Where Are Africa’s Seers?

african seers
The fundamental question that we need to ask is: do we have seers? If so, where are they in the face of the continent’s most trying and challenging times in our history? Nkwasi Mhango puts us into a thinking spree!

By Nkwazi Mhango

We used to have seers
They’d see wide and far
Ngugi saw butterflies
Amah, the ugly ones,
Senghor saw Negritude,
Chinua saw some osus
Nkwazi sees academic toxicity
Lumumba sensed the danger
Nyamnjoh sings grand narrative’s deceit
I see ethical and political prostitutes
Let’s rebel against them at all cost
We’re our own neo-seers
Those with many certificates,
Where are their theses?
Theses of manumission
We need to see their submissions
Let me tell them.
Folks, what’s your wisdom
If we’re sold as you keep mum?
Look at this paradigm.
We need to do something
To embark on paradigm shift
Based on our own song
The song of our freedom

The author is a teacher, Human Rights Activist,and journalist educated at Kahororo and Milambo secondary schools and Universities of Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania), Winnipeg and Manitoba in Canada.

Adapted from his new book: Souls on Sale

Culled from African Executive


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