‘Do Your Best During Ramadan’

Imam CeesayThe Imam Ratib of Detroit Islamic Center has exhorted Muslims to do their “best during the holy month of Ramadan.”

Imam Momodou Ceesay’s message is packaged in his annual Ramadan letter to Muslims. I salute all the Muslims in the world as  welcome this very important and great month of Allah,” Imam Ceesay said in an audio message broadcast on Kairo Radio. “I’m equally sending a letter to all the Muslims,” Imam Ceesay, also the anchor of Kairo Radio’s weekly Friday programs, said.

As Muslims we should strive hard and do our best during a month that Allah said distinguishes truth from the falsehood.” He said only those who believe in the existence of Allah and His creatures fast the whole month of Ramadan. “Those who do not have such a belief cannot fast. Instead they do things they later regret,” the highly respected cleric said.

Ceesay also quoted a Quranic verse which made” fasting compulsory on the Muslim Ummah just as it was prescribed on those before us. The goal is for us to remain fearful of Allah,” he said, advising Muslims to be upright in their faith, worship and deeds.

Let’s remember that Ramadan comes only once in a year and only Allah knows who will be alive next Ramadan. This is why those of us who are alive today should redouble our worship, and avoid anything that demeans the very essence of fasting,” Imam Ceesay said.

The true believers are those who believe in Allah, His Creations and that they worship and obey Him alone and believe in all the books sent to His prophets. These are the people who truly believe in Allah and worship him,” Imam Ceesay said, adding that Ramadan is a blessing to mankind since it was the month in which most of the holy books, including the Quran and Torah, were revealed.



  1. Thank you brother, may Allah bless you and your family. Ramadan Mubarak to you and your Kairo News team.

  2. Essa Sawo

    Thank you Iman. Myself and my family salute you. Many peoples like me learn a lot from your weekly Radio program via KAIRO Radio. We are wishing you and your family RAMADAN MUBARAK!

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