or other religious backgrounds…

    In fact for Muslims, it is reported that the Holy Prophet (SAW) has said that it is better not to say anything at the funeral of the dead, if you don’t have anything good to say about the person or something in that line..I’m sure brother Yankuba Jobe can share something on that with us…

    May Allah (SWT) shower the departed with His endless Mercy and reward those they may have offended with His endless bounties, here and the hereafter…

  8. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Nrmg people opened their mouths in laziness and incredulity on the 22 July 1994 and allowed a junior ranker to takeover the country. They Knew very well that jammeh is not suited for president but did nothing to stop him then.. Instead, they helped him to consolidate power. All of these tell a lot about their judgement. I am sorry kanteh and Ann but you are all at fault.


  9. Bax, i think you failed to understand that Jammeh is a dictator and he is also a public officer . Dictator Jammeh has been violating the rights of innocent citizens every second . He and his family are fair game as long as he keep violating the rights of innocent citizens . I think it’s unfair and wrong for you to even compare me with a tyrant and his family who has the blood of innocent citizens in his hands. This also tell me a lot about you and your position in this struggle . I have never hold any public office or run for any one , so I am simply a private citizen who has rights to criticize those in offices and this happen everywhere in the world.
    As for baba Jobe , I only talked about the policies he supported and what he did . I have never talk about his private life because I careless about it and I don’t know anything about it . It is our rights to talk about the legacy or policies he supported and its implications on today Gambia. This is why as a representative of people , they should always bear in mind that whatever they do , it will stay forever and it’s part of their legacy . Baba Jobe’s legacy is very ugly indeed because he has helped to build the foundation of dictatorial regime we currently have. As chief artichect or strategist , he helped dictator Jammeh in building the foundation at both national and international level financially and diplomatically by connecting him with key players at the time .
    Bax , the idea that we shouldn’t talk about legacy of dead person is prehistoric and outdated . How can we learn from that legacy without going to their past especially the legacy affecting us as we speak . Yankuba Jobe defending or speaking on behalf of his brother is nepotism . Why didn’t he pick up the phone and call his brother when he supported those policies at the time if yankuba knows that those policies are going to have negative impact on Gambians ? Is that not a political hypocrisy ? Yankuba Jobe should be worried about what he did but not what baba Jobe did ? In your religion , is it ok to take responsibility for some one else faults ? Where is personal responsibility if we are take responsibility for our relative problems ?
    Bax, your religious belief is your personal belief and its private to you . Why are you even bringing that up in this discussion since I have never mention it in the first place . If you mention the constitution which is our guiding priniciple and use that to justify your defense of Yankuba Jobe , I will understand that and accept it . Do you know if I even belief in your God and then you try to use the teaching of your prophet to make your case . If you want to preach your religion , please go to the mosque or any forum where the topic is about the religion . This is exactly what dictator jammeh does to fool people that he is religious person and justify his policies on Islam while violating the constitution. my friend you are doing exactly the same thing here . When you are talking about national issue such as policies , we should focus on the laws or constitution to justify our actions . Remember that I might have different religious belief and it is also the same reason that our constitution guarantee religious freedom and association . So for you used tradition and religious beliefs has no basis in this discussion because not everyone belief in your tradition or religious beliefs. Follow the constitution .
    Thanks .

  10. Maxs….

    Sometimes you just leave me “speechless” and “bewildered” at how you “plunge” into an argument, without taking time to dissect and understand what the other person is saying…Have you got some impulsive disorder. .? (Just a.joke)

    You said it is unfair or wrong to compare you with Jammeh. …! Where is the comparison between you and Jammeh, Maxs..? Can you please show me..?

    Did you say that I failed to understand that Jammeh is a dictator and a Public Official.? Really Maxs…? I probably understood that as long as you did, or even longer than you…

    The issue here is not about Yaya Jammeh….It is about your claim to “the right to privacy, including your medical information”, as a private citizen, whilst not extending the same rights to others…That is the issue…

    The thing though, is that every individual, except where exemptions are made for specific purposes, is entitled to privacy of personal information, including medical/health information….

    Holding public office does not exempt one from privacy rights in one’s personal details, especially health information…

    Public Office holders are only accountable to the public for their actions related to their public functions, not their personal details…

    The relatives of public officials, unless they are actively involved in wrong doings, are neither responsible for the actions of their relatives in public office, nor accountable to anyone for the actions of those officials…

    To target them.simply because of their relationship to those officials is to presume them GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION, and any form of punishment against them (for the same reason) should be seen as COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT. …Both collective punishment and presumption of guilt by association are unethical and probably against International Law too…


  11. Maxs. …I am not defending Yankuba Jobe because I am incapable of doing that…I have no problem with your view that public officials should strive to leave positive legacies…And we can talk about, and learn from legacies, even negative ones, without being specific where the dead are concerned. ..

    Maxs. ..I.did.not attribute the practice of refraining from.talking ill of the dead to my religious belief, but rather, to.the cultures or strong traditions of many communities in the Gambia…I.only used.religion to indicate that it may be the source of this practice…and showed where I think evidence of this could be found in the Islamic Faith…

    Maxs,….There is.a.good reason why most communities.frown.upon talking ill of the dead and I think that is because the dead cannot defend themselves and cannot forgive anyone who make false statements against them…

    I am aware of the allegations levelled against the late Baba Jobe concerning his role in entrenching Yaya Jammeh (and may even.have repeated these in previous contributions whilst he.was in.prison), but has anybody provided the proofs to back these allegations. .?

    Maxs…You have complained that it was unfair and.wrong for me to compare you with Jammeh (even.though I didn’t do that) but you had no problem comparing me to Jammeh, thus. ..:

    .” This is exactly what dictator jammeh does to fool people that he is religious person and justify his policies on Islam while violating the constitution. my friend you are doing exactly the same thing here .”

    Well, what have got to say. .?

  12. Bax, the substance of this discussion is about policies or bills baba Jobe supported which has significant negative impact to entrenchment of dictatorship. These constitutional amendment bills he supported include a removal of presidential term limits , removal of provision which prevent the president to engage in bussiness , media draconian bill which limit press freedom and freedom of speech , establishment of current student union as a puppet Union to undermine Gamsu , And many others bills . What more proofs do you need to understand that he supported those bills or policies at the time ? Don’t you think these bills has serious implications as we speak ? These are his legacies we need to talk about and it has to be specific . How do you learn from the past without going to the root cause or specific issue which has lasting effects ? I think your argument should have been whether baba Jobe did the right thing to support those bills and why .
    Bax, tradition of not talking about evil legacy of dead person is a bad tradition because it limit our effort to know what has happened and to learn from it . Why do people spend all their life to learn from historical facts such as crimes committed by dictators , holocaust , slavery or any individual like hitler or maybe Jammeh after his demise ? Why do people investigate crimes committed by those who are dead if we don’t want to talk about those individuals ? Are you implying that when jammeh die today , we shouldn’t talk about crimes he committed because in your mind that would be seen as talking evil about dead person .
    I know you always accused me of misunderstanding you but I think you should sit down , think that you are writing in public forum and think of what to write before writing . Being defensive on substance is better than being defensive to highlight your love of writing. I know you will take a lot of time to respond to this statement above ( lol) than the substantial bills I highlighted at the beginning .
    Yankuba Jobe will never respond to any of those bills or policies I highlighted . He is only interested to see my picture and to him that is honesty and patriotic rather than the substance of my presentation . Yankuba , please tell us whether your brother baba did not spearheaded or supported those bills in National Assembly or other policies I mentioned.
    Yankuba jobe if you are in The Gambia in 2003 or before that time ,are you the baba Jobe’s relatives who was part of Charles Taylor rebel forces before taylor’s arrest ? Or do you know baba Jobe’s brother who was part of Charles Taylor rebel forces and eventually came to Gambia briefly ?

  13. Maxs??? Yes, indeed, I was the relative of Baba Jobe working for Charles Taylor before his arrest. Are you happy now? I hope you have got all your attention now. Good luck, and may Allah guide you,. Enjoy yourself..

  14. I meant Charles Tailor.

  15. Yankuba Jobe , it’s not a matter for me to be happy after revealing your connection with convicted warlord ( Charles Taylor ) and also accused blood diamond indicted relative of yours ( baba Jobe) . The rest is left to Gambian people to judge if you are a honest, truthful , decent and a patriotic citizen they should listen to.

  16. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Yankuba Jobe, you are not the relative of Baba Jobe who was working for Charles Taylor. Don’t allow Max to upset you over this. You were not even living in Africa.

    Max, from what I have heard, if there was anybody who could have saved baba from the fate that befall him, it was yankuba jobe. They say he is the only who will pick up the phone and speak the truth to baba. Unfortunately, he was not living in Gambia and could not have done enough.

    Baba ofcourse has been used and later dumped, and that is the upsetting part of it all. He won the 2001 presidential election for Jammeh.

    And for your information, baba was not in Parliament when the term limit was removed in 1997.

  17. Bax can you or any one proof that Jammeh is responsible for the arrest and torture several Gambians? Can you proof that Jammeh is responsible for the murder of deyda Hydara and students of 2011? All of this will only be conclusively decided by a competent court. Nevertheless, they have happened under his watch, and ordinary Gambians will draw their own conclusions and write about them. You can wait for doomsday to get your proof.
    Baba, may Allah forgive his soul, came from a good family in Jarra Karantaba. Having returned from Libya, he was an Agric assistant/officer. He got entangled in Jammeh’s madness for his self aggrandisement; was made to look powerful and abused this power grossly.
    For your information, Baba has been responsible for many of the thuggery against the opposition UDP. He has personally mobilsed his supporters on several occasions to attack convoys of UDP supports in their various rally’s around the country. His legacy is indeed difficult to defend, Yankuba’s attempt notwithstanding. Once again may Allah forgive his soul and indeed we all seek Allah’s forgiveness. Sorry for any errors in this short write up.

  18. Mr Lafia Touray , I think you are simply baselessly defending Yankuba Jobe due to reasons best known to you . Why do Yankuba have to lie to me when I asked a simple question ? Yankuba have indicated that he was very one who was baba Jobe’s relative working for Charles Taylor at the time of his arrest . So who are you to dispute that? Why do you think Yankuba Jobe will lie to every one here ? I personally heard that Yankuba Jobe was briefly in The Gambia around the time baba Jobe was very influencial and Also heard that one of baba Jobe relative was working with Charles Taylor .Let’s us be truthful and honest in our duscussion . Hypocrisy , nepotism and favoritism will not move our country forward . I think you are not truthful about the issue of Baba Jobe and you are defending Yankuba because of your tribal or regional affiliation . In this forum , your main contribution is about tribe or region which is not helping to move The Gambia forward . It is false to indicate that baba Jobe was not in the National Assembly when presidential term limits and media draconian bill were enacted . Baba Jobe was the most powerful chief strategist for Jammeh after the fall of sana sabally until baba Jobe arrest in 2003. Mr Touray , stop tribal politics and focus on the issues base on truth . Why are you upset about Baba Jobe allowing himself to be used by jammeh. The man is a grown man with a brain to think and make a decision for himself . As Modou rightly indicated baba Jobe personally was involved and mobilized APRC supporters in attack of the opposition party UDP . Do you know what happened at Denton bridge ?
    When it comes to jarra politics , Baba Jobe played huge role in nearly eroding support base of UDP in jarra and has attempted to remove the headquarters of UDP from their location in jara soma due to his financial influences. Baba Jobe played a huge role to convince sheriff Dibba and others mandinkas opposition leaders to join APRC and he did this through corrupt practices , by using money . These are the issues you should be talking about rather than giving untruthful information about his support for the most important bill ever enacted in the National Assembly . Do you think if presidential term limit is still in constitution , will Jammeh still be in power ? All this struggle to remove Jammeh is simply based on his overstay , no term limits and his desire to stay forever . Tell me which bill is far more important than presidential term limits which was passed in the parliament due to the support of baba Jobe and others . Jammeh’s main reason to overthrow JAWARA regime was lack of presidential term limits and corruption. I have noticed that you have never criticize Jammeh in this forum and I don’t think you are even a geniune opposition sympathizer. You have indicated here on the record That you are not official member of UDP and have never pay any membership fee . So tell us who you are ? I am an independent and do not have any party affiliation . Gambians problems are due to not speaking the truth , hypocrisy , blaming God , seeking name recognition , praise singing and nepotism . Mr touray where ever you are , did you not learn personal responsibility and if you do , why do you think Yankuba should speak up on behalf of baba Jobe when he cannot prevent baba Jobe from supporting Jammeh and the things he did ?

  19. The Bridge Left Right and Center

    My Brother in arms Maxs I salute you.
    Keep hammering the nail on the head. I wish I can pay you. Gambians detest the truth. We tend to look the other way when issues involve our families and friends.

    I believe it is this attitude, lack of nationalism, tribal differences, regional loyalties and the Terrey Kaffos and Jawara’s weakness to prosecute corrupt members of PPP that flaunt blatant mismanagement of the public purse that angered so many under privilege youngsters and it led armed and angry young officers to topple Jawara’s government.

    Baba Jobe, may Allah have mercy on his sole is like most modern day Gambian. he is a quintessential modern day Gambian who does not care about the greater good. All the modern day Gambian cares about is me me me, like the intellectual prostitutes he sole his services to the devil for fame and money.
    No revisionist history will change this fact.

    BTW keep your identity concealed, no one can fight a dictator alone, democracy can never be imported nor exported. If our Gambian politicians on the ground refuse to wake up unite and fight all you can do is highlight the misrule of APRC.

    Keep fighting and speaking the truth.

    Ala Ma E may lang Nyato. You dala muta laala are here.

    Njembul pull Burell Gambia

  20. Lafia, don´t worry, I will never be upset by an idiot like this little rat in his hole throwing stone at everyone. I left the Gambia before he was born, but I just want people like you to identify maxs´s mental health, which is questionable, if he thinks he is right, let him ask the ICC in the Netherland to come and get me, i am here in the Netherlands. conclusion, as the Dutch ¨Spychologist said, ¨`BIJ JE GEBOORTE LIGT JE KARAKTER AL BIJNA VAST¨¨In English, at Birth is your Character almost fixed. This so called Maxs hitting and runing back in his hole. I am teasing him to evaluate his mental standard, and now i know that, I´m done with him! Next please=

  21. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Max, I no for a fact that yankuba jobe was nor in Liberia working for Charles Taylor. He has always live in Holland. Baba jobe has several relatives. I am not defending yankuba. You passed him off that’s why he said what he said.

    You accuse me of tribal politics. How did I do that and where????

    Now if your definition of tribal politics is about mandinka who dare to condemn jammeh’s anti- mandinka rethorics and insults or defend mandingo tribe against insults, then that’s not a problem. I will proudly have that one.

    On the other hand, if you talk about tribal politics in the commonly understood sense of that phrase, then you need to provide evidence. What did I ever said against any other tribe in this forum, Max??

  22. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Max, on the term limit issue, that was removed even before parliament ratified the constitution in 1997. it didn’t even made it into parliament.

    It was the second round voting that was removed in 2001 when baba was a member of parliament for Jarra west. He was not in Parliament in 1997. Kemeseng Jammeh was representing Jarra west in parliament in 1997.

    I know more about baba’s politics than you, and I will never approve any bit of it but the truth is also that he has been used, betrayed and dumped. I find that very upsetting because baba himself had been gullible and yet people don’t learn any lesson from his ordeal.

    Yankuba jobe, I understand, has tried his best to change things as far as baba’s politics was concern. He failed and now he is living with that pain. It’s not fair that you are attacking him on baseles grounds.


  23. Mr Touray ,
    Sheriff Dibba became the speaker of National Assembly after 2001 election when NCP merged with APRC due to corrupt political practices of baba Jobe . In 2001, Two term presidential limits was amended and also the consitutional provision for a second ballot or second round if the presidential candidate fail to get 50 percent of the votes cast on first round , thus resulting to simple majority system we currently have . This was the time mr baba Jobe was very influential , powerful and chief political strategist. These are the facts. Mr Jobe spearheaded all these constitutional provisions amendments. Your claim that he helped Jammeh won 2001 election was factually correct because he played tribal card and used money to influence the election. This was the time he encouraged greedy and unprincipled mandinkas political or community leaders to join APRC and he continued to do that post 2001 election. so the early days of this regime was very crucial and it has significant negative impact on current political process and governance , hence the dictatorship we now have . I have Never supported this dictatorial regime because I know Jammeh has been lying since day one.

  24. Yankuba Jobe

    If you betrayed your friends, how bad or good they are, and choose your enemies as your friends, one day they will suck your blood and eat you raw, that’s waiting for Yaya Jammeh, the Banjul vultures are flying arround waiting for his end! And they are very hungry and thirsty! Let’s wait and see..

  25. Yankuba Jobe , you can called me a little rat or idiot but I will give you food for thought in my preceding statements . I asked very simple question and I think you should be truthful in your answer . That is all what matter to me .
    Yankuba Jobe , the problem with our politics is when people are signing their own death certificate or downfall, the majority will be cheering them on and singing praises . This was what happened to mr Baba Jobe and is the same thing that is going to happen to dictator Jammeh . This is because not many people stand for the truth and majority tends to be worshiping and praise singing such political leaders. leaders become unaccountable , arrogant and feel entitle to lead . They lack humility and feel that people should be fearful about them . Some Political leaders in our country lack honesty , compassion , integrity , confidence and flexibility . The reason why I mentioned these five good qualities here is because they are key qualities which makes an individual a great leader and it also help the country to progress in a stable manner.
    Looking at dictator Jammeh , he lack honesty because he has never be truthful to Gambian people about issues that matters to them and majority of people who work for him are also not honest citizens. Lack of honesty result to lack of credibility. This is why majority don’t know who is Jammeh because he didn’t tell or show us who he is. If majority knows who he is they will criticize him and call him out , therefore he is fake leader .
    Dictator Jammeh did not have compassion for Gambian people because he never care for the masses who are poor and are suffering. This is why he spend million of dollars on his family alone and steal millions for personal enrichment. It is also the same reason which lead to corruption. Jammeh has corrupted majority of his inner so much that they never speak the truth and they don’t care about the masses.
    When it comes to integrity , dictator Jammeh and his inner circles including all those who helped to entrench him in power for so long lack moral and ethical values . This is because when they have moral and ethical values , they would have make sure that they do the right for the country at all time in any given conditions rather than taking advantage of the people . But in our country , moral and ethical values is misunderstood as being religious person pretending to be worshiping Alhah while lying and doing wrong things.
    As Jammeh and his inner continue to lie and failed. to the do right thing , lack of confidence becomes a major issue. As they lack confidence , they don’t trust anyone who is in the government or inner circles. People also distrust them and they begin to loose royalty and support of the people which also result to lack of flexibility .
    Flexibility is essential quality that dictator Jammeh and majority of our top leaders lack. As a result of lack of flexibility , they do not allow divergent view and refuse to share ideas . Refusal to ideas with people enable Jammeh to dictate his ideas to those close to him and the general population . Hence dictatorship is born this way.
    So I want you to reflect on this and make your judgement .

  26. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Max, shut-up now! You are talking bullshit. There was no term limit in 2001. It was the second round voting that was removed in 2002 after the opposition combined pulled 48 percent of the votes in 2001. Jammeh only avoided a second round in 2001 by a margin of 2 percent.

    The term limit provision only passed passer the referendum but it was removed by the junta after wards. The draft constitution that was presented to parliament for ratification in 1997 had no term limit provision in it whatsoever. These are the facts.


  27. Lafia Touray la Manju

    And max, when you said baba used tribal card in 2001, are you saying baba is more mandinka than ousainu darboe or sidia jatta who were all candidates in 2001?? I don’t think you understand baba’s politics. Go and ask whose working with the NGOs in the provinces at the time. They will tell you.

    And by the way, there was no merger between ncp and aprc in 2001. Sheriff mustapha dibba contested the 2001 presidential election on his own and under the ncp ticket. You need to learn your Spanish a bit more.


  28. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Max, my other concern is that anytime you disagree with a mandinka or mendenkalou, you label them “tribalist”. Why?? I don’t see you do that to people of other tribes.

  29. Mr touray , you can’t shut me up because I have right to express my view. Thank God we have internet where I can hide my identity to express my view . Otherwise intolerance individual like you , will come after my head .
    Here is what I said about sherriff Dibba
    ” sherriff Dibba became the speaker of National Assembly AFTER 2001 election when NCP merged with Aprc due to corrupt political practices of baba Jobe “.
    Touray , if you understand English language , you will notice that I used the word “AFTER ” in the above statement which mean beyond 2001 election . It means NCP and Aprc merged when the election was done or the period beyond the election when baba Jobe was able to convince sherriff Dibba to join Aprc and it was in 2002 that sherriff Dibba became the speaker . So you are wrong to suggest that I mean sherriff Dibba did not run on his party ticket ( NCP ) in 2001. Do you see the error you made in above sentence ? I have never say that sherriff Dibba didn’t run on his party ticket in 2001. Analyze the sentence before jumping to comment .
    Baba Jobe used tribal politics by indicating to those greedy Mandingo politicians that they should join the Aprc because they formed the majority and the country belong to them , if they don’t join other minority tribes will be winners and beneficiaries. In light of these strategy , he used money to buy their support even after 2001 election. Is that not tribal politics he engaged in , with the support of his boss dictator jammeh who provided financial support . This is why I said this regime has introduced tribalism in the country . It is also the same reason you have seen Yankuba touray and yaya Jammeh blasting mandinkas during their campaign with their hate speech. Aprc party has been engaging in tribal politics since it has been formed. This tribalism goes beyond politics , it is every sector including appointments or hiring process . Looking at the previous government , do we have tribal politics ? The answer is no because there was the problem of regionalism or urban versus rural people . Jawara government had most of his senior officers as non-mandinkas such as wolloff , Aku and Fula . Today where are the Aku in jammeh’s government ? In jammeh’s government , majority of senior leadership positions in both civilian and security apparatus are occupied by jolas. These are the facts.
    Your suggestion that when I disagreed with Mandingo or mandinka , I labelled them as “tribalist” is false and hypocritical. I don’t know the tribal identity of any one In this forum except you who always claimed to be defending mandinkas . So tell me which mandinka you are talking about except you and Yankuba Jobe because your argument is always based on tribe. . This was why I told you , you are defending yankuba because of your belief in tribal politics . In fact I am accused of being tribalist or inflaming tribal hatred towards jolas. My good friend Bax is on the record in alleging that I engaged in tribal hate speech simply because I pointed out that majority of jammeh’s senior appointments are jolas and there is jola hegemony in the country. So I am really confuse now . So you see when you stand for the truth , in most cases in you are alone .
    Are you denying the fact that baba Jobe was behind the removal of second round voting , media commission bill , establishment of current student union to undermine Gamsu , green boys which later has some members as jugulars , bullying and attack of opposition udp , . Why do you think mr Jobe should support those bills and strategy on behalf of the president ? From my research , I found out president two term limits was amended in 2001, I refer you to commonwealth report after 2001 election. Please make more research about this .

  30. Thank you , the bridge left right center, you are very right about some Gambians detesting the truth . Nepotism , regionalism , tribalism , praise singing , worshipping fellow human being , blaming God ,hypocrisy and seeking unnecessary titles are the hallmark of typical Gambian characters. Example, when they see their relative on the wrong path , they will not tell him or her the truth as long as they are getting some personal benefit . The substance of this discussion is about policies mr Jobe advocated , supported and helped enacted in National Assembly but none of his supporters or defenders like Lafia Touray or Yankuba will talk about those bills. They will rather try to attack me and label me with all kind of names. Yaya Jammeh is one individual but it is Gambians who helped and continue to entrench him in power as we speak. Lafia Touray should have been sad about the policies that mr Jobe supported but he is just upset about baba being used and dumped by Jammeh . That is where hypocrisy comes in becsuse he refused to recognize the truth .

  31. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Max, there was no merger between ncp and aprc. They had alliance from 2002 which saw dibba becoming the speaker. This is how alliances work. And by the way, who told you ncp is a tribe to the extend that buying it as you alleged or encouraging it to align with aprc amounts to tribal Politics??? You want to tell me Gibou Jagne was also bought in that tribal horse trading.

    Look max, you don’t know your facts that is what is upsetting. Go and learn your Spanish a bit. There was no term limit in constitution since 1997.

    As a proud son of the mandingo tribe, defending mandinka tribe in The Gambia against politically motivated insults, threats and innuendo is my duty and I don’t hesitate to do it. If that is your definition of tribtribalism, then I am alright with that.


    • Yankuba Jobe


  32. Lafia Touray , I don’t think you really understand what you are talking about . A merge is the right word to use to describe the relationship that exist between NCP and Aprc . Merge simply means unity of two or more entities or combine two entities into a cause which lead to one entity being Absorbed into dorminant organization or political party. This result to offer been made to sheriff Dibba to serve as a speaker of National Assembly. This merge of NCP and Aprc resulted to demise of NCP in the Gambian political platform. Tell me how political active was NCP after this merge ? The answer is NCP was dead .
    Alliance is a coalition between two political entities to pursue a common interest or goals. This is usually a friendship relationship . The two entities are still independent organization which are able to function separately of each other . Example Gambia and Senegal can form alliance to prevent military coup . This is an easy example for you to understand . Touray , try to understand the language to better convey your message . ok so much for definitions , hope that help you to understand the meaning of the two.

    Mr Touray, I think you made false allegations against me because I never say NCP is a tribe. I am talking about individual politician who are corrupted by baba Jobe and his money .
    I don’t understand why you are so obsessed with tribe. Language is the distinct characteristics that differentiate people of the same race. Please this discussion is not about tribe but it is about national issues. I am very proud Gambian for that matter. If you put your tribe before the country , that show your lack of understanding of nationalism and limited knowledge of what the constitution say about citizenship. Please get Gambian constitution so that you will learn what it say about citizenship.
    This forum is create to exchange ideas so that we can learn from each other . If you are defending mandinkas you should be talking about issues that affect them daily. However your participation in this forum is similar to “The Cat ” in animal farm who Voted on both Sides and she was so convincing that it is difficult not to believe her intentions when she gave excuses . Thanks

  33. Correction : your participation in this forum is similar to “The Cat ” in animal farm who Voted on both Sides and she was so convincing that it is difficult not to believe her intentions when she gave excuses .

  34. Yankuba Jobe , last time I checked the Gambian constitution I don’t see anything like half Gambian . The constitution indicated that you are either a citizen of The Gambia or a foreigner . I think you need to check the constitution again . As I said earlier , I am a proud Gambian . My country first then my tribe last. I was born in a bigger entity called The Gambia which has different tribes with distinct languages. Please tell us why do think your brother was right to support those bills I mentioned above. You know you called me a little rat and it is very difficult to kill or capture a little rat in a house especially a house which is congested lol. So I will be here hiding lol.

  35. Yankuba Jobe , last time I checked the Gambian constitution I don’t see anything like a half Gambian . The constitution indicated that you are either a citizen of The Gambia or a foreigner . I think you need to check the Gambian constitution again . I was born in a bigger entity call The Gambia with different tribes and each tribe has distinct language . My country first and my tribe last . Tell us why your brother supported those bills i mentioned above.
    You know you called me a little rat and it is difficult to kill or capture a little rat in a house especially if the house is congested lol . So I will be here hiding lol .

  36. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Max, ncp and APRC both maintained their identities and still exist in the register as independent, distinct, sovereign parties. That doesn’t happen when there is a merger. What has transpired between the two parties is an alliance. Period.

    On the other point, if giving money to Mandingo politicians to join or align with APRC is tribalism as you alleged in respect of Baba Kajally Jobe, why is it that doing the same in respect of Gibou Jagne who is a prominent ncp politician and close friend of Dibba, is no tribalism? Look Max, you run your mouth too much on words you have no clue of. Go and learn your Spanish!!

    You did said Baba Jobe played tribal politics by buying Ncp. That’s why I asked whether NCP is a tribe. It is only the mandinkas you labelled as tribalist and without basis.

    Citizenship is a political concept and tribe is a cultural thing. So don’t mix your oranges and apples Max. If you don’t like the Mandingo tribe to be defended, you need to reach out to the Mandinkaphobics to stop the offensive. As a proud mandinka, I am not having insults and threats from anybody. If you wish that is not my stand, maybe I need to sell you Turamakang Bridge in Manding. I am proud of my mandinka culture and identity and I will say this anywhere without a blink. Now you can shut up, will you??


  37. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Max, you inject tribe into this by accusing me and other mandinkas of tribalism and now you are saying the discussion is not about tribe. Why are you accusing me of tribalism in the first place?? If you are so inept that you can’t provide explanation for anything you stand for, the best thing is to shut-up.

    Anyway, I am now glad that you have come to your sense. Maybe next time you will not accuse people of tribalism just because they disagree with you.

    I have an Unemblished record and I can defend it every step of the way. So take note pal.


  38. Lafia Touray , your obsession with tribe is incomprehensible and uncivilized to say the least . Here is my original statement

    Maxs: ” baba Jobe played a huge role to convince sherriff Dibba and other mandinkas opposition leaders to join Aprc and he did through corrupt practices by using money ”

    Lafia touray here is your allegation that I indicated that baba Jobe bought NCP

    Lafia touray: ” you did said Baba Jobe played tribal politics by buying NCP . That’s why I asked whether NCP is a tribe . It is only the mandinkas you labelled as tribalist and without basis ”
    First, Looking at my quote above , where did I mentioned that baba Jobe buy NCP ? So your allegation is false and untrue . It is baseless and unfounded in any of my statements I presented in this forum . Secondly if you think NCP is the same as sherriff Dibba , then you are wrong because sherriff is an individual who was a member of NCP political party. It is in fact very ignorance to suggest that sherriff Dibba who was a mandinkas joined aprc is the same as whole NCP members were bought and joined Aprc . How can you asked if NCP is a tribe ? A very silly question because you should know that a political party consist of people of different tribes , religion and socioeconomic background.
    Thirdly , where in my statement did I indicated that mandinkas are tribalist as you alleged ? In your myopic mind , if you don’t have other issues to discussion , stop making things up and understand that tribe is a group of people with distinct language .
    I accused you of tribalism because all your contributions are based on your defense of your tribe.
    Your claimed that NCP and Aprc formed an alliance , maintain their indentities and as register independent political parties then why is NCP not functioning today like Aprc ? Come on use your sense . It is clear to all that NCP was dead right after the merged with Aprc . Your argument is baseless and it doesn’t add up . Tell me a single political event organized by NCP after this merge up to today as I write this piece?
    Your Another false concept perpetuated and you misinformed readers is your false belief that citizenship is a ” political concept ” . This is very wrong . Citizenship is the recognition of individual under status of law as a member of country . Please go and get some education because this forum is created to educate people. If you really want to be respected activist and commentator , you need to get good education about issues you talking about so that you can present your facts with evidence.

  39. Lafia Touray la Manju

    So if I defend my tribe against insults as I always do , that’s tribalism?? Goodness mate, I will proudly have that one.

    You didn’t have to say everything explicitly. You clearly insinuated that used money to get ncp aligned with aprc. You went on to call this tribal politics. I just reminded you that Gibou Jagne was part of that Ncp. He became aprc affiliate as a result of Baba jobe. Why didn’t you call that tribal politics?? You are just a bigoted lousy. Period.

  40. You have every rights to defend any tribe as long as your defense is genuine and it is within the confines of the laws of our country . I have never been a bigot because throughout my life I respect the rights of anyone including those I disagree with . If you are following my postings , I even respect the rights of those who our society frown on especially gays and lesbians , minorities , non Muslims and even dictator Jammeh who I despise very much . It is shameful to see you defending baba Jobe who has left behind a legacy of opposition thuggery , oppression and suppression of citizens fundamental rights due to his unconditional support to dictatorship. Why you called yourself udp supporter when baba Jobe was very instrumental to the destruction of udp party ?

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