12th Muslim Cleric Killed In Uganda

12th Muslim cleric killed in Uganda

Sheihk Kirya has become the 12th Muslim cleric to be slain in a period of 2 years.

As questions still linger on who is behind Muslim killings in Uganda, another cleric was gunned down last night on his way home.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, the Uganda Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga confirms Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya’s death saying, “We have a murder and we don’t have a motive or suspect, but we have commenced inquiries into the whole matter.”

Enanga tells AA, “We want to see what our teams that went out into the night have got, since the incident occurred and we are taking every effort to see to it that the perpetrators are tracked down.”

Hassan Kirya is the 3rd Muslim Cleric to be gunned down in less than seven months in the same execution style after being trailed by motor cyclists commonly known as boda boda’s and shot dead.

This brings the total number of Muslim leaders killings in Uganda in the past two years to twelve.

The Police spokesperson states, “He was shot in front of a fruit stall where he was buying fruits in Bweyogerere a Kampala suburb.”

Enanga is confident they will apprehend some suspects arguing that the last murder of Shiekh Mustapha Bahiga in December 2014 has seen 12 people being charged with murder including the Amir Ummah Sheikh Suleiman Kamoga. “We have managed to charge a number of people and previously witnesses have confessed how the organized racket operates.” he tells AA

“So we are confident we shall get some evidence from the crime scene since we have some witnesses who have given us some descriptions of the killers.” He adds

The killers are reported to have shot at a Kenyan Trailer Registration number plates, KAN 642F, enroute from Kampala. Enanga reveals that, “The turn boy received a bullet to the orbit and shoulder, and unfortunately he too passed on.”

Another by stander also got shot and sustained serious injuries to the shoulder and according to Enanga “is in critical condition.”

After a back to back killing of Muslim Clerics in Uganda, the Police promised to provide them with security and among those who were guarded was Sheikh Hassan Kirya. But Enanga says, “When he was killed he had just parted ways with his body guard whom he offered to drop at the Special Investigations Unit and the assailants who must have been trailing him took advantage and shot him.”

Al Hajji Muhammad Kisambira the Secretary General of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council is however not satisfied with the Police’s efforts. “The last time the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kaihura came here he said it was members of the Allied Democratic Forces that are behind these killings, but we have not seen anyone linked to the ADF brought before Court.”

Lamenting Al Hajji Kisambira tells AA, “Even those they arrested are yet to be taken before a High Court for trial with sufficient evidence, only then shall we as Muslims know that the Police is working.”

“Justice delayed is justice denied, this has left us as Muslims even more scared.” He stresses.

Courtesy of World Bulletin/News Desk


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