President Jammeh Pardons Convicts

Despite exercising prerogative of mercy on several categories of convicted prisoners, Gambian President vowed that anyone who stains his government’s image will face severe consequences. President Yahya Jammeh made the statement at the Arch 22 in Banjul during celebrations marking 21 years of the July 22 military takeover. He said those pardoned included prisoners on death row. Mr. Jammeh also exercised his prerogative of mercy to Gambia critics of his government.

However, President Jammeh failed short of seeking forgiveness from Gambians his government might have offended or violated their rights.

The world is now anxiously waiting for Friday afternoon when Jammeh is expected to be honoured. Watch his speech in this YouTube video.




  1. Personally, I have done nothing wrong to be pardoned, and I have never been refugees out of the Gambia. But I think, the president has made a good decision and it should be appreciated as first step towards peace among us, if I was the president, I would have gone as farer as asking the Gambians to pardon me too, as His Excellency the president has been victimizing lot of Gambians for the past 21 years. But beside all that, his presidential pardoning shouldn’t be disregarded. Many of us in the Diaspora and Back home have little option left on the table. Sometimes a go, a few motivated Gambians came up on-line radios appealed for support for their action to remove president Jammeh and I was one of their supporters, but what happened? The same people who wanted to get rid of president Jammeh quickly announced their opposition against that particular group, they went as farer as calling them Ex-Military officers, they were part of the Gambian problem, they left them with nothing but kept silence and mind their own business. Typical Gambians way of earning bread in expense of the others! We all wish to see a peaceful change of leadership in the Gambia, but it can’t happen, if we don’t sit down and reconcile within ourselves. The 2016’s general election is around the corner, which you all believe that might change the leadership in the Gambia, now you have been given chance to go home and vote for you chosen leader among the oppositions, and come back to your bases. I am quite happy with those whose parents, brothers and sisters have been pardoned, may the Almighty Allah guide them after their long being absent from home. I hope the president meant what he said, and may Allah guide us all.

    [In Mandinka proverb-TAMBOO-TEE-LAALA- ATEE-SIMBEYLA] What a world are we thinking living in?

  2. “Jammeh exercised ‘his’ prerogative of mercy to Gambia critics of ITS so-called maladministration government…but failed short of seeking forgiveness from Gambians ITS so-called government maladministration have offended & violated, (murdered, etc etc)…”

    The above quotations couldn’t have been said any better…

    Evil Devilish yaya is MERE mortal human, devil incarnate, & NOTHING more, Gambians just need continuation of more collective affirmative actions, changes sooner than assumed…

    The South Africans have proven, fight against tyrannical oppressive rules have been won…

    Gambians MUST be prepared to utilize ALL & ANY means necessary for successful salvaging reclaim of democracy in Gambia…

    As birthright incumbent UPON all, collectively genuine Gambians are willing & prepared to go to ANY areas, & levels, to restore sanity, rule of law & justice in Gambia state of affairs…

    God helps & bless collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen.

  3. I have mixed feelings about this mass release of prisoners, and though many seem elated by this move, I am not sure if it is the right thing to do…A responsible government would certainly have handled this mass “amnesty” differently..

    I am pleased for all prisoners who were wrongly sentenced to death and illegally detained for this long because they deserve nothing less than an UNCONDITIONAL release and possible compensation…

    The Gambian Constitution, we are told by learned individuals, is very clear on who should attract the DEATH PENALTY….

    Those who were just suspected of plotting to overthrow the government, or.other crimes, without killing anyone or administering poison on anyone, CANNOT be sentenced to death….Their release is therefore the right thing and long over due..

    As for for those who committed actual crimes of murder, rape, robbery/theft and other forms of violent crimes that have had impact on the lives of individuals or communities, I am not sure if a general amnesty of this sort for them, is the right thing to do..

    It was only either on the eve of “Koriteh” or on “Koriteh” Day itself, that Jammeh was reported to have threatened to resume executions of death row prisoners…It would.seem therefore that the decision to grant general amnesty, barely a week afterwards, was an “out of the blue” one, rather than a well thought about and properly planned initiative/gesture…

    And this is why sceptical about the whole exercise…I think this category of prisoners need to be properly assessed to determine whether their release poses any danger to the public or not…Simply threatening them and their families of arrest if they violate their “terms of amnesty” (staining the government’s image) is not enough guarantee of public safety. .

    More over, I think the input of their victims or victims’ relatives should be sought before a decision to release is made…At least, they adequately prepared for the possibility of walking into their tormentors or meeting people who have harmed them.and impacted their lives, one.way.or the.other, in the streets, free as birds…

    It can be a very, very traumatic experience for a victim of, say rape, walking into their rapist in the street, whom they thought was still in prison…I think a lack of sensitivity to victims’ considerations have been demonstrated here..

    Finally, if I have my way, the power to grant amnesty or the prerogative of mercy, will NOT reside in the Chief Executive, though he/she might be granted the CEREMONIAL role, of authorising the release of beneficiaries…

    I think that power or duty shall reside/be delegated to a special Commission established by law, which shall do all the necessary work and present their list to the Chief Executive, whose role will just be to sign the document, thus authorising the release of those identified…

    The Chief Executive may have the power to veto names on the list if he/she has concerns but must explain these in writing to the Commission…

    The Commission should then be required to revise the list and if they still disagree with the veto, then an arbitration body, possibly the National Assembly or a High Court, shall make a decision, which should be final and binding..

    We are supposed to live in a democracy, where the power of the people, which is vested in the executive and other organs of state,, is supposed to be paramount, and which is always exercised on their behalf, not a monarchy, where the monarch decides for all without the duty to consult any…

    Just my humble opinion….It is way an indication that I have a problem with anyone or hiding behind anything…Just my honest opinion…I hope that is acceptable to people..

  4. This is another political stunt or tactics he is employing now to promote his battered imagine for upcoming election . Jammeh is a dangerous criminal thinker . We have enough of him . A very arrogant dictator who think that everyone wrong him. Why still detaining innocent elderly men, women and a child without committing any crime . How about those who disappeared without trace ? As a rapist , Jammeh think it is ok to rape girls above 20 years old and this was why he pardon all rapists who raped about girls above 20 years . This is what I found very interesting and troubling , here is a president who recently was accused of raping a 20 year old girl and he pardon all those rapists who raped girls above 20 years . Dictator Jammeh , your victims will never forgive you and one day you will face justices. It remain to be seen how this amnesty is different from the previous one.


  6. This time around, on local Gambian Point newspaper, the Murderous kanilai Beast, alas, admitted committing “…various offences some of which are capital in nature…”, err, it claim it “….can’t pardon those committed crimes against women & children…” I wonder which categories the captured relatives of the December 2014 noble attempt citizens belong…??? There can be NOTHING good in ANYTHING done INSINCERELY, what about the captured dead bodies, what does religion said about dead bodies… The Evil kanilai Devil asked for the pardoned “…not to commit offences for the next 10 years or they & families…” lives to pay for repercussion consequences… What has a relative got to do with others’ acts…? What if we prosecute Evil yaya’s Bojang mother & children for the heinous crimes murderous yaya admitted to committing against innocent Gambians & friends…?

    Gambians want total freedom, justice & peace, nothing short of that…ALL Gambians have equal says in judicious dispensation on affairs of state… In that there are NO “gods” to oppress, kidnap, torture, murderer….

  7. Whether sincere or not, pardoning prisoners is a power given to any president by the people. many innocent people have their human rights taken away from them by this man for no god reason.

    i bet he is increasingly under pressure but since he is a clever criminal, he will always try to make him self look good by manipulating events etc.


    jAMMEH will fall some day sooner than we think allah. we must not allow ourselves to be fooled or settle down for such so called gestures of kindness when in fact it is what is expected from any leader.

    my opinion,thanks.

  8. Karamo , thank you very much for your wonderful statements . You have said every in my mind even better regarding this so called amnesty . This barbarian and child rapist owe us everything . We don’t even need him since day one . I only hope he is capture alive and put him in competent courts and later goes to Mile two to experience how life is going to be there .

  9. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Mile 2 is not fit for keeping humans, according to all expert accounts. So why would you want to keep people there?? It needs to be de-congested and supplied with upgraded facilities or be raised to the ground so thst a new prison fit for keeping humans can be built.


  10. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Lai joof said he will die and go to his grave with his support for Jammeh and the Aprc. Is that not over the top?? I simply can’t understand what has become of gambians. Gees!!

  11. Most Gambians are not honest and they never believe in truth mr touray. Most Gambians are quick to talk about Allah but their conducts and deeds are not inline with what God said in any religion. Hypocrisy and deception is what lead to our current situation. This is not Jammeh alone problems. This is Gambians problem and our creation.

  12. Lafia Touray la Manju

    I agree max. I think we should pray that some of these people return to prison before the 2016 election because they will give us all a heartache by actively campaigning for Jammeh if they remain outside prison. Some of them have committed serious human rights abuses anyway.

    We will all probably need a heart transplant in 2016. Gees!!

  13. It is due time that Gambians started the hearts transplanting as taught by @Lafia. It is a cheap operation because no one needs a surgeon or a specialist much more donors.