Is Jammeh Lobbying Expelled Tajudeen?

hussein-s - TajudeenGambian President is reported to have regretted bitten one of the fingers that feeds him. The unexplained expulsion of Mr. Hussein Tajudeen by President Yahya on May 27th this year followed that of Agnes Guillaud on June 4th.

The Lebanese business tycoon who obtains Gambian citizenship was ordered to pack up and close down his chain of stores in The Gambia. Consequently, more than 900 people lost their jobs in a country whose economy is at crossroads. 

Our Banjul sources said President Jammeh has now understood the resulting consequences of elbowing out a major tycoon. “He (Jammeh) now fears the shortage of staple food in the country, which is why he wants to give Mr. Tajudeen a third chance,” a source close to the power revealed.

“President Jammeh has already sent some people to Dakar to lobby Hussein Tajudeen to return to the country for business,” our sources said. “Mr. Tajudeen would be asked to come back on the pretext that the President has forgiven him and that his business interests would be protected.”

Kairo News has been working hard to dig deeper into a story one of our sources described as “top secret.” 

The proprietor of Tajco was in 2013 expelled only to return four months later after he had been forgiven by President Jammeh. Some legal luminaries blamed the government for expelling a Gambian without relying on the courts to revoke his citizenship.


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