UTG Is On Fire Right Now

omar_jah-sDear Editor,

I am on a tight schedule but I nonetheless find it an obligation to inform the general public about the happenings at the only university of the Gambia i.e UTG. Right now the place is on fire due to the reinstating of Dr Omar Jah to the substantive deputy Vice Chancellorship. He and Kah wrecked UTG and he is currently hellbent on continuing the status quo like employment of relatives and awarding the scholarships to same without due process, etc.

When Jenung Manneh was appointed as the new acting VC Jah seriously undermined him and refused to hand over to him. He went about town to lobby for the removal of Manneh. Those days you hardly see Jah at work in Faraba. Jah was going about telling anybody who wanted to listen that Manneh was not qualified for the post. He created a semblance of chaos at UTG. Sources have it that this artificial institutional crisis prompted the so-called Council members to forward the matter to the Office of the President. This is how Manneh was kicked out of office.

Guess what? Jah is now on collusion course with both Manneh and the Director of Finance, one Mr Kojo. This is because Jah claimed that these two gentlemen, when Manneh was in control, sidelined, ridiculed and belittle him. Lol, as a result, it is pay back time. Jah was bitter that Kojo stopped his deputy VC pay package when it was officially confirmed that he was no more the title holder. This shows how greedy and illogical Jah has become.

As a result, UTG is on fire right now. Manneh as one of the most senior member of staff has been sidelined. Currently, Jah is conniving with some other people for the deans to sign a petition that would mark the removal of Kojo. UTG has now become the personal property of Jah. He is attempting to use the new and novice Acting Vice Chancellor , Prof Kalil to get his way. Kalil should ask Dr Nyan about the character of Jah. It was confirmed that Nyan brought Jah into UTG administration but he eventually betrayed him when his cousin brother (Kah) appointed him into a newly and illegally created DVC, Admin and Finance post.

My sincere advice to the new acting VC is that he should know that UTG has legal instruments that govern it. For your own legacy, it is better to stick to such instruments. It will also be worthwhile to consult your predecessor because in his short stint, he had already started going by such rules. He revived almost all the committees sanctioned by the UTG conditions of service rule. Continue with those committees. It is only then that you will have peace of mind. Never allow anybody to mislead you. You very well know how Kah and Jah mismanaged UTG. We learnt that you were a bitter critic. So the chance is now avail to you to right the many wrongs simmered upon UTG by the disingenuous actions of Kah and Jah. Jah will go to any length to pocket you. That is why he was the first to jump to congratulate you on your appointment. He even instructed the UTG Relations to issue a press release to that effect. These are means for him to get to you. Please know that Jah is now acting as if he is the VC. This needs to stop and now! UTG is a national property.

Thanks for publishing.

A concerned Gambian in the diaspora



  1. I concur with this author 100 percent. Jah is up to no good. He is on revenge against Mr Manneh and the cohorts. He needs to be stopped. It’s true that he was the first to congratulatea Prof khalil on his new appointment but failed to recognize and congratulate mr jenung manneh on his appointment as acting VC. This is what exposed his hypocrisy. He is definitely up to no good.

  2. stop concocting lies against people. Mannehs removal was not Jahs making. Manneh was not qualified for the job. There were many other genuine people with at least PhDs so why manneh. stop mudslinging people and stick to the facts. The Gambia government caused all the problem in utg. is not Jah

  3. Luntango Suun Gan Gi

    “One Mr. Kojo the Finance Director”?? The word “one” shows that this anonymous writer wants to suggest to the reader that he does not know this Mr. Kojo! Or does not know much about Mr. Kojo. And yet the writer is writing to protect Mr. Kojo and Mr. Manneh and that is why the writer is attacking Dr. Jah!

    Now we all know of Mr. Kojo from that famous UTG Lecturer’s court case. Kojo was the man brought from the USA at enormous expense to the UTG and installed on a huge salary as Director of Finance – without being interviewed for the job. Now, as new MD or VC of the UTG, that is exactly the post I would look at for priority abolition or restructuring.

    It does not take a genius to see what this anonymous letter masquerading as “public interest” info is all about.

  4. Let’s be honest.. many staff don’t like Mr. Kojo because they are not chopping per diem like they want to.

    Students like Mr. Kojo because he is helping to build the campus infrastructure effectively.

    Dr Jah doesn’t like Kojo because his experience and educational background have little relevance to the position he holds and he can offer little to help the university effectively other than look important. This is real reason for his recent breakdown.

  5. It will get better. It is the UGT itself evolving into a world class university where we can master as well as learn to be able to overcome the evil art of hypocrisy. The university is the nucleus of knowledge and right over wrong in the countries and popultions in recent times.