Shame On Cheap Gambian MPs

fabakary and abdoulieBy Lamin Saddam Sanyang in The Netherlands

You took oath to protect the interest of your arious constituencies to represent your people who sacrificed and voted you into office.

It is a big disgrace for members of parliament to let themselves be manipulated by President Jammeh anytime, anyhow and anywhere he wanted to. You were elected by the people of your consistencies as members of your political party to represent your people in parliament and not elected as member o…f your constituencies to represent your political party in the parliament.

I know President Jammeh is an IDIOT and IMBECILE, but on top of all that, he is much more clever and wiser than all of you, for he keeps on fooling you day in, day out. Anytime he gives you sorrow, he promises you a better tomorrow yet still you fall in his trap on and on. That’s is why he always uses you as mechanical tools and throw you to rot. You MONKIES.

All what you stand for and represent is selfishness and betrayal to the oath you have taken. Your pay will be death if you are in other parts of the world.

HEY YOU PARLIAMENTARIANS! You have henceforth reduced yourselves to nothing, and don’t therefore expect to have our respect. The respect you cannot buy it but work hard to deserve. In other to deserve our respect then you:

(1) Have to be real and not fake and stop lying to the people whose cause you claim to be championing.
(2) Know the reasons of being a parliamentarian instead of a useless symbol.
(3) Perform your duties according to the spirit and letter of the constitution.
(4) Stop misusing the power that has been bestowed on you.
(5) Dump your inferiority complex which disallows you from owning your decisions and free you from corruption and power hungry.


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