Gambia Movement’s July 22 Message

ajjj army(1)The People’s Movement for Democratic Gambia’s 2015 July 22 Message To Fellow Gambians

Another July 22 upon us! This is 21 years and counting! Another Public Holiday! Another Celebration! Yet again tax resources of poor farm-families are put to the entertainment of Yahya and his cliques.

Now more than ever we have to work hard to put an end to tyranny in our homeland.  The approaches of the past 21 years didn’t work and are not likely. We ought to think afresh if we are to retire July 22 in our museums and history books

On this day 1994, Jawara/PPP were kicked out of Banjul by what was then dubbed ‘Soldiers With Difference’ led by Yahya AJJ Jammeh.  Besides Yahya, none of the original gang members are around today, either dead and/or daydreaming in a ghetto – a good reason to disavow a military option for our struggle. This event came as delightful surprise by many of our citizens (many PPP supporters amongst them) because of the supposed overstay of Jawara/PPP. We could add rampant corruption, arrogances of public servants and inefficiencies/ineffectiveness’s all across the public sector. We used supposed because we had repeated opportunities at the ballot to remove/replace Jawara/PPP. Why we didn’t remove Jawara rather than dance when someone did it? The reasons ballots didn’t help then are the same reason they are not helping now.

Recently the Opposition Parties jointly came out with Proposals and Demands for Elections/Constitutional Reforms. This is long overdue! Nonetheless better late than never!

While we’re excited about that development Yahya asked his rubber stamping National Assembly to monetize our election [Election (Amendment) Bill 2015 and as well imposed a dead penalty on none Capital Crimes essentially stripping us our Rights To Life.

Although the move by the Opposition Parties is a hopeful development we want to remind them and us that simply writing and dropping a document on the table of a tyrant doesn’t mean much. A proof of this can be found in earlier efforts of what were known as ‘Gang Of 6 Declaration’ and ‘The General Olusegun Obasanjo Initiative’ – both failed to deliver the objectives. The necessary ingredients were not in place.

In politics for the other side to even listen much more come to a negotiating table in good faith would means recognition of your strength. This is called ‘Political Leverage’. Let us join the Opposition to build that leverage as much as possible – the bigger the better. Both the opportunities and potentials exist now more than ever!

An appropriate infrastructure(s) is/are necessary to mobilize and organize the resources (human/material/financial/political, etc.) – hence leverage!

The People’s Movement for Democratic Gambia (tpmdg) @ is ready to work with all to make this common agenda a success.

For The Gambia, Our Homeland………….

To The Gambia Ever True!

Burama FL Jammeh

General Secretary


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